Don’t Be Afraid of the Holy Spirit!

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Dr. Brown continues to discuss how to test an alleged move of the Spirit, encouraging the listeners to receive everything that our Father has for us. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Test and see! Test the Spirit and see what God is doing and embrace Him!


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  1. Hi Mike, It has been so long that I know you don’t remember me. I know John Cava and met you on a weekend get away. Then Brownsville happened! Glad to see that the Lord is using you mightily. I never knew you debated James White. He is an annual fixture at my church. Very smart man.
    Jim Imperial

  2. This is an important topic, as we await the affirmation and provision of this season in Christ (who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow). A contemplative read of John 13-17 promises so much ongoing work of faith and the Holy Spirit–actualized by prayer and obedience. It is encouraging that the Divine Plan so outlined in John is so multifaceted and wide reaching in a disciple’s and the faith communities lives. It is amazing that Jesus promised doing alike works and greater works than He did, as must include alike miracles. Oh that we abide in the Vine!

  3. I’m not afraid of the genuine Holy Spirit.
    If the Apostles were alive today, I’d let any of them lay hands on me and give me a spiritual gift.

    I just don’t want to let demonised individuals lay hands on me, like a certain pastor/teacher who was woken up at 3am with a spirit sitting on his chest paralyzing him. He asked the spirit to identify himself, but it refused to, then instead of rebuking the spirit, he accepted it, because all he cared about was having a spiritual entity to give him spiritual experiences.

    To hear the words out of his own mouth, check this out:

  4. By the way, I know several charismatics/pentecostals who are still believe in the gifts of the spirit for today, (I’m one of them), but are shaking their hands of some of the popular quackery around nowadays.

    There are:
    1) those like John MacArthur who are totally shut to anything spiritual at all, and
    2) those who practice no spiritual discernment whatsoever, who sniff the spirit off a Bible,
    3) then there are those who are careful and measured, open to the spirit, yet exercise judgement, discretion and wisdom, and they are the rarest, but all of us should be like that.

    I really wish Dr. Brown would invite Andrew Strom onto his radio show for an interview.

  5. Mischaracterizing Dr. MacArthur and the other formidable speakers at the Strange Fire conference will serve to keep those, who will not see the truth clearly, from realizing truths. All the the speakers qualified who and what they are speaking out against, specifically. Dr.Brown and others here have done this continually, mischaracterized each of them. Only because they “feel” it has been done to them. It hasn’t…

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