Calling Facebook to Account for Religious Harassment; Remarkable Response to My Recent Article; and Interacting with Agnostics

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Dr. Brown calls on listeners to call Facebook to account for allowing obscene attacks on Christian Facebook pages, shares some eye-opening responses to his recent article about sex-change regret and suicide and then responds to questions posed by agnostics attending an anti-God conference. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The closer we are to the Lord the more we shine the light. The more resistance there will be the uglier and the more hateful it will come. Wear it as a badge of honor!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We can give intellectual answers that point to the reality of God, we can give intellectual proofs for His existence, but the ultimate proof that makes the difference is a real encounter with the living God!


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  1. Sounds to me like lots of people have been eating from the wrong tree on Facebook, and passing around the corrupt fruit to others, that their jaws might work upon it also.

    Processing that which was never meant to be digested, can no doubt cause internal disorders which can only be remedied by the medicine of the Word, bringing one to the cross for healing, restoration of mind, and peace for the heart, along with joy for the soul….overall well being.

  2. Approval and acceptance from God only comes to us by the blood of Christ, meaning that we must come to an understanding of our sins and where we have been wrong, come to an understanding of the work Christ did for us on the cross, and accept his work as acceptable and approved by God for our covering, because we have repented and accepted God’s offering which was freely given to us by Jesus Christ’s extreemly painful obedience.

  3. I don’t know how to prove God to someone who either doesn’t believe he exists or simply says he doesn’t believe he exists.

    I don’t know how to prove God to anyone who spends their time running away from him.

    I do believe God may be found by those who seek him in sincerity and truth if they have a Bible.

    We are to prove things for ourselves. We can prove what is good.

    A Psalmist said, For thou, Lord, has made me glad through thy work…(see Psalm 92:4)

    I saw a beautiful sky this morning. I was amazed by the clouds of differing shades interacting as they were with the light of the sun. It made me glad.

    I believe there is something good to be found about God between every two pages of scripture, no matter where you open up your Bible.

    And once a man finds something good he can identify it and thank God for it.

    What we experience is that as we draw near to him, he will draw near to us.

    We begin to experience things, such as gladness which comes from him, even by his works which he has done.

    But thou, Lord, art most high for evermore. (Psalm 92:8)

    What if God were somehere in the middle with many things less his equal below as well as many things better than him above him?

    That wouldn’t be so good would it? Anyone with power in such a condition would be falling short one way or another, and I believe oppression at times would be the result.

    I thank God that it isn’t that way with him and that he is above all things, and that he will endure in that condition forever.

    I thank God that he is above all things. Therefore I can find a refuge in time of need. I can find a higher place if I can in some way connect with God in some of his higher ways than what I might experience here in a fallen world.

    When I experience a better place than my present situation in the troubles of this world, I know that where God is, is where I hope to be one day.

    Now I have a purpose, a vision, a destination.

    God is awesome.

    People have to be willing to prove him for themself.

    All I get from those who deny him is noisesome pestilence. (see Psalm 91:3 KJV) Yes, God delivers me from that also, according to his word, another proof that his word is true and that he does indeed exist.

  4. I wonder of Dr. Brown still thinks that President Obama is still playing checkers while Putin is playing chess?

    Today’s news is reporting that Syria’s chemical weapons are being dismantled — with cooperation from both Russia and Syria!

    When was the last time a US president every got Russia to disarm one of it’s own allies on our behalf?

    And without a shot being fired by our military!

    Dr. Brown should be praising President Obama for this amazing feat, not sniping at him.

    >> Syria’s chemical weapons destruction on track, US and Russia agree

    >> The United States and Russia are “very pleased” with progress in destroying Syria’s chemical weapons stocks, US secretary of state John Kerry said on Monday. He offered some rare, if qualified, US praise for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

    >> Kerry, speaking at a press conference with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, said the Assad regime deserved credit for its speedy compliance thus far with the UN security council resolution calling for the elimination of the weapons. But Kerry stressed Assad was not yet off the hook.

  5. Greg

    Good pt. But ppl do not give credit, jus bash ppl on the opposite political side. Do nto hold your breathe on anyone giving credit to teh president.

    And it works both ways…. If Bush did anything good… everyone that bashed him.. would not admit he got something right.

  6. I greatly appreciate you pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of Facebook, Dr. Brown. I posted your article to my FB Page, and then boosted the posting for a fee… and then the multitude of “haters” came to visit, of course.

    I was amazed at the numbers of accusations from people who seemed to think that we, as Christians, want to be the only voice on Facebook? No, that’s not what we want! We simply desire equal enforcement of their so-called “community standards” policies so that we have equal and UNcensored access to the Facebook community. Yet Facebook blatantly enforces a pro-homosexual/anti-Christian bias in their standards.

    There was no shortage of those who came only to throw out their “bigotry,” “unloving” and “intolerance” accusations either (you know, the standard and all too common gay-rights whining and rhetoric), equating Christian integrity with “narrow-mindedness” and such.

    Facebook also did this same sort of thing to Glen Beck when he was promoting “Chick-fil-A Day” in opposition to the homosexual attempts to force their ideology upon that Christian-owned business. Facebook also continues to censor any promoting of my own page “Beyond the Shades of Gray,” which is a book written to share my testimony of freedom in Christ, from my own unwanted homosexual behaviors. This kind of biblical hope is “offensive” to homosexuals, you see, and what they say goes on Facebook, so Facebook shuts me down every time.

    These mysterious Facebook censors who enforce their community standards don’t even allow me to pay for any promotion of my Book’s FB Page anymore. And yet I continue to see numerous homosexual-themed ads running non-stop all over facebook, as well as anti-Christian (even blasphemous) Facebook pages which do all of the promoting they want to, in spite of hundreds of complaints. But Facebook blatantly does nothing about it. Even when they do, then they just insist that the Christian censorship was just a “glitch” in theor server, and they “don’t know why it happened.”

    Good luck trying to get Facebook to be “fair and equal.” I’m behind you, but I don’t think anyone will have long term effect until Christians take Facebook to court in a class action lawsuit, in very much the same manner that homosexual activists continue bringing lawsuits against Christian business owners in order to force their immoral “gay” political agenda upon America.

  7. Ty,

    I am one of those who didn’t think Bush got much right with Iraq, the economy, de-regulation or tax cuts.

    But, I did give him credit on other things. I think his efforts at comprehensive immigration reform were good, although ultimately futile. He also did some good stuff regarding AIDS in Africa. I’m glad he talked with Putin. He made some attempts at peace in the Middle East and democracy for Palestinians. I liked his verbal affirmation of alternative energy although I wished he had followed it up with action.

    Some other stuff.

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