Dr. Brown Answers Your E-Questions from China!

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Dr. Brown is back on the Line of Fire today from China, answering your e-questions! He’ll be taking your calls again on Monday when he will also welcome Pastor Mark Driscoll on the air (from 2:00-2:30, EST). Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The God of Salvation, the God of all the earth is moving mightily in China! Why not in your neighborhood and your backyard?

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Rather than worrying about who in the Body is saved and who isn’t, let’s live righteous lives and tell everyone about Jesus without shame, without fear, and holding to the Truth!


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  1. This looks to be a great show — v excited to hear what’s happening in China.

    Re Monday’s programme — just make sure that you have the bleep button ready, Dr Brown. You’r e brave having the MD on live radio!!

  2. Did I hear Dr. Brown correctly?

    I think I heard him say that I can accept Jesus, die in the Lord, be raised from the dead… and then STILL rebel from God!

    Wow, it’s enough to make me an amillennialist!

  3. I’ve wondered about that, for Satan rebelled against God and he didn’t have a fleshly body.

    The only consolation I can find is that it’s Christ in me the hope of glory, and that Satan never had Christ in him as we do and will. (I assume)

    If the Christ in me will give me victory over Satan every time, if the grace of God will always be enough, if Jesus will always be my Shepherd, if he will never leave me nor forsake me,…

    To me it seems to be the same old wonderful story, the one of Jesus and his love.

  4. Dr. Brown,

    Thanks for clarifying! I was driving in the car, which isn’t the best place to listen.

    (I’m kind of amazed that Dr. Brown responded on his way back from China!)

    It has been decades since I studied Dispensationalism and I’m sure I’ve forgotten many of their positions.

    My vague memory is that they think the Christians who enter the Millennium don’t rebel but some of their children do? Something like that.

    When I gave up Dispensationalism, I didn’t replace it with any new eschatology, beyond the belief that we need to be be personally ready for our death or the Lord’s return, whichever may come first.

  5. Dr. Brown, I always enjoy you involvement with DOD, and also to your request of John MacArthur, on his strange fire conference to loosen up and realize that the Holy Spirit’s are still in use. I am not sure how a man like MacArthur’s can be so deceived and pointing the finger at the Pentecostal Believers. I was raised under that sort of teaching, as a Mennonite, yet when I got saved under the Full Gospel Teaching, I learned a lot about the Bible since that time, in 1969.
    I enjoy a lot of the Baptist Teacher, like the late Adrian Rogers, Dr. David Jeremiah and the late E. V. Hill.
    God Bless… Bill. (bill49@mymts.net)

  6. My problem with just-about every Evangelical eschatology is very shaky exegetical foundation it is built on.

    But, worse, they then built a huge all-history-encompassing edifice without proving that the foundational assumptions are solid.

    One shaky foundational assumption about prophesy was that it was ever intended, by God or the writer, to be taken as literally as evangelicals do. Or to be inevitable in its outcome.

    As I mentioned earlier — I don’t have a personal eschatology since I gave up dispensationalism. I am truly an agnostic about it.

    But, I am nsuspicious of people who are highly confident about what are obviously very oblique parts of the bible.

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