The Spirit is Saying “Forward!”

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Dr. Brown explains what it means to be persecuted for righteousness, comparing the strategy of many Christian leaders today who want to retreat from controversial, social issues, in the name of the gospel, as opposed to the strategy that calls us to confront these issues, in the name of the gospel. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Tomorrow will never ever come, today is the day to live for God! If you hear His voice, do not harden your heart!


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  1. Please Dr Brown!! Would you please comment in the near future about Kenneth Copelands endorsement of the Pope (you must be familiar of what has taken place) and some of the evangelical charismatic leaders who are heading towards Rome in the name of unity.

    Ulf Ekmans tragic conversion to RCC in which he left his congregation to its destiny became national news in secular media in Sweden. You can also read about it here:

    Sincerely Magnus

  2. That’s the Democrats saying “forward” not any imaginary spirit. I love it when people claim to know what a spirit or a god wants or is saying. If God talks that should be front page news. But it isn’t because we all really know there is no God.

  3. As I was listening about Sardis, I couldn’t help but think about teachings on Charity, and how, somehow, it seems to sometimes get corrupted into a worldly kind of thing rather than the pure love of God.

    Charity isn’t a compromising love.

  4. Van, only if God owned the mainstream media.
    You can never say there is no God. It is not like saying there is no square circle.
    Ask a lot of people who believe with all their heart that there is a God. I know there is. It would be terrible if there is no God, but not as terrible as there being a God who loves us, has made the way for me to be reconciled to Him and we have refused Him.
    The delusion is that we live believing that there is no judgment. When we wake up we will see that we were in a dream.
    Many atheists believe the opposite, they think that belief in God is the delusion. They are doubly deceived.

  5. Kostya,
    Why would it be terrible if there is no God? What would be the difference between a world with God and a world without God? How would you live any differently if there is no God? Most Christians shy away from questions like these. I predict you will too.

  6. Your question cannot stand, Van. It does not compute. We wouldn’t be here, and you wouldn’t even exist in order to ask that question. Evidence of intelligent design is everywhere. Look in a mirror.

  7. There is no evidence of intelligent design anywhere. If there were Christian colleges and universities would be teaching that instead of evolutionary theory. The design you see is the result of evolution’s bottom up method of design. The universe and life itself appear exactly as they should if there is no top down design to life and no purpose to the universe. I suggest you learn to live with those facts and stop deluding yourself. Try putting down the ancient fairy tales and pick up a science book for a change.

  8. Josh,

    If Van cannot see evidence of intelligent design anywhere, why should he see intelligence in the mirror…maybe there is no true intelligence in the man he sees in the mirror. Most of his statements on this site would convince us of his regurgitation of propaganda…but of real thinking intelligence…?

    Maybe if he would put down the books of propaganda and look at the world through untainted glasses, he would see intelligent design, like most of science’s great minds did. Until then, his mirror will not likely show him much intelligence. The problem is that he worships the man in the mirror and can see nothing anywhere else, hear nothing anywhere else, understand nothing anywhere else. His world veiw is a figment of his imagination designed for saving face (pun intended)…at least while in front of the mirror. His reputation goes not much further…nor does it last much longer than that fleeting reflection.


  9. Van, if the creator of all things evolved out of nothing, and he commanded you to bow to him for your salvation, would you do it?

  10. Oh and by the way Ray, what evidence do you have that there was ever a state of complete nothingness? What evidence do you have that anything ever came from nothing? The stuff the universe is made of has always existed. Ask any cosmologist. There is no need to posit an creator for anything. The universe is not conditional.

  11. Van,
    We will not shy away from questions about God- nor what the world would be like (as we will see) without His presence.

    But for you, there certainly is a god- it is you yourself:
    “Nope. I don’t take orders. I give them.”

    You could never be a follower of Christ, unless you become like a child. I pray that you would. The wages of SIN (idolotry is a sin against the living and Holy God) is DEATH. I don’t wish death for you, but Life in Jesus the Son.

  12. Van, all the evidence is to the contrary of what you suggest. God existed in the beginning and so did Jesus. By God all things were created and by Jesus Christ his Son all things came into existence.

  13. Jesus never existed. God does not exist. That is what science tells us. None of the nonsense you’ve been spoon fed by your religious leaders is true. NONE of it.

  14. Van, while some scientists might themselves believe that the Living God does not exist, NO self-respecting scientist claims that science has shown He does not exist. You know that full well.

    Jesus certainly did exist- and the preponderance of evidence show that the Bible records with historical accuracy His life and death and the apostles’ claims of His resurrection.

    You can choose to believe He did not exist, but that would be to believe a lie, based on the evidence. But perhaps you prefer the lie.

  15. “Jesus certainly did exist- and the preponderance of evidence show that the Bible records with historical accuracy His life and death and the apostles’ claims of His resurrection.”

    > That statement is as untrue as any lie ever told on this planet. You will prove it is untrue by being unable to provide ANY of this preponderance of evidence that you claim exists. So go ahead let’s see this evidence you claim exists. What is it and where is it? Come on, step up to the plate and back up your absurd claim.

  16. “Van, while some scientists might themselves believe that the Living God does not exist, NO self-respecting scientist claims that science has shown He does not exist. You know that full well.”

    > Also a big untruth. “God, the Failed Hypothesis – How Science Shows God Does Not Exist” by Victor Stenger not only proves you wrong but proves all of your religious superstitions to be phony as a three dollar bill as well. You really should read this book. Then you can laugh at how silly Christianity really is.

  17. Van, I will engage you in this discussion, but realize that it will take a little time for me- this is not a flippant, off-the-cuff dismissal, but I take these things very seriously. I have not read Victor Stenger’s book, but others like it- give me a bit of time to look at this one. BTW-are you a scientist?

  18. WRT Jesus and historical accuracy of the Gospel:
    Colin Hemer, a classical scholar who turned to New Testament studies, wrote a book “The Book of Acts in the Setting of Hellenistic History.” In it he defends the details, recorded order and places and people in the biblical book of Acts. He shows it is very good history, and that Luke’s work is that of a qualified historian and scholar. And of course, the Book of Acts is all about the spread of the Gospel of Jesus in those early decades after Jesus’ crucifixion. The writer Luke was not an eyewitness but spent much time and travels with those who were, and had many opportunity to interview those who walked with Jesus and saw him after the resurrection.

    Sir William Ramsay, a well respected and accomplished archeologist, has also defended and definitely concluded that the Gospel of Luke and Book of Acts are first-rate historical accounts.

    Van, you challenged me to provide some evidence of Jesus- I’ve pointed to two experts that give very high-quality scholarly research into this. These are examples among many that point to the veracity of the Christian account of Jesus of Nazareth.

  19. I believe the majority of lay people who make the assertion that the historical Jesus never existed have not even begun to investigate their blanket statements. If we remove the miracles he performed and particularly the belief that He was resurrected from the dead, we’re left with the question of whether or not He existed at all. To mix atheistic, secular or even theological beliefs with a thorough investigation into the search for the man, Himself, is certainly not the best way to investigate it. It takes a greater leap of faith to arrive at the conclusion that the historical Jesus never existed at all.

    There is a growing, and I might add, ad nauseam, mantra repeated by many that Christianity is based on nothing more than myths borrowed from pagan characters of old. It’s a pitifully unintelligible argument used to discount the historic Jesus and is most often chosen to succinctly state their opposition to any and all religious figures, although it’s more than evident that Christianity is above all others to be particularly targeted and with disdain. Bereft of serious scholarship able to separate historical truth from myth, their nonsensical denial of the historic Jesus quickly evaporates.

    The myths of dying and resurrecting gods of antiquity do not, in and of themselves, preclude the historicity of Jesus.

    Concerning the debate surrounding His resurrection, those serious about investigating the backbone of Christianity within it’s own rights, would do well to read, “The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach” by Michael R. Licona. Warning, the bibliography itself comprises 29 pages of the book.

  20. Thanks much Sheila-good points,the “myth” stories about Jesus don’t stand up, and that book is a good reference.

    We can be equipped to help remove barriers from people who have been systematically lied to. Some will hear, some will never hear. Our job is to rejoice in the truth and be servants.

  21. Thanks for proving there is no evidence whatsoever that Jesus Christ actually existed. If there were you people would surely have presented it. Instead you told me about two Christians who believe the Bible is true! That’s the best proof you have Jesus existed! That is just hilarious! You people have been duped by the greatest story ever sold.

    Fictive narratives almost always mention real people and real places and often even real events. That the Bible does this is of no help to your case. Outside of the Bible there is no mention of Jesus or any of the disciples including Paul by anyone who was alive when Jesus supposedly was. Not one word. So the word is POOF, your claims Jesus was a real person have been debunked completely. Slide on over to and you can divest yourself of your absurd superstitions.

  22. So Matt how are you going to remove the barriers and find out about the lies your religious leaders have packed your head with?

  23. Van–“Fictive narratives almost always mention real people and real places and often even real events.”

    So, as I said, your own yardstick doesn’t apply to the “real” person of Jesus. What came first the Man or your supposed myth? Could it be the “real” Man inspired what you believe is a myth? It’s obvious you have no desire to investigate anything for yourself. Who’s the one who swallows the claims of others hook, line and sinker? I say it’s you.

    Anything that doesn’t say what you want to hear is summarily dismissed by you and those of your ilk. Do any of your fellow mythicists hold a chair at any university? Have they had their findings published in peer-reviewed journals? Are any of them taken seriously by historians?

    I’d put their vague knowledge up there with those who deny we ever sent anyone to the moon!

    Please provide your personal bibliography.

  24. Now you’re just being silly. Once again no evidence that Jesus actually existed. Just some lame arguments that some people agree with you. Who cares? I’ve done my homework. I suggest you so yours now.

  25. Van, you never answered my question- are you a scientist?

    In any case; is no evidence produced by believers in Christ allowed? that would of course be absurd. Note that Sir William Ramsay was NOT a believer when he undertook to prove the Bible false, and found just the opposite. You should read up more.

    The Bible teaches about Jesus’ life and death (for YOU Van) and His rising from the dead again. The Gospels and other NT books are found to be true history and records of events told by eye-witnesses. They speak of Jesus = a true testimony that he exists, and that truly came as the Light of the World.

    You Van are blinded. Ask God to open your eyes, and repent of your sinful pride and arrogance.

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