The Ultimate Realist

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Dr. Brown shares his viewpoint that the ultimate realist is a person who knows God, knows the Word, and truly believes, giving real life stories and biblical examples to buttress his viewpoint. Prepare to be edified! Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I am determined to be a realist! A realist is a man or woman who knows the Lord, knows the Word of God, does what it says, and puts his or her faith in the living God; that is the ultimate realist!


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  1. Become a realist! Fellow blogger’s when a atheist like a.k.a. Van sits there and throws dirt and dust rocks at the notion of faith- Pray for him. Be a realist and pray for the guy throwing dust at faith. Know that his heart is calling out for a savior – Van is empty, he knows his ideas are fantasy and foolish. He knows Proverbs 18:2 will we not pray for Van? He is begging for the mercy from God, wont we not pray when he begs?

    2 A fool hath no delight in understanding: but that his heart may be [b]discovered.

    When the atheist sits in his (Van) and wants to spout his heart, know that he is begging us to pray diligently in strength and faith for his salvation.

  2. You are full of nonsense. There is no such thing as an afterlife so salvation is just another absurd and baseless superstition. A realist doesn’t believe in invisible boogymen because a realist knows those things are make believe. Angels, demons, Satan, Jesus, cheribim, heaven, hell, God are all stupid superstions and nothing more.

  3. Praise God!! Yes we need more realists in the church. We should be able to recognize that there really are people in need within our churches with sickness, financial problems and other things. We should be able to give them hope and encouragement that God is the one who can change these situations in our lives.

    Unfortunately what we have in the church right now is schizophrenia. When we see people in tough situations we tend to deflect everything and blame the very person who is in need.

    For instance when it comes to healing, sick people are told they are “already healed” but will remain sick because they are “believing lying symptoms”. wrong. Yes Jesus is a healer, but to tell people they are ‘already healed’ when they have very real sicknesses in their bodies is a fantasy. God did not call us to pretend or to ignore reality. We see reality and despite that, we still believe in God’s word and in his promises. That’s real faith. I really pray that we put off these weird catchphrases and actually have real compassion and encouragement to give to those who are sick and looking for healing. God bless!

  4. Proverbs 18:2 Van memorize this

    A fool hath no delight in understanding: but that his heart may be [b]discovered.

  5. Why is almost every thread on here full of arguing and prodding Van? If he doesn’t believe in God or isn’t interested fine it’s his choice, right? Why Jon are you instigating?

  6. Dr. Brown has admitted on the air that his greatest fear would be to find out there is no God. So like Dr. Brown, Jon’s greatest fear is atheism. Atheists are a constant reminder of just how implausible Christian beliefs really are. You envy our freedom to think whatever we want to and our ability to be good because we want to be good, not because we have been frightened into being good. You stole your modern morals and ethics from secular humanism and then turn around and make up lies about us having to borrow from your worldview to have morals. If it weren’t for the rise of secular humanism Christians would still be as uncivilized as they were for centuries, hunting down unbelievers and murdering them, burning books and witches and starting wars of aggression in the name of Jesus. You should be on your knees thanking we atheists for turning you into civilized people instead of groveling to your imaginary God who has the manners and morals of a small spoiled child.

  7. Van,

    Get a life and get a clue and read something besides your revisionist propaganda for a change. Your regurgitation of absurd, undocumented claims is beyond ridiculous…it is evidence of your lunacy and commitment to blind faith. To be pitied are you above all cult members…you are your own cult of one and self deceived. There is probably no way out for you…and you would not want it one if one became available. So sad…so very sad. May YHWH have mercy on you.

  8. Van,

    As much as I try not to interact with you because I find you to be intellectually dishonest, and philosophically simple, I suggest you read a book called ” The Grace Effect”, which is a nice simple read about the real world differences between the west which is permeated with Judeo-Christian morality and that of the Ukraine which bought into atheism. It is about one family’s journey to adopt a child from the Ukraine and the kind of society they encountered. No fancy philosophy, just a straight forward look at the differences between societies that are still living on the effects of Theism and a society that rejected it. People are not an ends in themselves but a means to an ends when grace is lost.

    Of course based on our previous conversations I suspect you will not actually read it, as you tend to commit the genetic fallacy in that you condemn material based on the authors worldview rather than based on the arguments they present.

  9. Van, There’s lots of reality in things we can not see.

    If a man can not understand things that he can see, how will he come to understand those things that are unseen?

    God so loved the world that he sent his word, even his own only begotten Son. When he sent his Son into the world, in effect, he sent himself.

  10. Psalms 14:1

    That man is a fool who says to himself, “There is no God!” Anyone who talks like that is warped and evil and cannot really be a good person at all.

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