Why Not a Jesus Revolution Now?

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Dr. Brown looks at the present state of the Church and the nation and asks why a Jesus-centered, moral and cultural revolution cannot happen now — against all odds. He will take your calls and share some of his personal journey in God. (This is the first day of a special three-week season of prayer and fasting.) Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: In Jesus, yes, together we are making a difference!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As I look at the state of the nation with man it’s absolutely impossible, but with God, the best is yet ahead.



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  1. Dear dr brown I love your emphasis on revival and prayer and find it encouraging however I find that your emphasis on Jewish evangelism a bit discouraging. Not to say that we shouldn’t evangelize the Jews, but the fact that you distinguish evangelizing them from evangelizing the Gentiles. We need to emphasize evangelizing all men equally.

    Also I think Paul is very clear in calling the church the Israel of God in Galatians. The church is Gods people, not present day Israel. This is not replacement theology this is the biblical fulfillment of the first convenant which the Jews at large rejected. The church is the Israel of God brother.

  2. Also I have your book our hands are stained with blood. We speak so much about the 6 million Jews, bit the reality is that there many other ps who suffered even more. What about the twenty 6 million Russians?

    I only bring this up because we are not to be ethnocentric I with the truth no matter what christian background we are from.

  3. I got moral whiplash from Chaplain Viviana’s call in the first hour when she praised the Ugandan pastors who had a “spiritual revolution that the world could not even imagine.”

    She’s talking about the same Ugandan pastors who demanded the “kill the gays bill” in Uganda! The same bill that is the great moral shame of American anti-gay Christians who sowed the seeds of this horror.

    The world could not imagine it, alright.

  4. Greg,

    You’re being entirely myopic here. Wonderful things happened through the gospel in Uganda in recent decades. It’s bizarre that you focus on one point, and then misrepresent the bill entirely, based on (hostile) secular media reports.

    That being said (with genuine sadness), I’m not surprised. Do keep listening, though!

  5. I was listening to more than a few Seahawks give testimony about their faith in Christ, and I couldn’t help but notice how things this season so often went in their favor, things such as loose balls, many home games toward the end of the season and such.

    I couldn’t help but think about the favor of God,
    and how it seemed to me that their team may be doing very well spiritually.

    And so I wonder if team mates in sports often go to a fellow player to ask how things are going spiritually if ever their play has been off over a period of time.

    I mean, Why not?

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