From the Death of Ariel Sharon to the Real Nature of Islam

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In the first hour Dr. Brown interviews Carl Gallups, author of The Rabbi Who Found the Messiah, who believes there is great prophetic significance in the death of Ariel Sharon; in the second hour, Dr. Brown interviews Islam expert Dr. Mark Durie as to the real nature of Islam. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God only knows what happed with Yizchaq Kaduri, but I have no question that He is opening the eyes of orthodox Jews around the world!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It is harvest time! Let’s get our hands dirty!



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  1. Once again, one of Dr. Brown’s experts leaves me scratching my neck.. er… head.

    Dr. Durie did seem qualified and reasonable but then he says things that don’t square with my experience at all.

    For example, he said that Christians living in Muslim countries get a symbolic chopping of their neck when they pay their taxes. I lived for over a decade in a couple of different Muslim countries and nobody ever symbolically chopped my neck! This is the first I have ever even heard of such a thing.

    I’m not accusing him of lying because maybe this is something he had done to him in Aceh, Indonesia. But, on the show, he used this as an example of “real” Islam.

    I honestly don’t know what to think about his claims.

    This brings up Dr. Brown’s definition of “real” Islam — he defined it as the most radical, conservative form of the religion. This bothers me because it misrepresents the average Muslim.

    I lived among some of the most conservative Muslims alive and know, very well, the danger of radical Islam — yet, I have to the good sense to know that the radicals don’t typify most Muslims.

    Most Muslims, even the conservative ones, are just regular people, trying to live their lives the best they can. They don’t go around chopping Christians heads off!

    In my years overseas, there were MANY times when a Muslim could have killed me and gotten away with it, totally free. If it was true that “real” Muslims all secretly want to kill infidels, I’d be dead.

    But, in my experience, “real” Muslims are as peaceful as any other people group.

  2. I’m wondering how exactly did the Rabbi receive the revelation of the Lord’s name. He reports that he saw him in a vision, the Lord coming to him that way.

    The question I have is Did his lips move? Did he speak to him as we speak to one another? Or, did he receive the information much like our computers download information, and once downloaded the information is stored, our computers have it?

    There’s at least another way the Lord communicates to us in a vison, and that is by what we see. A vision communicates, and visions may be moving and changing. Together with what we see and impartation of knowledge, by way of the manifestation of word of knowledge, we may receive information.

    I once listened to a Christian radio talk show and the subject was “What does Jesus really look like?”

    People started calling in telling of visons they had of him. It was very interesting. He can appear in whatever way he wants us to see him.

    It’s much like artists paintings of him. No two are the same, but when we see the painting, we usually know who it is.

    I think I should order the book.

  3. Ray,

    I was wondering the same thing. Is it possible that Rabbi Kaduri was suffering from senile dementia or had a stroke?

    I’ve seen this a few times in my pastoral ministry — a family will be dismayed that their solid-as-a-rock grand parent takes a sudden turn in the final days.

    Back in bible school, I remember doing rest home ministry and encountering an old guy who cursed up a storm. I was told that he was an kindly, life-long pastor and his family was terribly upset by this. Understandably!

    I have encountered similar things numerous times since then and now understand that a stroke or elderly mental decline can do disconcerting things to religious beliefs. My counsel to the families is that it is the life of the person that is real, not their last days.

    I don’t know if this applies to Kaduri (who I have barely even heard of) but it would have been one of the first questions I would have asked this author. Did Dr. Brown ask any such question?

  4. No offense to Dr. Brown but he seemed naive when Gallups went into numerology in explaining the “prophetic significance” of Sharon’s death.

    “They both were on the seventh day of the week! They both were on the 12 day of the month!” (or whatever it was).

    Dr. Brown should know that you can find day, week, and other numerical “connections” between any two events if you look hard enough. It’s basically superstition.

  5. I’m surprised that no one has challenged me on what I said about Muslims.

    I usually get push-back from conservative Christians when I say that most Muslims are just regular people — as peaceful, good or bad as any other.

    This is certainly not the way Muslims are portrayed on sites like “Jihad Watch” or “Townhall” where so many Christians get their information about them.

    I’ll say it again — I wish Dr. Brown would get an expert of Islam to come on the show, not a partisan. One who has a comprehensive, scholarly and _balanced_ view of Muslims and Islam. I could name several.

    This would NOT include anyone who answers the question about “true” Islam by first going to beheading!

  6. Greg, I don’t understand why you might think that something went wrong with the Rabbi.

    When people get old, near the end of life here on this earth, one of the sad things is, that the devil can get to our minds easier even though we are believers. It’s much like dreaming while having a nightmare, talking in their sleep.

    Then again, sometimes people in pain and suffering can be very tempermental.

  7. Greg,I think Dr. Brown had a guest on his program who knew the depths of Islam, who communicated that, which may be different than what we might think of as shallow followers of Islam, or what we might tend to think of as weaker adherents to it, or those having some form of watered down Islam, or somewhat of a peace loving form of it, though I’m not claiming that peace to be the true peace of God which comes to us through Jesus Christ.

  8. The idea that one of the most respected Rabbis knew Jesus as Messiah is exciting. As a gentile married in to Israel, I’m very eager to see more and more Jews turn to Yeshua. The OT is full of scripture about Jesus. From reading scripture I think there is a spiritual block that will be struck down at the proper time allowing most to see plainly.

  9. Ray,

    It goes to the question of who are the real religion? The most extreme or the mainstream?

    It’s hard to believe, but there are Christians who beleive that all homosexuals, adulterers, fornicators and even rebellious children should be executed! What is that? About 75% of the population?

    Are they the “true” face of Christianity?

    If they are not — then, in fairness, bin Laden is not the “true” face of Islam.

    I have had the fairly unusual experience of living among both Christian and Muslims fundamentalists. They have more in common than either understand — but I would not say that either are the “true” representation of their religion.

    Yet, this is what Dr. Brown seems to think.

    PS: Feel free to respond but I need to get to work and I may not get back until after the weekend.

  10. PS: I just Googled Mark Durie and I think Dr. Brown may have over-sold him a bit.

    Yes, he has written a number of books — including such riveting titles as “Kamus bahasa Aceh (Volume 151 of Pacific linguistics).”

    He seems more like an expert linguist who sidelines on Islam. But — I can’t say for sure.

  11. Ray and Greg-I would kindly suggest that you are both off point with this story.As far as the numerology argument you make, Hebrew is a numerical,pictoral language. So dates lining up would be important.This would be an important biblical witness. In the Hebrew calendar,important events often happen on the same day hundreds of years apart. On the ninth of AV BOTH temples were destroyed, for example. Rabbi Kaduri seemed to be mentally sharp until his death.I have read in the story of Kaduris life claims that in 1908 a revered rabbi said Kaduri would live a long life and see the messiah. Rabbi Schneerson another revered rabbi claimed as well that Kaduri would see the messiah.

  12. Greg- Where are the “peaceful muslims” in protest over the destruction of churches and the barbaric slaughter of Christians in Egypt,Syria and Africa?
    I didn’t mention synagogues because there were once thriving Jewish populations in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Egypt,all destroyed by “peaceful muslims.” There is a popular saying among muslims- “first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people”,told to me by missionaries.

  13. Greg:

    “It goes to the question of who are the real religion? The most extreme or the mainstream?”

    Neither. The true religion is what is in the Qur’an and Hadiths. Whoever lines up with the Qu’ran is the true Muslim. That is where you must determine what is extreme nor not.

    *true as in to that particular religion, not that the religion is true*

  14. Greg,

    You have thrown a lot of loose terms around. Naive, extreme, over sold, superstition,these are things you write in reference to the conservative position. In yet your terms used for the counter arguement from Greg is peace, balanced, and seventy five percent of the population is in sin, so stop analyzing the sin. Everybody accepts abortion, homosexuality, materialism, so what is the big deal? Roll with the majority, why should there be a Christian radio that does not just accept the way things are now, instead of “The way things ought to be.”

    Interesting… Your arguements do not wear any pants.

  15. It seems to me that Islam is a man made religion which took the scriptures and changed things around, doing with it whatever it pleased. No doubt that is is of a stronghold of a religious spirit.

    It seems they have done with the word of God whatever they wanted to. They used and misused it, marring it almost beyond recognition, from what little I’ve heard about it.

    A Christian friend of mine was telling a co-worker about the Word. The man he had been working with on this was a Muslim.

    I was with my friend when he received a phone call on his cell phone. It was this co-worker who was now required to appear in court for a traffic ticket, and he was asking my friend to pray that the judge let him off without any fine, and without anything going on his driving record.

    He asked the man if he was guilty of the charge, and if he had confessed his sin to God in prayer, being repentent if he was in fact guilty of the charge.

    The man said “No.” but wanted us to pray for what he asked for anyway. We said “No.”

    I believe it turned out that the man was guilty and knew that he was.

    But why did he call my friend for prayer? Was he sincere, or was he one who just liked to play games with Christians, causing them to fall, hoping to injure them? (work of one under a religious spirit?)

  16. Chris, do you see anything significant about all the January dates that came up. I’m one that knows just about nothing about Hebrew dates and such.

  17. Ray,

    The Koran does not take the scriptures and change them around. It is a totally outrageous confused mess that is has nothing to do with scripture. The spirit of it is demonic and psychotic. It reads like an insane man wrote it…and I have seen the writings of lunatics. A 3rd grade student could produce a better and more intelligible document. There are only a couple of things that are similar to scripture in it, probably because one of Mohamed’s wives was catholic and had some influence his ideas I think.

    Anyone that actually would read the Koran and put it into practice would be thrown into prison if caught in our country. It is only those Muslims that do not know, or at least do not do, what the Koran teaches that would be acceptable in our neighborhoods. These same people would be put to death by those that do what the Koran teaches because they would be seen as infidels.

    I have read through the Koran 3 times. So I am not just repeating things others have said or wrote. Anyone that has read the Koran and thinks that the mild-mannered are practicing their faith according to what is written is either lying or is terribly deceived. Nice Muslims are nice and normal upstanding citizens, not because of their religion, but in spite of it. Most of the people that call themselves Muslims want a peaceful life and to get along with others of other religions, but the Koran does not teach this or uphold such values…except to deceive the infidels until such a time that they are strong enough to conquer, kill and enslave those that refuse Islam.

    Greg’s anecdotal evidence is not what Islam really teaches.


  18. This is a very encouraging program regarding the future and present harvest. “For years” the interviewed guest saw no movement among the harvest of those captured by Islam, now recently this has changed. I just chatted with a friend of that harvesting on the North Kenyan seacoast; this is encouraging to his role of church establishments among Muslim communities there. Pray for Pastor Peter of Garson Coast, Kenya. They gather in ecclesia every Morning before farming for the day.

  19. There is one thing that I consistantly notice when the mainstream “so called” conservatives talk about the sins and problems of America, they never talk about the continued exploits of racial discrimination and the attack on the poor. Aren’t these sins just as grevious to G-d as abortion and homosexuality?

  20. Brian, I remember Dr. Brown talking about racial discrimiation, but who is attacking the poor? What attack on the poor is going on? I’m just wondering what that’s about.

  21. Ray,

    Voter suppression has been targeted at the poor which is one clear example.

    Brother Mike has indeed discussed racial discrimination, but he has offered no solutions at all. Again, he has often asked the question, have the racial problems gotten better with Mr. Obama in office (noting that he never addresses him as president, which has been quite intentional)? Yet, behind that question, I have yet to hear a solution or answer.

    The reality is that most African-Americans have felt a sense of accomplishment to see the first black president, so we have not been angry to see this. The racial problem has not gotten better because there are many angry people who continue to push the matter. Racial injustice is before our eyes, so while we fight for the unborn, let’s also fight for the innocent people who “are” born and walk among us.

  22. I wasn’t aware of voter suppression against the poor. I wonder if this is primarily done by a particular political party or what.

  23. Greg Allen and those discussing about moderate Islam and Muslims. In one sentence I can conclude what we are to do: hate the religion, love the people.

    True Islam like what others have already posted who have read the Qu’ran and maybe learned about some of the Hadiths will know if all the conservatives were to be good Muslims, it wouldn’t be pretty for the Jews and the People of the Book (Christians). Some doctrine differs between Sunni and Shi’a sects but toward us all the same. See sura 9:5. It does not require inference, quite explicit instructions.

    The differing info you are witnessing Greg is due to many Imams interpreting and softening the text of the Qu’ran into politically correct ideologies. Popularly converting things like jihad into a spiritual warfare .

    Pray for them, many are having visions and dreams of Jesus from updates in the mission field.


  24. …And therein lies the great problem, Ray. Too many Christians are more politically affiliated than they are followers of righteousness. So many are quick to call out the sins that are ascribed to one party line, but turn a blind eye regarding the sins of another – and that is a sad testimony. For example, Billy Graham Ministries took Mormonism off of their list of cults during the presidential race, and Jerry Faldwell’s Seminary had a Mormon speak before the school against the outcry of the student body. If we Christians would simply call sin, sin, no matter where it raises its ugly head, then we would find more harmony amongst ourselves as opposed to picking and choosing what we will. The problem that we are facing is not with the world, but the real problem lies within the Church.

    The Zadok priesthood was commissioned by G-d to bring discernment and truth to the forefront because of their faithfulness. This is a dying ministry, as so many are more worldly minded than Kingdom directed due to the powerful social engineering influence around us. Compromise, denial, silence, and spiritual blindness have become the menu of the day as the Laodicean spirit that has lulled many of us to sleep.

    “And they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean” (Ezk. 44:23)

  25. To answer your question directly. That is headed soley by the Republican state houses. But this is not to slam them, because the sins of homosexuality and abortion are pushed by the Democratic party. I just find myself saddened at how Christians on the political right find justification for the blatent sins and injustice with the Republicans; while other Christians on the left find justification for the blatent sins with the Democrates.

    Again, the Church is broken, and until we decide to stand for the love of the truth no matter where it leads, then we will continue to settle for spiritual delusion that has the Christians waddling in the mire of self righteousness.

  26. A great interview. Thank you Dr Brown. You covered so much ground so skillfully and picked Dr Durie’s great brain. I learned so much.

  27. Islam, the great religion of peace! Americans need to understand that the muslins living in this country are cultural muslins and no longer live by the radical Islam that is in the Quran. Islam is changing in this country, somuch so that it is taking on parts of Christianity.
    This is the reason why you see so many Christians and Muslims believing that we are all praying to the same god. This is a great danger since Islam does believe in the diety of Christ Jesus, nor does it believe in the crucifiction, nor the resurection.

    If we can begin to understand the history of Muhammed, then we can begin to understand his religion. One thing for sure, we are not praying to the same god, no matter what any Muslims tells you, or any Christian for that fact. Just because we come from the same root doesn’t mean we are all saved.

  28. If Kaduri’s views about the Messiah do not conform to the authentic Christian theology of Christ (that He is the divine Son of God, that He is the Second Person of the Trinity, etc), then the name that this rabbi ascribes to the Messiah is irrelevant. Paul explains that there will be those who will come to preach “another Christ,” in derogation of the true Jesus. True Christians will know their Lord when he comes. He will not “attach himself to another,” or any rubbish like that. He will come with the clouds of heaven. Period. The Jewish view of the Messiah (that is, the rabbinic view), that there will be two Messiahs, or whatever, this is a false teaching.

  29. Ray, sorry its taken so long to get back to your question about dates. I checked the Hebrew calendar. I also wanted to think about this before I gave you my opinion.Although both Sharon and Kaduri died in the month of January by the Gregorian calendar. They died in 2 different months in the Hebrew calendar. That leads me to believe that their death in the same month on the Gregorian calendar was a sign to the NATIONS. Sharon died in the month of TEVET in the Hebrew calendar. One meaning for this month is that in the midst of destruction there is mercy.Rabbi kaduri died in the month of SHEVAT,associated with the righteous one. Nothing of significance happened on those dates historically in the Hebrew calendar as far as what I uncovered. That is why I believe their deaths were a sign to the nations.
    I can refer you to a book about the Hebrew calendar-A Time to Advance- by Chuck Pierce. and The Torah Blessing by Larry Huch.

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