Is There a Relationship Between Replacement Theology and Anti-Semitism?

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Dr. Brown looks at some of the most disturbing chapters in Church history, right up to the Holocaust, and asks how much replacement theology (and related theologies) has led (or still leads) to anti-Semitism. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Every believer should be encouraged by the grace of God to Israel. If God would not keep His promises to Israel what makes us think He’ll keep His promises to the Church?


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  1. Re Replacement theology.

    This is a theological concept that has been destructive in dividing the Christian church into sects that do not identify with the root’s of our faith. We have the holocaust that happened right in front and center of the christian church that ignored God’s people due to this dangerous theology. These same groups today do not even know what replacement theology is. Seventh day Adventist/Jehovah’s Wittnesses/ and Mormons which comprise millions of christian’s around the world do not even understand God’s timing and soon return due to the theology from the papacy centuries ago. This has led to a weakening in the body of the church and a isolation from God’s people. How can you reach Jewish people if you replaced them? The Jews would not identify with Yeshua wearing the theology of replacement. I hope Steve Wohlberg will see this error, and lead his group with truth.

  2. On today’s show, Dr. Brown says that Supersessionism (aka Replacement Theology) led to anti-Semitism.

    While I agree that there is a connection between bad theology and bad behavior, I think Dr. Brown has the connection backwards.

    In my observation, a dark heart leads to bad theology.

    This is the pattern I have seen in individuals — if a Christian is hostile towards a type of person, they will find theology to justify it. But, when the heart is healed, good theology follows.

    I see this same pattern in history — when there is a societal hostility towards a category of people, bad theology is found to justify it.

    And, sadly, it’s a pattern the church has repeated again and again — until today. Whether it is Jews, Muslims, Blacks, women, gays, liberals, etc, we Christians make this mistake over and over again. Conservative Christians are especially vulnerable to this dynamic since they are more resistant to change.

    I believe this is what both Jeremiah and Paul were speaking of when they spoke of the law being written on our hearts: “They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them.” (Romans 2)

    But, if your heart has hostility in it, so will your theology.

  3. Greg,

    You said you would respond to those that had facts or logic against your stance on homosexuality on the Hyper-grace thread. How about living up to that.

  4. Dr. Brown,

    Would you consider asking Greg to actually answer the arguments against his position. Could it come with an ultimatum…that he cannot post hit and run comments if he doesn’t. Seems like you held my feet to the fire on more than one occasion.


  5. Re Greg, I do not agree with your post.
    Replacement theology has been the most sinister of teachings that has ever been taught. Because the theology is in error, it has led to what all lies do to us (death and destruction.)

    And that is why Greg your errors pain me so much- a lie is a lie is a lie… Do not buy into, nor love your interllectual capability, where it leads to is error.

    Replacement theology has led to a divided christian body, and isolation from our Jewish roots. We have justifed Torah observant Jews into the awful history of pogram’s being justifed with the completly false teaching.

  6. Bo,

    I am sorry you are so dismissive of my opinions as nothing more than “pot shots.”

    They are what I honestly believe and I try to always try to explain them with facts, logic and solid biblical interpretation.

    I almost always defend my points. Usually, it is within the post itself but, if I have the time, I engage you guys. Only goodness knows how many times I’ve responded to your responses. You can’t accuse me of ignoring you! I think I’ve written to you more than anyone else.

    No, I don’t often go back weeks and months to debate on-and-on, with hundreds of comments, as you do. (it’s fine if you do!)

    I prefer to listen to the current show and give germane feedback to Dr. Brown. I often go back a few shows, though.

  7. Jon,

    I think you misunderstood my post — I am not defending supersessionism.

    I am making a “chicken vs. egg” argument.

    Dr. Brown said that supersessionism led to anti-Semitism. I think he has his chicken before his egg.

    I think Europeans were anti-Semitic and the church found a theology to justify it.

    In my observation, this is the way it usually goes. Christians have hostility/bigotry/judgmentalis in their hearts towards a group of people and then find (or create) a theology to justify it.

    It’s a pattern we Christian repeat again and again up until today. (I’ll avoid current examples, this time!)

    But, when we allow Jesus to heal the hearts, the bad theology goes away.

    For example, when was the last time you heard that horrid theology about the curse on Ham? As a child I heard it a number of times to justify denying equal rights to African Americans. As America heals from the sin of racism against blacks, that theology is going away. (I’ll guess it remains alive in some circles.)

    PS: I assure you, I am not lying. You can, in all fairness, say I am in error. I invite you to show me my error. But, I don’t lie on this blog. (I try to be honest, everywhere!)

  8. Greg, Thanks for clarifing.

    Re P.s. I am not calling you a liar at all- sorry if it sounds that way- I am just mystified how you come to your conclusions having studied the book. It is like watching a football game and one team is clearly superior in all aspects and wins the game by 40 points. Your best friend the next day says how awful the winning team was, and how they should have lost the game. You start to wonder if your talking about the same game in the same season>>?? That is how I have read your posts, are you reading the same book, There is more than one Michael Brown out there on the radio. Are you talking about the same person? Did you see the game? Did you see how M.B. wrote a thoughtful,insightful, and fair book ?

  9. jon,

    I get where you are coming from, on that one. My wife and I an listen to the same song and one of us think it is fantastic and the other think it it sounds like a concrete grinder. (to use a different metaphor, even though I’m a football fan.)

    Here is why I think we see it so differently:

    Dr. Brown’s book is basically exercise in bias confirmation. It’s preaching to the choir.

    If you read it, already agreeing with him, it’s a pretty great book. It confirms everything you already believe.

    But, if you read it critically, it’s a pretty bad book.

    A person could write such a book on just about any social issue. It certainly doesn’t settle the question of who is right or wrong.

    For me, the worst part of the book is that Dr. Brown misses an opportunity to address a very important question around this issue: how do Christians live in a world that is increasingly non-biblical?

    “be afraid” and “resist” is not working for the church. But that’s about as far as Dr. Brown gets with this book.

    And, by the way, this is not only a conservative Christian problem. We liberal Christians struggle with it as well, even if we have a slightly different list of where we think society is un-biblical.

  10. PS: fair warning to Bo: I need to get going and can’t chat any more on this topic. I’m not taking a “pot shot.”

    I doubt I’ll heard today’s show but, if I do, I may make a comment on it.

  11. Oh, today is Saturday! There is no show. Duh! Maybe I’ll make a comment on Monday’s show. I’ll probably hear some of it.

  12. Re debate between Shmuley and Brown. Gay debate

    Greg, actually I agreed more on the lines with Shmuley on the CD debate. I really listened to Shmuley and could appreciate his arguement. Schmuley as a deeply religious rabbi had a difficult position to defend, and he did it. In the end I most certainly crowned Brown as the winner- but admired Shmuley’s tenacity on the subject. Try to get a copy of this debate.

  13. Greg,

    You are just making excuses to not live up to your word. You said you would answer those that posted facts or logic. You are taking pot shots because your post such things and then do not back up your words with action. You attack Dr. Brown and his book, but you will not dialogue with those that attempt to engage you. Your pot shots, I am sure are your opinions, but they only opinions with no backing. One thing is for sure, I engage those that bring up points against my view. Just be a man of your word.

  14. Dr Brown! What is your opinion of Dr Norman Finkelstein? The reason for asking is that I recieved a book for Christmas called “The Holocaust Industry”.

    Sincerely Magnus Nordlund, Sweden

  15. I believe the same spirit that causes people to hate Jews, also causes them to hate Christians. The same spirit that causes people to hate the Torah is also the same spirit that causes people to hate baptism and receiving holy communion, many would just call it the spirit of anti-Christ.

    But there are many demons actively trying to incite violence against the word of God and God’s people whether they be natural Israel or grafted in Gentiles.

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