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Dr. Brown tackles a wide range of e-questions ranging from biblical chronology to the question of substitutionary atonement vs. Christus Victor theology. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If you draw near to God, He will draw near to you! If you will put your trust in Him and hold on to His promises you will see that in the end our God never ever fails!

This week, we’re offering two important resources from Dr. Brown, his brand new book, Can You Be Gay and Christian?, and his DVD debate with gay activist (and professing born-again Christian) Harry Knox. You can get both of these key resources for the super low price of just $25! Postage Paid! That’s a $15 savings!
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  1. On the show today, Dr. Brown mentioned that he has been attacked for his book. (I think he used the word “vicious.”)

    I condemn attacking of anybody… on either side of this debate. Dr. Brown didn’t give details but I can imagine that the emails can get ugly.

    But, isn’t there a self-fulfilling quality to Dr. Browns claims of being attacked?

    As in:

    “The gays are immoral, ungodly and unholy… and look at how they attack me!”

    Dr. Brown, I encourage you to do a little self-reflection and ask yourself, “Am I being attacked or am I being being counter-attacked?”

    If you are being counter-attacked, is it really of Christ? Or is it because you attacked someone first?

  2. Greg, please do not take any of these post personally I will pull back on some of my criticism. I am still reading the book Queer thing happened to America and am always struck how in depth on this topic the book goes into. It is not a book at all that some people would guess at it as being. This is a Doctorate on this subject and leaves the reader with vast amounts of information to understand our society. What it is not at all is what the reviews that condemn the book. This doctorate level of book would leave anyone with a clearer map of understanding. Rush Limbaugh talks about his radio program being a university education, I find Brown’s program and 25 books a very rigorous
    education far superior to what you will learn on the other program. So Greg, I love dialoging with you keep reading and if you want to read and review another book let’s do it. Did you get the free hyper grace book? We can review that one.

  3. I believe the mindset and morals of Europe and the West has been devolving since the turn of the last century. The sexual revolution beginning in the forties and fifties with Hollywood, continuing into the sixties and seventies with much drug induced inhibitions, have hurried things along significantly. The modern mindset which was birthed around the turn of the last century, is more and more awash in humanism together with secularism and if we’re just evolved animals we’re going to do what animals do and worst because we’ve no reason to go against our consciences as that smacks of religion. What is one’s conscience but the innate knowledge of God’s moral laws convicting each one of us? To be free of our consciences in any matter is not to be free from righteous judgment and it will open the door to even more crime and violence not to mention sexual immorality and various other ills of modern society because, in my opinion and that of Scripture, mankind is not capable of governing themselves without the constraints placed on them by God. When you throw off God your thoughts are to throw off the constraints that come with belief in Him.

    I’m seeing that no clear indication of what is right and wrong, without God, has already led to a virulent form of atheism that has no breaks when it comes to moderating their behavior. Check it out, because there are those who use every foul word available to them to answer even the simplest statement made by Christians on Youtube! Anyone else notice that? And apparently Google can’t program a functioning “thumb’s down” button that works! It’s really sad what passes as intelligent discourse these days. People can’t string together two sentences in their comments without vehemently cussing a half dozen times. They take what they perceive as their freedom from religion to mean freedom from any social norm which interferes with their freedom of speech. No respect for others doesn’t exactly say “I’m more intelligent than you.”

    Oops, I did use a rather benign word with the various symbols replacing it just to make a strong point. I felt bad afterwards as we were NEVER allowed to use curse words or say anything derogatory about or against another when I was growing up. It wasn’t that long ago when parents could actually discipline their own children! Somehow we came out having learned respect, right from wrong, and with a better grasp of the English language. 🙂

    Sorry if I offended anyone with that particular post. I won’t do it again!

    My point, though, is that we’re going to see more and more people making up their own definitions of what constitutes acceptable behavior and morality, after all, Western Civilization is based on the Judeo-Christian worldview. It seems anything even remotely resembling it will be subject to ridicule and scorn.

    Anyone hear what the supposed scholar, Richard Dawkins, said at a rally? The man has obviously gone off the deep end. I lost any respect I had afforded him at one time. He has a real problem and it shows. Replace the object of his ridicule with homosexuality or Islam and lets see how long he keeps his chair at university.


  4. I can’t agree more Sheila. Great insights.

    It reminds me of a time when I was on the city bus and a few children (teenagers) were talking to each other and began using the most foul language and discussing openly sexually explicit content. There were some elderly ladies sitting across the way and I was about to ask the children to have a little respect for their elders and refrain from said words and inappropriate topics when I then heard the elderly women dropping the F word in their own discussion. I sank in spirits a little.

    Today, at least in urban area’s there is no longer any concept of foul language.

    I am so thankful that my parents were true to Scripture and raised me with the loving Rod of Correction. When in elementary school I once said a foul word in front of them and I was spanked. Later in Jr. High my Mother found a note in my pants pocket which contained a foul word and asked me if I wrote it. I lied to her her and said I did not write it. So when my Dad got home he asked me to bring him a piece of homework and he used it to compare it to the writing on the note. He caught me in my lie and I was grounded for a month.

    I love my parents so much for how they raised me. My Dad taught me the consequences for lieing and he also taught the benefits of telling the truth. A friend and I took my Bee-Bee Gun and shot the window out of the Vacant home next door. The owner who was trying to sell it asked my Dad if he knew anything about it so my Dad asked me and my friend if we shot the window out. At first we said “no”, but he said “I am going to take a shower, if I find out you are lieing to me there will be consequences. But if you tell me the truth before I find out you are lieing, there will not be any consequences for telling me the truth.” my friend and I huddled when my Dad went to shower and we decided to tell him we shot the window. I do not know what happened because of that, but I’m almost certain my Dad paid for the window replacement or at least told the owner it was his son who shot it out.

    Now I’m just blabbing about war stories. haha.
    But I agree whole heartedly with your conclusions above.

  5. Agreed Sheila, I wonder how far our morals will go down if we last 100 years. The next generation with the way the family has declined and same sex marriage is common where is the society going to go from our new harvest in 20 years. Personally I think we are at the end of our rope in decline, dept, and depravity. Noah would almost be done with his latest boat if he were here.

  6. Pied piper warning.

    -known by their variegated clothing.
    -often known to pipe in both directions.
    -looking to be followed.

  7. Ray, on the program on Tuesday Dr Brown was talking about this is a time to make a stand. This is where the line in the sand is drawn. How much more land on our island do we give up before the sea covers it all? There is no more land to give in to. What is your synopsis on that thought?

  8. Jon, yes it’s time for every Christian to take a stand, and it’s best when we stand together in Christ, for it’s then that we will find our authority, and those things that really are ours.(I Cor 3:21)

  9. I imagine in my mind a closely knit Church drawing a line at their feet, 360 degrees around, and saying, “Everything outside this line is ours.”

    Maybe that’s the way we should be, and then step out and begin taking it with the truth in righteousness.

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