More on the Four Moons, Your Jewish Questions, and a World Vision Update

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Dr. Brown interviews author Mark Biltz, who presents a positive case for the prophetic significance of the four blood moons, then we’ll be taking your Jewish-related calls and sharing thoughts on World Vision’s statement of repentance. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I absolutely believe that at certain times God does put signs in the heavens. Is He doing so now with the upcoming four blood moons? Let’s watch and see.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: While we can have conflicts and differences about the Middle East, let us remember that the Jewish Messiah shed His blood for all peoples and loves them equally.



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  1. This is incredible. I stopped listening after only a little bit to just google for the data myself, looking for the dates when these total lunar eclipses will occur. What I found is AWESOME!

    But let me state clearly: There are, every year it seems, numerous ridiculous and sensational claims made such as ‘this year the moon (or Mars) will be 240 times larger than ever before!!!! Yada yada, my friends and I have fun waiting for when such bogus material will spread like wild-fire throughout the blogosphere again. So, at first hearing, I expected it was just that time of year again. And again, I don’t know all this individual is going to claim, though I certainly respect him for finding this now. I immediately stopped to just go get the data myself.



    The real significance in my view is not that there are 4 *total* lunar eclipses in a row. That is not terribly unusual. It is noteworthy, but from what I’ve seen it happens maybe 6-8 times per century (don’t quote me on that, it’s what I’ve learned in an hour very briefly).

    What is AWESOME and truly AMAZING is that all four of these happen directly on the first day of two major biblical festivals! Even better, not just once, but two years in a row!!! THAT, my friend, is something that should get our attention! The two appointed times it appears the LORD is drawing our attention to is Passover (Pesach), and Feast of Tents (Sukkot).

    NASA has taken down the website for eclipses since this broke, which is head-scratching, regardless I used the way-back machine to get the following links. Here are these 4 dates:

    All Eclipses for 2014 (see here):

    2014 Apr 15: Total Lunar Eclipse
    2014 Oct 08: Total Lunar Eclipse

    All Eclipses for 2015 (see same link, lower):
    2015 Apr 04: Total Lunar Eclipse
    2015 Sep 28: Total Lunar Eclipse

    So, I looked these dates up in a Jewish/biblical calendar. Note that in these very quick calculations, I did *not* specify the exact time of day, and that might alter this a little bit (up or down 1 day), but it would not change things that much in my opinion. Regardless, in the final assessment, the exact time must be entered:

    What this gives us is this (view the Jewish dates in this Jewish calendar):

    All Total Eclipses for 2014

    2014 Apr 15 (3:42am EDT) == Nisan 15 (first *day* of Passover): Total Lunar Eclipse

    2014 Oct 08 (6:55am EDT) == Tishrei 14 (erev Sukkot/Tents): Total Lunar Eclipse

    (By the way, I said I didn’t calibrate the *times,* which can change the day up or down one, but for the year 2014, I found my own physical Jewish calendar reports these eclipses, even with exact times)

    All Total Eclipses for 2015

    2015 Apr 04 — Nisan 15 (first *day* of Passover): Total Lunar Eclipse

    2015 Sep 28 — Tishrei 15 (first *day* of Sukkot/Tents): Total Lunar Eclipse

  2. I did appreciate this perspective and do find patterns of incredible perfection – It is mathematical. If you take the premise that G_d is working through a people 6000 years and you study the Jewish roots you find many patterns. When I listened to Dr. Brown asking the tough questions on this It did give a good skeptical view point, and one that we must strongly consider and be cautious of. We really do not know if or what or when of anything because of this event. It does raise some interesting timing to our watch, but does not give a precise platform for anything specific. For that I appreciate the other view points.

    On mathematics if you add the view point of the whole of the Jewish history and start to uncover the Jubilee timing it is my personal view point that we are entering into the 120th Jubilee. There was a Jewish Rabbi in the 12 century that predicted in jubilees the entering into the land and that was 1917- But the holy city would remain divided for one more jubilee and that was also accurate in 1967. From his prediction cycle the next jubilee should be 2017 – add the blood moon’s to that and we are in interesting times to say the least. Can one extrapolate 2017 from the other two possible jubilee periods? Is the blood moon series a precursor to the 120th jubilee? I guess we will see soon.

  3. I would like to see someone put together the Jubilee and 6000 year history. I have not seen any specific work on this. I do think that would be jaw dropping to see the perfection in the 120 jubilee for the complete history. I have seen and wonder if it is accurate that Abraham entered in the 40th Jubilee on time and on place- Jesus entered in the 80 cycle- and returns in the final 120 jubilee again on place and on target. From a mathmatical perspective only we can see as clearly as Michael Brown makes a case why and how Jesus had to be the Messiah that entered when and how he did. The case for today becomes just as compelling if we will do the math. Even the reason that he had to ride on a donkey on the period that he did is in Jewish teaching today. The people did not merit redemption at that time period but will merit it at the final redemption. Math can show this pattern connecting what and why Michael Brown is correct in teaching about Jesus- and why his return is eminent to what we are seeing right now. The dots can be connected- Blood moon’s perhaps.

  4. One last comment on this- Pascal would have and could have done the math on the Jubilees. He could have taken a clear line and from that lets say the pattern of the timing of Abraham at the 40th Jubilee could have shown this view clearly of where we are at in Jubilees today. Why have Jubilee periods been lost? Why is the Jewish calender off like it is? There is so much technical ability with the technology that we have in yet we do not seem to have access to the true biblical calender. We say that the earth is millions of years evolved in yet a short 6000 year period is all scrambled and not understood by many. Interestingly enough even in the changed Jewish calender is not the 120th jubilee going to be the year 5777! That was not the intent of the calender change, but in Gods plan it was! ( or we will see ) I get a bit too excited about this !!!! You have to love the math.

  5. Counter missionaries- This is one area that a counter missionary could pin Michael Brown down. If, and I think that they do actually believe sincerely that the Messiah has not come yet- Then why not pin point mathmatically the dates? When those dates pass use that as proof that Michael Brown is wrong. (Now of course I do not belive he is wrong!) But if the other side really believes what they do, then use the math and prove Michael wrong. (If the time did not pass and Michael is right, who cares! The Messiah is back! We will all be celebrating and not making this arguement. Why not hold Dr. Brown to a time line? If he is wrong, he will be found out soon. This is a golden opportunity to show the Jewish community the big show down and put the Jesus question to rest once and for all time.

  6. An equally articulate host and guest balance is achieved here on the precision and mystery of these soon sequential heavenly signs relating to God’s prophetic timepiece monitored for the times of the end. Not mentioned was the solar eclipse in their midst and what that usually means in such an astronomical context: relating to God’s hand and where it is applied in his calendar and seasons. I am very appreciative of this program, for many many reasons. One is to underscore that He has given us watchmen to direct our attention counter to the ‘natural mind’ preoccupations of this present world system. We turn our attention to the heavens, and to He who sits on the throne given after the Resurrection of its Lord.

    The concise interview offers no lost words or spurious waste in the interchange of details and foci whatsoever. One could listen carefully and find two men of God yielding to His Spirit recognizing a common link of faith and prophetic hope. Mark and Mike complimented their yielding one to another for the edification of us all.

  7. The brief mention of both sides of the matter of ‘picture Hebrew’ naturally raise the question for a future Jewish Thursday. What is the origin and meaning of the so-called ‘Star of David’ on the flag of Israel? Is it the banner to the Nations spoken of in Is. 11, or is it an occult symbol employed to create an entire facade bringing in to the Nation an entire Eastern European false claim linkage to the people of the Book? Is it equally remarkable that the two main Orthodox sects of Israel have agreed to one Chief Rabbinite? Is this as remarkable as the mid last decade creation of a new Sanhedrin which endorses the emerging policy of National Heritage Sites being reestablished all over the chosen Land?

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