Authentic Fire and Strange Fire and Sorting Out the Issues

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Dr. Brown continues his discussion about the Spirit’s work today, trying to clarify areas that are dividing God’s people, and hearing some great testimonies from FIRE missionaries. He’ll also share an important announcement. Don’t miss it! Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: In the midst of the swirling controversies in the Body, why don’t we all meditate on the prayer of Jesus in John 17?

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us look at the urgent needs surrounding us and let us look to the only One who can meet those needs and let us cry out to Him for visitation and power.



This Week, Dr. Brown is Offering His Constructive Critique of the Charismatic Movement Through His Two in One Volume Book: Whatever Happened to the Power of God and It’s Time to Rock the Boat, Plus the Line of Fire Radio Broadcast Addressing the Strange Fire Conference with Guests Phil Johnson (From Pastor MacArthur’s Ministry), Sam Storms, and Adrian Warnock. Get These Resources Today for Your Gift of $25 or More, Postage Paid! (US Only)

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  1. Dr. Brown,

    I think you did your show a disservice by bringing on Carol, who seemed like a white Belgian nationalist.

    I assume that she is not one of the notorious Belgian Muslim-bashers but she came across that way.

    Especially, when you were trying to prove that Pentecostals do good social ministry!

    Next time, bring on a Belgian Pentecostal who feeds poor Muslims, not opposes them.

  2. When I listen to one group put down another group I don’t feel filled with anything good. I find it boring and rather lifeless. *

    Yet, I believe it’s important to talk about specific things people may do, and be warned about things that are done, when they are not good.

    * I think of the Pharisees who always looked down on others.

  3. I just thought about something I remember Clint Eastwood said in a movie where he played an old Marine who was either drunk or asleep or having a “flash back”, “You can beat me. You can torture me, but just don’t bore me.”

  4. I’m on the fence concerning the gifts.
    I liked your question asking if they denounced Fred Felps. I suppose its a good point you make, why is it wrong for you not to denounce the fringe in your camp, when we don’t denounce the fringe in our camp.

    I suppose from my perspective….those guys are NOT in the fringe. If the city where I live, is a good sample of the county (NOT the world), the vast majority of those I personally know in the Charismatic churches, do listen to those you say are on the fringe.

    For example, during the Todd Bentley “revival” 100% of those I talked with, supported what he was doing.

    So, I suppose on that one point, we need to be convinced/shown that the majority of Charismatics don’t follow the likes of, Hinn, Bentley, Dollar, majority of TBN network guest, etc.

  5. Ray,

    It hasn’t been boring! If anything, MacArthur’s anti-Pentecostal conference has made Dr. Brown’s show more interesting.

    Dr. Brown had been in a bit of a rut.

    But, it’s taken a bit of the pressure off of me!

    But, soon, when the fundamentalist Christians stop bashing the Pentecostal Christians, the two groups will be unified again in bashing us liberal Christians.

  6. I see you haven’t been cured of your martyr’s complex Greg. Stop promoting sexual immorality and murder in the church and Christians will stop opposing you.

  7. Greg Allen

    The difference between liberal Christianity and conservative Christianity is basically that the conservative wants to do whats right by his brother in a way that will make a lifelong and eternal difference, while the liberal only wants everybody to get along right now whether or not it damages or saves a soul. There is no true eternal concern for people by the liberal, though they may say there is…their actions speak louder than their words. The liberal is short sighted spiritually speaking.

    The conservative wants to maintain the truth as it has been passed down from the apostles and prophets through scripture, while the liberal sees no attachment to Biblical truth that cannot be changed by the situation at hand…situational ethics.

    The conservative cannot rejoice with those that rejoice if they are reveling in sin, while the liberal can and does rejoice with them often times. Real selfless love does not rejoice in iniquity, but in the truth. (1 Cor. 13:6)

    I’m sure that there is more, but I doubt that this will not change your heart. You are not being persecuted…you are being corrected in love for the sake of your soul and the souls that you are causing to stumble.

    It really is way past time to open your eyes and wake up.

  8. Dr Brown invites all to a discussion. That sounds more like Jesus and what the Bible teaches. No one wins when we bash each other. I find myself not wanting to listen to “any” preacher who finds it necessary to judge another s servant, by his own Master he will stand or fall.

  9. I grew up in the Pentecostal Church and have been a witness to ALL of the errors Pastor McArthur points out in the Pentecostal Church. Pastor McArthur is not infallible however his exposition of scripture , in my opinion, will be recorded in history as one of the best in the 20th and 21st century.
    I was a false convert until I was introduced to the preaching of Pastor McArthur and Pastor John Piper. Please note that I mention Pastor Piper even though he was mentioned in the conference as a anomaly in his belief in “tongues” . I listened to the Word through these Pastors and The Holy Spirit convicted me of my sin and need of a Savior!

    I have seen all the videos of the Strange Fire conference and ordered the Strange Fire book (only just started to read it). I will order Pastor Browns Authentic Fire book and study both arguments against scripture and Church history. I am sure it will bring a balance to the arguments.

    Let’s all pray for unity and clarity in error. Let’s all embrace the True Gospel even if we have differences over doctrines that are secondary to The Gospel. Let’s pray that the errors clearly seen on “Christian TV” can be discerned.

    God Bless you all

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