A True Berean Spirit; How to Judge a Move of the Spirit; and Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

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Dr. Brown looks at Acts 17 to analyze the qualities of a true Berean spirit, discusses signs of true revival, and answers your questions and calls. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The principle of judge not lest you be judged means to judge others the same way you want them to judge you.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us not pick and choose which parts of the gospel we will obey, but let us say, “Lord, we are yours to serve to the full.”


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  1. There’s a problem with the oneplace.com’s “Listen Live” link. It just won’t play, I’m not sure if this is only a problem on my end or not. But just letting you know in case there’s something wrong with it.

    I’m still able to listen to the show via other radio show websites online though.


  2. The questions and comments about the oneness in the last hour of the broadcast is something that haunted me for most of my life. It as been the last 3 years that God as been opening my eyes to my misunderstandings and delivering me from fear and anxiety that ruled my life due to these confusions.I am believing my tests (healing my minds health) that are becoming testimonies will be a light from God for His glory to my dear family that is still deep in that religion.

  3. Dare I suppose that those that have lived on this earth prior to the time when Jesus was born of a virgin, that when they died, they either were drawn / taken into a place of heavenly light, or were drawn or taken to a dark place such as hell, depending on what voice they listened to while they lived in this world, whether it was the voice of reason which was of the wisdom of God, or not, and of course, what a man listens to and believes or will not listen to or believe, will affect what he does or not.

    And dare I suppose there will come a time when hell gives up her dead for a time of judgment or something?

    And dare I hold this thought, and pray God give me a Berean spirit?

  4. Ray,

    I’m not sure I understood your post. Hebrews 11 specifically addresses “pre-Jesus” salvation and, like now, it comes down to faith.

    I suppose listening is part of it but the writer of Hebrews seemed to put more emphasis on “faith in action”.

    From my reading of the Pentateuch, this theme of “faith in action” is central. For a lot of the stories, it’s not even clear exactly what the person believed. Far more important is what they did with their faith.

    I suspect that the Old Testament writers would be a little disapproving of our modern elevation of orthodoxy over orhopraxy.

    PS: Note to Bo: This is not a “pot shot” post. Because of personal obligations, I probably can’t come back here tonight.

  5. Greg,

    A pot shot is when you post that you will answer and then fail to follow up. A pot shot is when you make a declaration and then when asked to substantiate it, you fail to reply or say something like, “I am only going to post on new threads.” This effectively relieves you of burden of proof, but it looks to be an excuse.

    Did you see the post that gave a link to a real statistical site that proves your assertion that young black men are discriminated against/persecutted on death row in this country? Did you read it and answer that you agreed that you made an unsubstantiated claim or did you provide substantiation? No! From the facts, only Pennsylvania seems to have that problem and the whole of the South is actually statistically disproportionate against the whites. And they give the probable reason why this is so. You would find the article interesting, but I am not sure that you want to be bothered by the facts and the math. You have an ideology to protect.

    If you are really open minded to truth, read this link:


  6. Brother Mike,

    I am seriously trying to understand your position and concern on how Christians are dealing with others that disagree. I have reached out to you on multiple occasions, and asked you to repeal some of your own extreme statements.

    Specifically, I am referring to your statement that you have refused to retract in declaring that anyone who voted for President Obama was not a Christian. Hence, you’ve damned many G-d fearing people based on a political vote alone. I have appealed to you in the past that you have thrown the baby out with the bathwater in making such a statement, even documenting multiple reasons why many Christians with honest convictions could not vote for Romney – noting that a political vote has many dynamics to be weighed.

    You wrote an editoral in CharismaNews dated, 10-22-12, stating, “Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s mentor, whose often shrill version of black liberation theology formed the ideological basis of Obama’s Christianity.” Yet, you said absolutely nothing publically against Romney and is Mormon theology throughout the election. In point of fact, you said that his religion was not the issue – something that I find to be totally hypocritical.

    Again, you’ve carefully pointed out the extremes of Strange Fire people who differ with you, but you wielded a condemning sword over politics. You have judged people for a vote, yet you want people to see things differently when it comes to your new association with with who many believe to be a charlatan.

    Again, you’ve have made it public in noting Martin Luther’s anti-Semitism and even questioned others in the Reformed camp if they ever taught about that side of his life; however, I have never heard you address Jonathan Edwards sinful participation of owning slaves throughout his ministry. I ask you was Jonathan Edwards a Christian and own African slaves at the same time? I truly hope that you can see my concerns?

  7. Brian R., one more thing: I did an entire broadcast with a militant critic of Mr. Romney, and I stated that I understood why some Christians could not vote for him because he was a Mormon, suggesting that they sit out the election or vote for another candidate rather than vote for Mr. Obama.

    To be sure, I believe Christians who voted for Mr. Obama did the wrong thing, but I never questions whether they were Christians or not. (I do not believe Mr. Obama is a born-again Christian by any stretch of the imagination, but God is his ultimate Judge, not you or me.)

  8. Brother Mike,

    Allow me to clarify. Your exact words were in the present tense in declaring, “You cannot be Christian and vote for Mr. Obama.” A statement that you re-affirmed when you were questioned in the regard.

    Notwithstanding, I do appreciate your posting and respect your differing view and opinion of the President, something that is not extreme at all. In any case, thank you for clarifying your position.


  9. Greg, It seems to me that works follow faith, that faith comes first and the works follow, and that what one does can depend quite a bit on what one believes.

    When faith is tried, works often show something.
    Sometimes it’s what we say. Other times it’s what we do.

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