Shocking News from the Middle East and Answers to Jewish Questions

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In the first hour, Dr. Brown speaks with Itamar Marcus, Director of Palestine Media Watch, which studies Palestinian society from a broad range of perspectives by monitoring and analyzing the Palestinian Authority through its media and schoolbooks — and you will be shocked by some of what Mr. Marcus share. In the second hour, Dr. Brown will take your Jewish related questions and share insights from the Hebrew Scriptures. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Our God is a God of Truth and a God of Justice. Why not ask Him to act, not just with mercy, but with Truth and justice in the Middle East. He knows what He’s doing.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: On this thoroughly Jewish Thursday let’s remember the words of Paul to the gentile Christians in Rome, “It’s the root that supports you, you don’t support the root.”


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  1. That was quite a spin Dr. Brown put on the walls they are building in Israel!

    No one would criticize Israel if the walls kept the murderers away, as Dr. Brown explained. Those are called prisons and every country has them.

    But that isn’t what Israel is doing. Israel’s walls are keeping whole masses of people out, based on religion and race.

    Those are called something else… and apartheid is one name for it.

    Jews, of all people, should know that walling people in doesn’t turn out well.

  2. Greg,

    How do you put suicide bombers in prison? Scrape up the pieces and put them into ziploc bags for 50 years? A prison only keeps convicted murders away from the public.

    What would you do if you had the people in the next state over from you coming across the border and murdering people via suicide bombs?

    Maybe it is better in some situations to build a fence or a wall to keep the wolves out of your yard. Maybe if the neighborhood down the street from you put up posters along their main road celebrating their heroes, that happened to be suicide bombers and terrorists that had killed the family across the street from you, you would get your subdivision together and build a wall or two. Maybe if your HOA president just released 100 dangerous criminals back to that terrorist neighborhood in order to secure the lives of a few of your security guards that had been captured, you would build a few walls and checkpoints.

    If you think that I am exaggerating, all you have to do is buy a couple of airline tickets to Israel and you and I will go on a very eye-opening tour of the special places in the Holy land that your Bible describes. I am betting you will want to ride with me…but only in a buss with bullet proof windows.

    And maybe when the IDF comes and escorts us out of harms way in many of those spots, you will get a little bit of a clue. And if you think that I am exaggerating, think again.

    And if you were to hear the stories about some of these places and incidents that I, my children, and my friends have experienced first hand, like the time that our rental car was stolen and demolished by a few Hamas members, or the time that 50 of so “Palestinians” came and began to throw good sized rocks at a grapevine pruning team (This was barely stopped by a security guard that happened to come by and fire a few rounds into the air.) And yes there were some injuries sustained by our team and we did not instigate or retaliate.

    Or should I tell you about the vineyards being burnt down or the settlements that have been dedicated to Israelis that were victims of “Palestinian” terrorists. Or maybe you would like to hear about the little children that suffer emotional trauma and need extensive therapy. Maybe you should talk to David Rubin and David Haivri for some first hand testimonies before you think that you are informed enough to start tearing down walls that you have no idea what is on the other side and that will have no effect on your family in any real way.

    Maybe you should read or listen to some real news and stories from people that live and/or work and minister in Israel. Maybe you should ask the “Palestinian” on the street if they want a “Palestinian” state. You may just be surprised that your liberal world view that is only informed by the liberal American press is in serious error.

  3. Greg,

    The thing that is spinning is not Dr. Brown, but all the people that you listen to. As you stand on their merry-go-round, you just think that those on the ground are doing the spinning.

  4. Dr. Brown seemed to be very upset that the law that would legalize Christian bigotry and intolerance got vetoed. The commissioner of the NFL called the governor and told her that the NFL would move the Super Bowl from Arizona next year and the Cardinals would be moved from Arizona to Los Angeles the following year. She vetoed the bill when she got off the phone. Money talks, everything else walks.

  5. Bo,

    By “all the people that I listen to” … you mean the news!

    What I am saying is just just common knowledge. I am not a partisan in this conflict.

    The barriers in Israel don’t just lock the terrorists in, as Dr. Brown spun-it — it locks a whole people away.

    Babies, grandmothers, school children… incarcerating a whole group for the deeds of some.

    If it just locked-up murderers and terrorists, nobody would call it apartheid!

    As for the rest of your criticism of the Palestinians — such “group think” one-sided, pessimism hurts the very people you love.

    This “we are the victims, they are the aggressors” hardening of both sides has a very tragic, very ugly end-game.

    As I say, the Jews, of all people, should know that demonizing a group and then putting them behind a barrier can go very very bad.

  6. Van,

    Your line of reasoning won’t work on Dr. Brown.

    What most people see as the persistent fair-mindedness of Americans, Dr. Brown sees as bullying and persecution.

    And, not just Dr. Brown, of course. It’s a common mindset among “fundamentalists” of all religions.

    They view equality as a zero-sum game. When another person gains rights and freedom, they lose it.

    While most Americans view gay marriage as including gays in our larger marriage tradition, the fundamentalist mind sees it as a threatening their marriage tradition.

    I am convinced that this very different view of equality is a core cultural difference between liberals and conservatives.

  7. Greg,

    I was there and experienced it. I know that the most “Palestinians” are not terrorists. So what do you want to do remove all walls, checkpoints and fences and let the terrorism run rampant? Does it make you sick to know that their heroes are suicide bombers that purposely kill civilians indiscriminately? The major news is spun. When I was there, a friend and I went to pick up a Norwegian news man that wanted to do a story about the group that we were affiliated with. On our way to the vineyards of Samaria, he told us that he asked the common “Palestinian” on the streets of Ramallah if they wanted their own state. The large majority wanted Israel to rule. They are affraid of their own “Heroes.” They would build fences and walls if they could. They are more peaceful and prosperous with Israel running things.

    You did not answer my questions. What would you do if you lived in the neighborhood that I described?

  8. It is unfortunate that in many ways that Dr. Brown is exactly what he rails against in many of his arguments. In regards to his views on the Wall, Dr Brown is either for collective punishment or he thinks all Palestinians are terrorists. If someone were to make the same broad brush statements about Jews or post cartoons on their Facebook of Jews that he does of Arabs being terrorists as he did this past week he would be screaming “Anti-Semitism!” While it is no secret that Dr. Brown is repeating the Israeli narrative and political talking points, it’s sad he has to demonize Palestinians as a people in the process.

    I don’t know why when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian issue people, including Dr. Brown have to make is a good guy vs bad issue.

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