The New Genesis Movie; and Why Pastor Mark Driscoll Was Wrong About Noah

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Dr. Brown speaks with Eric Hovind of Creation Today about the new Genesis movie, called Genesis 3D, and then discusses Pastor Mark Driscoll’s article, “Noah Was Not a Righteous Man.” Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There are lots of specific issues that we can debate regarding questions of creation. Let us bow down in reverence and awe before the Creator and start our debate there.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Yes, we are absolutely dependent on God for His grace, but He changes us and when He changes us He blesses us for obedient conduct.



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  1. Thank the Lord! I really thought this guy was for real! I just never expected April Fools on Line of Fire! The damage these so called “young Earth” disciples do to the young science minded followers of Messiah just can’t be measured. I’d like to see Dr. Brown mediate a debate between Hugh Ross and Ken Ham. The young Earth “scientists” duck very opportunity to deal with a true scientist and follower of Messiah.

  2. it would be a great debate between fellow christian actual scientist on young earth vs old earth, i would love to see a funding for all the top creationists to be streamed discussing the latest on this topic

  3. Jack,

    Ken Ham and Hugh Ross have debated before. You may be able to find it on Youtube. In my opinion, it was actually Hugh Ross that struggled with his exegesis of the Scripture that Ken Ham presented.

  4. I suppose a man could read the Bible and study the creation and say, “When God created the heaven and the earth in a week, it’s as if he had billions, and billions of years in mind, …or even eternity….almost like some kind of promise or something…or display of his intent and kindness toward us or something.”

  5. I hve not chosen either young or old but i chose to withhold judgement by being intellectually honest but i was joking about saying this was april fools. I listened and thought wow he actually has answers to objections i had for YGE

  6. I agree Thomas. (I hope I’m understanding your post haha)

    I am not decided on young vs old myself and that is ok! To claim old earth belief is “dangerous” really is a stretch in my opinion. I believe more damage is caused by those who lay stake to such things that the scripture is not perfectly clear on. In no way is it a problem to be pro-creationism AND believe the earth is old! It’s simply reactionary thinking to the theory of evolution. The earth CAN be old AND created by God!

  7. ………

    It’s simply reactionary thinking to the theory of evolution(to require young earth and creationism together).

  8. Don’t oversimplify- some views of “old earth” need to give sufficient explaination of death before the fall (before man’s creation, there were animals that died). How do we account for that theologically? Sorry, I’ve not listened to the program if an answer was offered; none satisfactory thus far IMHO.

  9. That’s the point. There are many things we don’t know period. The issue, I believe, is when people try to fill in the unnecessary blanks. As if true faith is hinged on the age of this planet.

  10. The Bible is wrong because here was no beginning. The stuff the universe is made of has always existed. Poof, no God.

  11. The Bible is correct. There was a beginning and it was when God made all things that exist. The proof of God is all around us.

    I experience God. Therefore, I know he exists.

  12. Here’s a short quiz I think might be worth looking at:

    Choose the best answer:

    The governor of the feast in John 2 said,

    A. “Thou hast kept the good wine until now.”

    B. “You tricked me, for I thought not this wine to have been new, because I studied it well.”

  13. “I experience God. Therefore, I know he exists.”

    Ray people of all religions with a deity make the exact same claim of having experienced the God they believe in. You would never accept this kind of “evidence” from the adherent of another religion as evidence for their God so why in the world should I accept this kind of shoddy, imagination based evidence from you? You really need to study and find out why your arguments will never stand up to scrutiny. Then you need to ask yourself why you fell for such incredibly stupid arguments. I feel sorry for people who fall for bad arguments like the ones you make. I really do.

  14. “The stuff the universe is made of has always existed.”

    Van, got any evidence of this? Or were you talking out of “personal belief”? Yes, scientists conjecture and postulate about this- but evidence?

    Second- you cannot completely rule out experience as a way of knowing. It is not an exclusive, but part of the process. I would accept another’s report of “experience”, even if I disagreed with the interpretation. So we can start with the source (basic make-up of the person), and the move on to the meaning of the experience.

    Ruling out experience rules out scientific experiments, because they are experience-based. Consistently- results of objective experiments still need to be interpreted.

  15. Also, if experience is completely vorboten wrt discussion of what we know (truth), then the a-theist saying “I prayed and did not experience God” has no relevance whatsover.

    We interpret all nearly everything based on experience- either our own or that of trusted sources.

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