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Dr. Brown sorts out some doctrinal controversies, also asking when unity is healthy and when it is unhealthy. He will also take your calls and answer your e-questions. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Unity in Jesus is of great importance to the Lord and it flows out of the greatest commandments; love God with all your heart, soul, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: How about a theology based on the twin truths that God is Truth and God is Love; where will that bring us?


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  1. Dr. Brown says cessationists are being divisive and not allowing the Spirit to work. Yet, is it not also divisive for our pentecostal & charismatic friends to proclaim that if one does not speak in unknown languages then they are either not saved or not baptized in the Spirit? It is declared that those of us who do not speak in unknown languages are missing the “fullness” of the Spirit. Sorry, but the indwelling of the Spirit in every believer means we have the fullness and we lack nothing in Him. I say, if someone really has the gift of healing, go to the hospitals, nursing homes, etc. and heal in Jesus’ name. Scripture is pretty clear that Christ healed those who put their faith in Him and those who did not. Those who have the supposed gift of tongues, lay hands on those of us who do not. Impart that gift upon us. But that won’t happen. Instead we see people barking like dogs, laughing uncontrollably, rolling around on the floor, disregarding the standard Paul set concerning church order and the use of tongues. These scenes were once extreme but are now becoming the norm even in what used to be considered “conservative” charismatic. Sorry, but I’ll accept what the Bible says.

  2. Kenneth,

    Let’s get past the emotion of the topic, get past what the people say and do wrongly on both sides, and find out what the Bible does say.

    What scriptures do you see that proclaim that all believers have all the Spirit or are all filled with the Spirit?


  3. As members one of another, of the same Body, we are told to have the same care one for another, understanding that we all function differently, have differing gifts that we function in better than other gifts, do different work in differing ways, yet having the same Lord.

    So I wonder, are we more alike, or are we more unlike one another? In so many ways we are all the same, and yet in so many other ways we are so different.

    One of the most damaging things we can do is to think that we are the most right, and try to make others to fit our image and likeness that we imagine ourselves to be. It’s a great evil.

  4. Kenneth,

    It seems like you’ve been hurt by Christians who view you as a demi-Christian – at best! – because you haven’t spoken in tongues like they. I don’t doubt that some do view you this way.

    Another way to look at it: _they_ are the ones who need more trust in the Spirit. Unless the Spirit behaves as _they_ think He should, they don’t trust Him to be fully at work in you.

    While there is room for debate on the issues of tongues, the New Testament could not be more clear about the unity of believers. Both Jesus and Paul teach it and even demand it. In John 17:21, Jesus links unity with the Gospel witness in some of the most beautiful language.

    PS: I am not a “cessationist.” Although I have never spoken in tongues, myself, I heartily bless those who do. So, that issue doesn’t get me in too much trouble here. But I’ve been condemned to hell, by some here, for other areas of disagreement. Ouch!

  5. Kenneth, Remember when MB talked on the radio program that some may have the spirit, and others would be worshiping in within their own hearts. I did not hear what you what you posted.

  6. One more point, John MacArthurs book is $15 with free shipping. Michael Browns is $25 with free shipping. I’m not a cessationist, strictly speaking. And I haven’t been hurt personally by those within pentecostalism. I have, however, seen the fruit of their emotionalism and lack of discernment. It is shameful for Mr. Brown to say that we, who do not accept his interpretation of Scripture, are not walking in the fullness of the Spirit. He avoids condemning by name those who make Christianity look like a demon possessed orgy. Heck, any body can go on youtube and see all the horrible acts done by those predominant in pentecostalism, all done in the name of the Holy Spirit. There for the world to see! False prophesies, extra-Biblical revelations, uncontrollable laughter/shaking/flopping, etc. all in the name of the third person of the Trinity. This is wrong, error, and yes, even blasphemous. This type of “christianity” was unheard of for the 1st 1950 or so yrs of the church. Now, we say “oh, the Spirit is doing a new work. He is the Spirit and He can do what He wants.” Well, He is the Author of Scripture and will not contradict His written word. It seems there is a very major lack of discernment within Christianity today. Test the spirits as John taught today on WTRU-AM830.

  7. Nott sure what the point of this was

    “One more point, John MacArthurs book is $15 with free shipping. Michael Browns is $25 with free shipping” or the “… on WTRU-AM830”

    free advertisement, are u here to fellowship are to launch grenades?

    NeHow, Kenneth, I agree with some of yoru post. This concept of “some not filled with holy spirit” is appaulling on some levels.

    But try not to few the extremes as “ALL”. For instance,WestBoro Baptist church does horrific things… but we do not label all Baptist in this mannor.

    I do feel more are deceived than Dr. Brown & other scholars state…. & I do see the errors and wish it was a united stand aganist the error. (not jus a book.. but a major convestin to address the issue and false teachers by name from the charismatic/PC denom). So I agree with some of your pts.

  8. Kenneth,

    I posted this above:

    “Let’s get past the emotion of the topic, get past what the people say and do wrongly on both sides, and find out what the Bible does say.

    What scriptures do you see that proclaim that all believers have all the Spirit or are all filled with the Spirit?”

    Do you want to have a real scriptural discussion?


  9. Kenneth are you here to learn, or to launch?
    If you want I price match on the book, or if you want the book sent to you I will donate and have the ministry send you a free copy. This is the unofficial Michael Brown book club. Any one who truly wants to learn can receive a book of choice for learners only.

  10. Mahalo for your insight of the gay and lesbian marriage issue. I was speaking to one of our council members about why he changed his vote on the matter and felt disillusioned about it. After listening to you and the caller who was for it reaffirmed me in doing what is right and truthful. I enjoyed your analogy of defining marriage between man and woman! Where does it end with this gay marriage issue, ex.polygamy…I wish I could send a copy to this council member who claims to be a Christian.

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