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Can you know doctrine well but still be ignorant of the Word? Why did some of the Jewish leaders keep demanding a sign from Jesus even though he had already raised the dead and the healed the sick? What kind of sign did they want? Where is Elijah right now? And he will be reincarnated on the earth in the future? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We need Spirit, we need Truth, we need righteousness, we need love, we need the Word, we need the power; it’s all scripture.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I’ve said it before, let me say it again, “We want to welcome everything God has for us so that we can most effectively glorify Jesus to the world!”



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  1. Can we know doctrine and be ignorant of the bible?


    But, I find that it is usually more subtle than that.

    Doctrine is a lens that filters and shades our reading of the bible. Not just doctrine, of course, but modernity, family, politics, prejudices, etc.

  2. Let’s suppose a man has learned doctrine from the Bible, but his behavior isn’t consistant with what he learns. Does he then know God? Can he then know Jesus?

    I suppose a man could know the words from the written word, but not know the Word.

  3. Ray,

    The problem is subjectivity.

    For example, when I read the peace teachings of Jesus, I can’t imagine being anything other than a a pacifist.

    But, other Christians gladly do military service, buy guns, get in fights, etc.

    Do I condemn them to hell for it?

    No. Reading the bible is a subjective experience.

  4. But Greg, do you know when something is true or not? For example how do you know that the story you read on google that condem’s Israel putting that country in a very negative light is true, or not? How do you know that the ideas liberal as they are about homosexuality are ok before the almighty? What is your knowledge that you are in truth? Do you really want to be subjective when you defend your views. Do you want to play with fire? Why do you play games with your life? It is about time you take a hard look at some things.

  5. I was thinking of a verse where the soldiers were told to be content with their wages, thinking it was Jesus, but it was John the baptist speaking. (Luke 3:14)

    So often when I read something John the baptist said, I think of Jesus.

    To get a most accurate picture of Jesus in our minds, it’s important to thoughtfully consider everything Jesus said and did.

    We can not afford to read one thing he said, close our eyes to everything else he said, and go on without all the armor of God and expect to not be caught or overcome by the enemy.

  6. I was looking at the question, “Why did some of the Jewish leaders keep demanding a sign from Jesus even though he had already raised the dead and healed the sick?”, and I began to wonder if they were about manipulating people. I’m sure they were about a lot of evil things.

  7. I’d like to interrupt this feisty interchange to say:

    1. Thank you, Dr Brown, for your insights elsewhere on Martin Luther. When home teaching the kids this week, I was able to adapt the material on the German Reformation and have a useful discussion about how we should not follow any man except the GodMan, Jesus, since all men will let us down and show themselves to be spiteful or weak at times.

    2. The topics for this broadcast are excellent today.

    3. Happy New Year

  8. Dr Brown,

    What are your thoughts on Christian rock music in church? I have done some research on secular rock music and there is a definite demonic background to it. I feel uncomfortable when we use this questionable music to worship God.

    Many in the church make the argument that it is the only way to reach young people. Are the youth truly coming to Christ through this music as many claim or is it just a false conversion (as is so prevalent in the USA – (similar to your article “can a stripper really be a born again christian”) that does not change anybody’s life?

    Also, I strongly feel (whether it is from God or my desire, I am trying to pray and discern) that I should warn people against questionable christian music; to test the music and words to make sure it is worthy of our great God. Am I treading on dangerous territory here dividing the church or is this something the church of today needs to hear?

    Thank you

  9. jon,

    How do I know when things are true or not?

    As a Christian, the bible is fundamental for me. Additionally, I use tradition, the wise counsel of others, general revelation and the values I was taught in my family. I always try to act in love.

    Yes, it can all be pretty subjective — even the bible. Both you and I can be utterly convinced we are getting our truth from the bible and come to completely different conclusions. And not just us — this has been true for as long as there have been Christians.

    I suppose the ultimate test is this — “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

    As for “playing with my life” — I put my faith and trust in the grace God.

    Despite my sincere effort to discern what is true, I am surely wrong on some issues. In my error, God’s grace is sufficient for me.

  10. jon,

    I must be a little dense tonight… I just realized that you are probably referring to my previous post about Israel having more power and killing more Palestianians, than visa versa.

    This is not “bashing” Israel to say this! It is a widely reported truth.

    If you didn’t like the one link I gave you.. there are many more! People know how to count dead bodies.

    Here are a few others:

    While “Truth” (with a capital T) is subjective, dead bodies are an objective reality.

    And, it is not “playing with my life” to state the facts!

    I wasn’t even criticizing Israel.

    Besides, if criticizing Israel was a mortal sin, most of the prophets of Israel would be in hell.

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