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Does Isaiah 14 really refer to the fall of Satan? Is it possible that God wants certain marriages to end in divorce because they were not legitimate in the first place? What is the proper understanding of John 10:34, “you are gods”? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There is one simple way to avoid confusion; keep your eyes focused on God and His Word!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Scripture makes it clear it is an eternal principle; humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up.


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  1. A couple weeks ago, Dr. Brown dismissed the treat of global warming as “doom and gloom.”

    Today’s UN Climate Report would strongly disagree with Dr. Brown.


    That same day Dr. Brown also took-on Bill Nye.

    Ironically, perhaps, Dr. Brown is a case study in what Bill Nye says about we religious people and science.

    Because the bible doesn’t prophesy global warming, people like Dr. Brown dismiss the science.

  2. Every animal in the kingdom serves a purpose except for the human being who is only destroying the earth. ( i do not accept the phony science that teaches this non sense.)

    We must be servants of the most high mother of the earth by recycling our grocery sacks. ( i do not accept such non sense.)

    We can create our own laws that make sense to us, if you desire something have it, if it taste good eat it, even snakes or spiders. If it feels good, it is good. Gluttony is enjoyment – Who accepts the foolish ideas of man, well if it is science apparently the majority will.

  3. I just reread your Our Hands are Stained with Blood. It causes me to be heavily burdened because the majority of believers I know are totally unaware of most of this horrible history and I don’t know how to begin to share it with them.

  4. Im sorry…but did recycling & taking care of earth jus get made to seem like we are worshippin an idol. “Servants of most high mother earth”
    That is hilarious…none of the other creatures are creating none diposable waste…Agree or not with Global warming…but God did say we reign over the animals. Pollution, killing off of species, & rain forrest destruction I by mo means would say “its what God wanted” when made earth subject to us.

  5. Ty,

    I see the bible has having two main models for the relationship between humans, earth and God.

    The one, from Genesis, is humans as a “stewards” of the earth. Or caretakers.

    This is the one that conservatives gravitate to, since it is more utilitarian. Stewards can use the earth.

    The other, lesser known but much newer, relationship comes from Paul and the early church.

    In Colossians, Paul lifts a stanza from an early church hymn calling Jesus the “first born of creation.” In this confession, all of creation was done _for_ Christ, to glorify and honor him. This includes us humans but also the earth itself.

    In this worldview, the earth is not for humans to exploit and subdue. Instead, creation brings glory to Jesus. Creation and humans (and the heavens) are co-worshippers of Jesus.

    So, of course, we should not pollute and destroy it.

  6. Of course of mocking it- and Greg this is yet another deception that your wrapped up in. Welcome to the book club, let’s get started and search out the deceptions that we all see every day.

  7. Dr. Brown,

    If you accuse me of misrepresenting the Bible, it would be nice to have some specifics.

    You may disagree with my interpretation but it’s hardly heretical. Since Jesus is the first born of creation, it creates and obligation that we treat creation well. It’s not ours to abuse.

    As for Bill Nye — I still think you are a case study in what he accuses us religious people of. Not just you, of course, but lots of conservative Christians. When science doesn’t fit neatly in the bible, the science tends to get dismissed.

    I wish you would stop accusing me of misrepresenting you. I may misunderstand you but I never intentionally misrepresent you.

  8. As far as an understanding of “Ye are gods.”, I suppose it to be along the lines of something like this:

    God has called us to a high and noble calling that is far above the things of this world, for the purposes that he has purposed in Christ Jesus.
    Therefore we should look to him in all that we do, knowing that our future is secure in him because we have believed the gospel.

    Let us then attain unto that calling wherein our life has been and is made secure by Jesus Christ.

    It’s far above the misrepresentions of this corrupt and deceitful world, whose noise is but a pestilence to the ears of the just. (see Psalm 91)

    It’s a wonderful house of worship the saints of the most high rejoice in. Psalm 91 is just a small chapter of it, and it’s unto those who have received it.

    And they are being transformed into the image of God who gave it. Therefore they are called “gods.”

  9. Ray,

    Your interpretation is as good as any. I don’t pretend to understand the Psalm reference.

    But how to you reconcile your interpretation with Jesus’ interpretation of the Psalm 82 verse in John 10?

    Clearly, the Jews were accusing Jesus of considering himself to be God’s. Not not just living to a higher calling.

    Therefore, doesn’t that mean Jesus’ answer missed the mark?

    They accused Jesus of claiming to be God’s and Jesus responds by saying that they can live to a higher calling.

    Does that totally fit for you?

    (I really am just asking an honest question. I’m not “misrepresenting” anything.)

  10. It seems to me that the Jews who answered Jesus in John 10:33, accused him of being a man and “making himself God.”

    I don’t know exactly what they meant by that. Were they saying that Jesus was deceiving himself by some kind of exhaltation of himself, making himself to be some kind of great one, even so far as to try to represent to the world that he is the Almighty God creator of the heaven and earth, himself, doing this by his own fleshly efforts?

    And yet, by comparison, Jesus is God himself. He is the same as the Father who created all things by him and through him, for Jesus was with God in the beginning and God and Christ together made everything that has been made.

    But all this wasn’t by any earthly efforts or of the ways of this fallen world. It was his by virtue of who he is, God’s only begotten Son who came into this world to save fallen mankind.

    When Jesus said to them, “I and my Father are one.” (John 10:30), I believe he was sayig the same as he had been saying, that he is his only begotten Son that came into this world, the one who had been with the Father even before the world was made.

    I believe the way Jesus is, is the best example of what God’s will is for one to be a “god” in the sense of how the word was used in Psalm 82, as sons of God made in the image of the Father and the Son, transformed by the working of the holy Spirit.

    And isn’t the work that these “gods” (those who have received the word of God) are to do, spoken of in Psalm 82,… judging justly, not accepting the persons of the wicked, defending the poor, etc.?

  11. Ray,

    >>It seems to me that the Jews who answered Jesus in John 10:33, accused him of being a man and “making himself God.”

    You made me dig out my Greek bible! I think you are right “make yourself God” is a good transliteration.

    The “God” they are talking about is θεόν.

    I’m not sure this, exactly, solves the problem of this verse. But, I like your interpretation because it solves the heresy.

  12. Jon,

    How is what I say any sort of deception.

    My basic premise is this: Jesus is the first born of creation. Humans, along with creation glorify Christ.

    Therefore, we creation belongs to Christ and we should not trash it.

    >>15 The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. 16 For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. 17 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

    … created through him and for him.

    This is a very different worldview than the one where creation was make for humans to exploit. In this worldview, we are all part of creation. A creation that is made for Christ, not primarily for us.

    It’s a little sad how you (and Dr. B) are so reactionary that you immediately assume that something you haven’t thought of is “deception” or “misrepresenting” the bible.

    What I claim is deeply rooted in the bible. it’s just neglected by conservative Christians.

  13. Hello Greg, Fellow book club member.
    You are always welcome to debate any post.
    I do not think anyone would be an advocate for trashing and junking the earth. Just because we do not buy the quote “science” to political policy that is our one world government does not make me an conservative in the dark christian. I will evaluate
    each premise carefully. I have thrown politics aside, I rarely listen to political talk radio anymore- it is too difficult. I only listen, and am interested in ushering in the biggest event since the flood. You my good friend will be looking on the right website, listening to the truth on spiritual issues. See how objective looking at the queer things happening at all levels of this messed up world. Your will be well aware of what is important in this time and place.
    Stay tuned, look forward to your valid, and interesting perspectives. In Yeshua, the only thing that will save us.

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