World Vision, America, and Uganda

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Dr. Brown shares further thoughts about World Vision’s tragic compromise and then gives his views on Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill as well as addresses the issue of whether has the moral right to condemn Uganda. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.

Today’s Broadcast Will Only Be 1 Hour


Hours 1 and 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Rather than pointing fingers at the nations of the world and condemning them, how about we get our own moral house in order!


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  1. Dr. Brown,

    I am several days behind in listening to your podcast but I was curious about your interview with steve deace. He seemed like an interesting guest with good strategies to share. Was there a problem? You seemed to have rather abruptly ended an interesting interview for a fairly mundane discussion on the merits of Putin versus Obama.

  2. Dr. Brown,

    I was once alarmed that the homosexual agenda was primarily to take over American culture. It’s now obvious their goal is to infiltrate and dilute Christian organizations like:

    Presbyterian Churches
    Methodist Churches
    Boy Scouts
    Whirled Vision
    ….and more….

    Praying for our nation,


  3. I’m on hold right now with World Vision. Maybe they are having a high volume day. It’s a bad direction they decided to go. They didn’t have to do that. They could have held to a higher standard. I wish they would have.

  4. Facebook likes-

    Wow over the top 20 K! Your gaining critical mass so quickly. It seemed like a hurdle to get over 10 k, the 20 mark came and went so fast. 100K is the next mark- I hope the 100 K will get a signed copy of what ever book is on the horizon.

  5. PTL! I was about to end my support for the work of World Vision. I’m happy to see they changed course, back to what marriage is ordained by God to be.

    It’s been a blessing to support children in need.

    When they send you a drawing of a ball, you may write back whatever you may have to encourage them in the truth. Just as a ball is a sphere, so also is the earth. May the world be filled with the knowledge of God, just as soccer balls are filled with air, or maybe even more so, for the earth ought to overflow with his glory.

    When a child sends you a picture of anything, you may be reminded of something that honors God, and encourages a child, even something that they will wonder at, and be blessed by, if you are willing to reach for it.

  6. Just went to Casting Crown’s website…seems their page associated with World Vision is suddenly unavailable.

    This reminds me of the A&E debacle and that of Cracker Barrel Restaurants, when they miscalculated the make up of their audience over Phil’s comments. Within a few days around a million people signed a Facebook site to boycott A&E, and within 24 hours Cracker Barrel learned who its patrons were.

    What ever made World Vision think that their core supporters would jump on that bus with them? Those dedicated people who support World Vision do so because they are Bible believing people…as in they Believe the Bible sets the bar for morality. What part of that did the head of World Vision not understand?

  7. I keep getting a notice when I click on the link that says, “Suspicious Web Page Blocked.” by Symantec. Anyone else having that problem?

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