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According to the Bible, is hell simply the grave or is it the place of future punishment? What can a Christian in Hawaii do to oppose the governor’s push for same-sex “marriage” there? Is it ever right to tell someone they were not healed because they lacked faith? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We can look at a collapsing world in chaos and be depressed or we can look at the Lord and have joy in the midst of the struggles. I choose to look at Him!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: You have something that a lost and dying world needs. Find someone who needs Jesus and share the love of God with them this weekend.


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  1. So if one prays for a person to be healed of something and they say things like “Oh I was prayed for but you know….who knows what will happen?” Isn’t that an evidence of something?

    Something is showing. It might be OK to tell someone they lack faith and that may be why they have not yet found their healing, but it’s something else to heap a burden on them and do nothing more to help them.

    Whether or not we feel better after receiving prayer, God may still be healing us. It’s not so unusual if our faith is tested for a time. If God is for us, how shall he not give us what we need?

    And if he is against us for a time, how could it be? Could it be for unconfessed sin or some attitude that is wrong? Those things we can come to God about in humility and faith because of Jesus Christ.

  2. Ray,

    My life changed when I stopped thinking of prayer as asking God for stuff.

    In the little fundamentalist church, of my youth, pray consisted almost solely of asking God to do stuff.

    I eventually repented of that. It seems to me, now, so self-centered.

    These days, I think of prayer as worship and, often, just being with God.

  3. So much of this world is presently pushing homosexuality, something God has never been for.
    He’s always been against it and always will be.

    It goes against him. Those that are for it oppose his kingdom, though they might be for some things of God.

    The Devil is for homosexuality. He’s not against it.

    It’s destructive to those involved and those around those who practice it or promote it suffer from it’s effects, for all sins produce consequences.

    Why should people align themselves with the Devil?
    What will be their reward?

  4. Ray,

    No, offense, but it always raises questions when people blurt out anti-gay rhetoric out of the blue like you just did.

    We were talking about prayer and suddenly you launch into an anti-gay rant?

    What’s going on inside you?

  5. Greg, Have you recieved your book yet?

    Let me know your copy of a Queer thing is fully paid for and ready to ship. Looking foward to your comments on the chapters that you read.

    Thank you, MB book club.

  6. Greg, you were talking about prayer. I was talking about the gay agenda which is a part of the subject matter of this blog.

    What Christians can do to oppose the gay agenda is tell the truth about it, where it’s from, what God says about it, and what to do, repent from being used by Satan if they have found themselves to be used by him to promote his agenda which is contrary to Christ.

    The Devil isn’t only at work in Hawaii.

    When the truth is at work within a man, it will begin to show itself, just as much as evil does.

  7. Should we think it strange if Christians speak up out of the blue while their citizenship is in heaven?

    We belong way beyond the blue.

  8. Ray,

    In other “chat rooms” on the Internet, there are guys will bring up gays issues no matter what the topic of discussion is.

    They presumed to be one of those self-loathing gay gay-bashers.

    I suppose that wouldn’t be you.

    But, we were talking about prayer. Why would you launch into an anti-gay diatribe?

    It’s a little hard to explain.

  9. Greg Allen,
    Because you’re either a wolf in sheep’s clothing or a wandering sheep whose leg the Lord will break so you stop misleading others.
    You are NOT to be followed.
    You are a danger to the Christian community – especially young Christians – and whoever you were following to get to where you are also misled you. You are misleading the sheep and you need to be – verbally – dealt with. It needs to be made plain that your views are not acceptable because your arguments are persuasive (to be sure) but not with a persuasion that comes from God [Gal 5:8]. You are endangering people.
    If you were in my church I would have thrown you out a long time ago – because you PERSIST in error and threaten the spiritual lives of others – or the Lord Jesus Christ would have dealt with you Himself [1 Cor 11] so that we could be left in peace.

  10. Wow..”a sheep whose legs the Lord will break”

    Man thats deep…

    Gregory’s views are questionable and it displays picking & choosing what scriptures to apply….But…it is good to hear a different opinion in these forums. (Even though, i think Greg likes the ‘villain’ role)

    Lets be honest…there are ppl in ur hone congragation that probably agree wit Greg on Gay agenda issues & pro-choice…& i truly doubt u are trying to have them banished.

    Lets calm down the rhetoric!

    I have noticed some Trolls in the forum, but i think Greg is jus a guy that likes to argu & is opionated…but i wuldnt go as far as some are going.

  11. Ty,
    If anyone was actively spreading heresies the way Greg Allen is in a church I was going to he wouldn’t last long there without repenting.

    You don’t have the terror of God in you.

  12. Ty,
    2 Cor 5:11
    “Therefore, knowing the fear of the Lord, we persuade others. But what we are is known to God, and I hope it is known also to your conscience.”

    You don’t understand why I take it so seriously because you aren’t terrified for people who are perishing by way of deception.

  13. Dan,

    Stop to tuff Christian talk “You dont have fear of God” etc.

    This is a post board….he should post his opinion here

    U have already stated, & I have stated, & Bo has stated disagreements with Greg theology but to mention the Lord breaking a sheeps leg is uncalled for.

    Plenty of Christians think (wrongly) like Greg on some big issues. But lets not act as if he denying trinity, saying God ordains evil, or that he isnt fair & just, or pro polytheism thoughts….
    These Heresies are ones that are damnable and should b handled as harshly as u claim.

    I would rather have the debate, than shun & run from the convo.

    Lets but Gregs errors into perspective…there bad…yes…but u are elevating them to almost apostasy status…which they are not

  14. Ty,
    As I understand it, shepherds break their sheep’s leg when they stray so that they will not mislead other sheep because the sheep tend to follow other sheep.


  15. Ty,
    Yeah, plenty of American Christians think the way Greg does; but you’d be hard-pressed to find Christians who think that way in Iran or North Korea. That is because the American Christians (and the “American pseudo-Christianity” which is making its way into the world at large) are being conformed to this world and the spirit of this age. A great number of them are going to hell – not God’s Paradise – because the thorns are choking faith in the Truth [Mt 13; Rv 3:17].

    Greg – and all those who think like he thinks – is deceived.
    What is “deception” (of the sort he holds to – not a sort of harmless ignorance but a strong assertion based on nothing truthful) – where does it come from?
    Sin is deceptive [Ep 4:22; Hb 3:13]. Sin produces persuasive arguments which are meant to wage war against the Truth (and the Spirit of Truth) in an attempt to overturn that which threatens to bring about its destruction (i.e.: the “Gospel Truth”) in our lives. Sin is trying to get its lies in edge-wise in order to finally have a space to assert itself unto indulgence in it. Disgusting. These lies are the agents of sin: ENEMY TROOPS. It is nothing to be taken lightly. The words contain the demon power of darkness that spoke them and MUST be overthrown and destroyed by standing in the Words filled with God’s Spirit of Light. Faith is the victory.
    God’s Spirit is the Truth; those who are persistent in believing what is not Truth are giving place to sin. There is no space for compromise on this.

    1 Corinthians 5 tells me what to do about such “brothers”; and 1 Corinthians 11 tells me what the Lord will do about them (to retain the health of the assembly): as with Achan at Ai, a singular sinning person (or a person manifestly giving place to a demon) is enough to topple the entire congregation (in our case, an entire church).
    Paul said their words will spread like gangrene.
    We cannot afford to have such a person in the congregation.
    “Purge the wicked man from among you.”
    If you don’t like that sort of Christianity – calling it “tuff talk” – that is your problem (with the author) not mine.
    I wouldn’t want him or anyone like him spreading the demon they have listened to in any church I went to because that spirit is using him as a vessel to infiltrate the church and introduce deception into the church and multiply itself (its words are its “seeds”) in order for its chief aim to come about: for sin to finally have a place to begin working its works in those who have given heed to its arguments. Then those people will be cut off from God since sin hardens the heart.

    Why is it that Christ’s agenda (and what seems ought to be our agenda) is the polar opposite of such lies – to DESTROY the works of satan (sin – the works of the flesh) through His accomplishments and the faith in the Truth/Report about those works [Is 53:1] – and yet you see no issue here or you think I am overreacting?
    The fact that you don’t see the seriousness of this does not surprise me at all (I can expect as much) even if it is still disappointing.
    You don’t seem to take it seriously.
    He is here putting peoples spiritual lives in danger with his lies. He has been infiltrated and is trying to spread that to others. I reject that spirit that is in him. I want the best for Greg (as for myself) that is why I am warning him of the Truth. Sometimes, the Truth isn’t so “comfy”. Oh well.

    Clement’s Epistle to the Corinthians Section 21
    “Let us offend foolish and unreasonable men, lifted up and glorifying in the arrogance of their own wisdom, rather than God.”

    I cannot tell the Truth AND avoid offending people.
    If I am speaking the Truth, I WILL offend people – it is unavoidable. So what? I don’t care. That is what they need.
    The flesh is offended by the Spirit – and the Spirit is offended by the flesh as well.

    Let the chips fall where they may.

  16. Greg, in answer to you question above, I refer you to the subject of this blog, about what a Christian can do to oppose a governor’s pushing gay marriage.

  17. Dan

    One thing i hate, is ppl who argu jus too argue

    One thing, i am no hypocritic…with that said…i agree.

    With Christian being persecuted, for jus being a Christian we must hold firm that “The Word of God is Just & True …& its not ok to pick which parts we believe in”

    As St. Augustine

    ” If you believe what you like in the #Gospel, and reject what you don’t like, it is not the Gospel you believe, but yourself.”

  18. Ty,

    If someone is wrong on some issues which the Bible says people will not inherit eternal life if they practice (like homosexuality and abortion) because they never though through the issues they are not a heretic. On the other hand if they know the truth, reject it and decide to go on a campaign for evil they are a heretic. Only God knows if they are His but we are not to extend Christian fellowship to them.


  19. Also, in regards to homosexuality, the argument may come up about “two consenting adults…and besides, they are not hurting anybody.”

    But as Christians we should check things according to what the Bible teaches.

    There were two consenting adults in the garden of Eden, and what one did, had an effect on the other.

    So what did the Lord say to them after they ate of the forbidden fruit? Did he say anything about two consenting adults and what they did didn’t hurt anybody?

    What if they had passed that test in the garden?

    There was that tree of life over there.

    I mean, if we are going to take a chance on something, maybe we should take a chance on the fact that God often rewards obedience with something, often times by things we don’t know much about.

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