Is Israel an Evil Occupier?

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Dr. Brown shares his presentation from the University of South Florida on the important subject, Is Israel an Evil Occupier?, followed by Q&A from the event. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Israel is certainly not guiltless, Israel is certainly not blameless, but Israel is absolutely not an evil occupier!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If you want to stand with God in the Middle East, do not stand against the Jewish people in Israel.



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  1. Israel is not an evil nation but they are an occupier and the nation simply has no right to exist where it is. The land was taken from the people who it belongs to. We took land from Mexico as well and they aren’t giving that up either. We have no right to stop any Mexican from reclaiming the land of their ancestors.

  2. Van,

    Just extend your “logic” back about 2500 years and no one today is in “their” exclusive land. All of us have claims on the lands that others occupy because our great, great, great, great, great grandfathers lost it in a war or a dirty deal. France had no right to sell us the middle of this continent that belonged to the natives. Those “natives” had no claim on it because they took it away from previous natives. I guess the only way that your logic would work is if we always totally wiped out the inhabitants that existed before us. Then there would be no prior claimants. The way that everybody got “their” land was through conquest, either military or economic.

    Israel owned the land long before the Arabs. It was taken from them by the Romans. The Arabs acquired it after that. The Israelites that were sold into slavery by the Romans and that were scattered to the nations certainly have more ancestral rights to the land than the Arab occupiers by your very own standards. But, as usual, your logic has huge gaps and false assumptions.

  3. Van, Only by God’s divine providence does Israel exist. You question God and this is why Proverbs 18:2 applies to you.

    Fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinions.

  4. The nations of Israel and Judah described in the Bible never existed and neither did any of their 40 kings including David and Solomon. I suggest “Mythic Past, Biblical Archaeology and the Myth of Israel” by Thomas Thompson. That should clear things up for you. Israel had no claim to the land because before 1948 there was no Israel.

  5. Ok Van, Assume your right?? But then you would have to have pleasure in understanding, what delight would you then have airing your own silly opinion? On the podium of truth you would quickly be taken down.

  6. Van,

    Idiocy, plain idiocy. Who was it that Rome fought against? Who was it that Babylon let go back to their own land? How did all these people all over the earth get and maintain an identity?

    And of course you did not come with any idea about who has any claim to any land because your logic is fatally flawed…and your suppositions are falsehoods.

  7. Benjamin and Sheila,

    Don’t try to confuse Van with the facts…it won’t work…he is an Egyptian crocodile…he lives de Nile 🙂 He is only interested in digesting rotten scholarship that died long ago, he regurgitates it over and over.

  8. I have some news for you. Three letters on a rock do not prove David and Solomon existed. This just proves how desperate Christians are to prove something in the Bible might be true. Notice there is no proof offered for Jesus Christ because no evidence at all exists that person actually existed. Because he didn’t. The Romans crucified an innocent man because they were afraid of a rowdy crowd. Sure tell me another one. The Romans had no problem controlling large crowds of people. They were famous for it. We got our laws and notions of democracy from the Romans. They didn’t kill innocent people. The supposed trial of Jesus is one of the most unbelievable stories ever told. Because it didn’t happen. Where’s the evidence for it? Poof, you don;t have any.

  9. “Everyone is entitled to his own opinions but not his own facts.” –Daniel Patrick Moynihan

    There’s less evidence that Confucius existed than there is for Jesus. I don’t know of anyone who takes issue with Confucius.

  10. Did Confucius ever say anything about speaking in tongues? I speak in tongues so I have proof Jesus exists.

  11. There is no evidence anyone has ever spoken in a language they do not understand. Buddha, Krishna, Confucius, Jesus, Zoroaster, Moses, Muhammad are all fictional characters. None of them ever existed.

  12. Van, if you and I were face to face, I would prove to you that I speak in a language that I do not understand. You could hear it and know that it sounds like a language and not just sounds that one might “make up” by his own efforts, for we could hear what that also sounds like, if we had a volunteer. (like yourself for example)

    If anyone can do it by their own efforts, why don’t you do it? You could try it and know that it is a sign given by God through Jesus Christ, and this you could know whether you did in fact receive it or not. Either way, you could know.

    You could give it a try and prove it to yourself.
    It’s a Bible study you could do at home, but it would be good if you first heard genuine tongues for yourself.

  13. I don’t hate anybody. I feel sorry for self-deluded people like Dr. Brown and all the people who are foolish enough to take him seriously. He knows nothing about the Bible or Christianity. Nothing.

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