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Is there a biblical basis for the altar call? Will there be an end-time falling away? Is it wrong to make any image of Jesus, or even to paint representational art with images of animals and people? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: You know we’ve had a glorious blizzard and snow storm and as I saw the beautiful white snow, I was reminded of Isaiah 1:18, “Though our sins be as scarlet, you’ll make them as white as snow.”

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There’s a good way to check your spiritual appetite. To see, ask “How hungry am I for the Word and how much do I desire to spend time alone with my God.”


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  1. Fascinating topics, esp the one about art. I do think about this when viewing film versions of the gospels. How come it’s always Jesus the Supermodel, not Jesus the Christ?

    When Judas is asked to identify Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemne, how come he did’nt just say, “It’s the good-looking one, of course.”? No, He looked so ordinary that Judas had to kiss Him to mark him out.

  2. Anthea,

    I’m not sure the kiss was needed because Jesus was so plain looking. Remember, there were no photos back then and no bright lights. (And, of course, a kiss was just a greeting.)

    But, I agree with your general sentiment — the Hollywood-style portrayals of Jesus can be a distraction from the Gospel message.

    I also found Dr. Brown’s talk about “graven images” interesting. I’m not sure I fully understand his position.

    I was always taught that if you worship the image, it’s idolatry. The image itself is only what you make it to be. That has always worked for me.

    But, I’ve noticed that some of my Christian friends have started to drift-away from that belief and started putting power in the object itself — as if goodness or evil can be attached to it or dwell in it. Usually, it has something to do with demons.

    Ironically, this strikes me as very similar to the idolaters I was sent to reach as a missionary!

  3. Greg — I was being a bit facetious. If Jesus really looked like Jim Caviezel (sp?) then that’d be how you’d point Him out — “It’s the fit bloke in the white robe!” It’d be the obvious thing, if it was Jesus of GQ Coverland, as opposed to Jesus of Nazareth.

    I didn’t mean that Jesus is this or that. We have little idea of Jesus’ appearance. I just find it amusing; when the JWs came with the Watchtower, they too had a handsome hunk on the cover. “He’s obviously the Messiah — look at that face! Features so symmetrical, they simply must be of the heavenly realm!” We all fell about laughing, which was a great ice-breaker.

    y other favourite is the blonde, blue-eyed Jesus. ‘Jesus of Tunbridge Wells’, I call Him. I don’t get offended about it, it gives me the chance to think about the function and uses of Biblical art.

  4. Anthea,

    OK — fair enough. It can be hard to tell in these chat rooms when people write things with a twinkle in their eye.

    I think we do have an idea of what Jesus generally looked-like, thanks to the field of ethnography.

    I remember reading a scholarly article (which I can no longer cite, sorry!) which argued that the Hebrews of the NT times are most genetically related to today’s Negev Bedouins.

    I’m sure it is offensive to claim that some modern-day Arabs are more “Jewish” than, let’s say, the Ashkenazi Jews but it only makes sense.

    The ancestors of the Jews I know spent centuries in Italy and then centuries in Poland – it’s only logical that they would be less genetically “Jewish” than people who stayed in Palestine all that time.

    But, like I said in the other post, I think ethnicity is mostly about self-identity, anyway.

  5. It’s Saturday and I’m still looking for this broadcast to be available on archives. I REALLY need to listen again to one of the items that is VERY relevant to my family right now. PLEASE post it so we can listen together. Thank You and Thank You for the GREAT work of God accomplished by Dr. Brown and his team!

  6. I’ll tell you what Jesus looks like. He looks like the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22) and the word of God. (a king, against whom there is no rising up. for example- Prov 30:31.)

    For certain those who know the scripture will know him when they see him.

    He may show himself to us in many different ways, just as no two artist’s paintings look the same.

    When I see an artist’s painting or drawing of Jesus, I usually know who it is. There’s always something about the picture.

  7. Ray,

    I agree with you… what Jesus looks like is more existential than anything else.

    People often make fun of that Aryan Jesus that was so common a few years ago. Like this one:


    I, personally, don’t have a problem with people who re-imagine Jesus to look like themselves — whether European, African, Latino, Asian or whatever.

    I only have a problem if that is linked to racism.

  8. It’s not uncommon for a Christian to have a vision of Jesus which communicates something of the word to them, and then see a transformation take place in the vision to where they are in his place and become as he is, which is to say that he is transforming them into his image and likeness as they abide in the word of God which he teaches them.

    These things are spiritual and not of any particular physical likeness, generally speaking.

    I John 4:17 comes to mind.

  9. Ray,

    I don’t think I follow your post because I’m not sure what it means for “Jesus to communicate something of the world.”

    I’m not disagreeing … I just don’t think I’ve experienced that.

    My own spiritual encounters with God tend to be through the holy spirit and at a soul-level rather than a vision or sound.

  10. I had a friend who frequently (if I remember correctly) had visions of Jesus carrying her around in his arms.

    I don’t remember, from her accounts, of what he looked like but I remember that he was this big, strapping guy. It reminded me of a cover of a romance novel.

    As a heterosexual guy, I found that image rather off-putting and my friend thought I was dismissing her revelation from God.

    I learned a lesson from that. When I have an existential encounter with God, it’s for me. I should not expect other people to be taken by it.

    When people share with me some vision or revelation they have, I now just bless them in it. I’m glad it was good for them and I don’t feel any pressure to apply it as truth to my life. If God wants that, he’ll give me a revelation.

  11. Jack — and I — want the mp3 up here. Could Dr Brown’s team fix that?

    PS Greg –since I am British, half the time my tongue is in my cheek! It’s the way we communicate. Serious jesting, funny philosophising …

  12. Hello Mary,

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  13. Hello Luke,

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  14. Concerning the book of Job, it began to open up to me when I began to compare the things the Lord said to him with everything everyone else said.

    That’s much easier to do later on in the conversations, rather than near the beginning.

    Near the beginning of the conversations, it’s not the same situation as it is later on. The things the Lord said were for a specific time and season.

    One of the most important lessons to be learned is the importance of listening to the holy Spirit as we read, especially near the beginning of the book.

    That seemed to be easier for me at first, and more difficult as I read more later on, yet I did learn my lesson on that point, one I hope I hold on to.

    I did see the reasons why Elihu was not pleased with how Job’s friends handled the situation with Job. That I believe is something that is much easier seen later on in the conversations, for there were some things that took time to develop, or to be revealed.

  15. I am a torchbearer and REALLY need to download as MP3 this particular Podcast. HOWEVER when I hit “download MP3” it just starts playing it. I need to edit it down to the specific segment and have individuals in my family listen to this. HOW do I download a session, NOT just play? Sorry but I don’t know where else to ask. And please don’t ask WHICH segment. It’s very personal and I don’t what to discuss on an open forum.

  16. @Jack
    Instead of left clicking the download link, right click it and then choose “save link as”. That should bring up the option to allow you to save it!

  17. This does not work. Saving a “link” is not the same as “downloading” an MP3. I already knew this but tried it to make sure. A “link” requires and internet connect. It does not download the item. A few years ago it was really easy to download a broadcast. Something changed. I DO NOT see how to download a broadcast. It will only play. Please help. And can you please correspond with my email? I feel foolish posting my personal problem in public. I would be happy to go into details in private.

  18. Jack,

    I just right clicked on [Download mp3] above. Selected “Save link as…” then selected “desktop” and clicked “Save” then I found the icon on my desktop, double clicked and it works fine. Always remember…feeling foolish is better than being foolish. How many times have I had to ask my children to help me on the computer…? That is what kids are for 🙂 Sometimes I am so dense or forgetful.


  19. Poor choice on interviewing Heidi Baker – Toronto blessing – More like Kundalini spirit – Although she is doing great things the people she is involved with Bentley, Arnotts and so on – Bad feeling about what is to come – Be careful who you are getting involved with. The Holy Spirit is being mocked by these people – Come on Dr Brown – Soaking rooms to soak in the Holy Sprit – They lay hands on people and they pass out and start shaking , laughing , barking , screaming and more – After Pentecost Peter spoke boldly and the word of God convicted people through the Holy Spirit and they repented and where baptized and received the Holy Sprit – BY THE WORD OF GOD and accepting the message – not by the laying on of hands by fools – and no one was laying on the floor screaming and shaking. I’m sorry these people really bother my spirit and my discernment is that what they are doing is not of God.

    Love you brother

  20. Bo, please put me in touch with your webmaster. I’m trying to tell you, saving a “LINK” is NOT saving an MP3. Here’s how you can prove it. Save the link as you suggested, disconnect your computer from the internet. IF the item is downloaded to your computer, it should play just fine. If it is a link only, it will look for, and not find, a connection. As far as asking my children, my first job out of high school in 1966 was as a computer operator. I built my last desktop.

  21. A computer operator at NASA in Houston, by the way. At the time computers cost couple million dollars, and only government and VERY large banks had them. Just saying.

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