Why Still Care About Israel? An Interview with Author Sandra Teplinsky

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Dr. Brown speaks with Sandra Teplinsky, author of the important new book Why Still Care About Israel?, as they discuss some of the most critical questions regarding the Church, Israel, and the Arab World. Dr. Brown will also take your Jewish questions. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Look at the Jewish people, look at how God has kept us in spite of ourselves, and then look at yourself and say, “That is how God will be faithful to me!”

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It remains true today that if you want an absolute proof of the existence of God than look no further than the Jew.


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  1. On today’s show Dr. Brown said that thousands of Europeans view Israel as a Nazi-like country. I think he labeled the claim, alongside claims that Israel is an apartheid state and does ethnic cleansing, as an obscenity.

    I first want to say that I am neutral on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. I sometimes wonder if I am the last person to be so!

    Anyway, I think Dr. Brown was a little tricky to lump all three charges together like that. They are distinct.

    As for the “Nazi” charge. Clearly this is an absurd and offensive accusation. So much so, one has to wonder if it driven by anti-Semitism.

    In contrast, the “apartheid” analogy has far more merit to it. Many people have made it, including people who have no ax to grind with Israel. The walls, ghettos, inequitable citizenship, wealth disparity, check-points, Jewish-only housing, IDs, and etc. are reminiscent of what we saw in apartheid-era South Africa.

    I’m not informed enough to make that charge, myself but it’s not anti-Israel to say that the two systems seem a little similar.

    The “ethnic cleansing” charges, like the holocaust charge, is certainly incomparable to Turkey, Bosnia or Rwanda (not to mention Poland and Germany!)

    But what does one call driving Palestinians off their lands and populating it with Jews? The settlement policy differs in scope and violence but is it not an effort to “cleanse” the land of one kind of people and replace them with another?

    Again, I am not informed enough to make that judgment but I’m informed enough to notice the similarity.

    And, I am certainly not being “obscene” to wonder about it!

  2. We should care as much about Palistine as we do about Israel. People of both those places are loved the same by God, for he sent his Son to save the whole world, whosoever would be saved by him, which is also why I believe Israel should enjoy their land as much as people in Palistine should enjoy theirs.

    I wonder if many people from Israel impose themselves upon the land of Palistine as if it were theirs.

  3. Ray, The problem is that if Israel did say you know what- This so called land of ours is not really ours- let us go and find unpopulated land in Africa and start over. Would that new land be blessed? would the population of the world observe the humulity act and live in harmony with this new founded country? Would all attacks cease? I say no, and in fact it gives us insight to how God is in fact behind Israel now and throughout world history.

  4. RAy & Jon

    great pts. Is the land the real issue here? I think it is a major issue, but not the deep underlying issue.

    When a book viewed as holy by ppl states:
    “a time will come when a Jew will hide behind a tree… and teh tree will say, ‘Muslim borther there a jew behind me come kill him'”

    I think the issue is not solely land. This quote is not from the Quran but from the Hadith.. sayings/teachings of Mohammed.

    Lets be honest… ppl lose land all the time through out history. Native Americans, Africans, etc…. Puerto Rico in the USA does not have voting rights and was pretty much stolen by us. Im not justifing it, but stating that land is not the real issue.

    the politcal terroist party has even stated “we want to wipe out the Jews” in so many words.

  5. yes, but it is the issue when the projected messiah puts his feet on mount zion- when all of prophecy is set in a specific place and time.
    You are correct this is not about a people- however, a people still have a mission to be resettled in the set land for a time such as this. You will see the east gate of the temple mount blocked with stone to stop the messiah from reentering- histroy shows how satan has used the time before his first coming to have a desecration of the temple, and an out law of kosher, circumcision , and sabbath. The fight satan was trying to prevent the first coming by Harod killing babies, and the destruction of God’s people off of the land. The land is seeing the same fight, and the his people are in the middle of this. I disagree, the land is absolutely crucial for the satanic forces to try to control- and it is crucial for God’s people to be here at this time, in this place….

  6. The whole radio program on this Jewish Thursday is yet another must hear!! I ordered the book to ship to a friend- and will also put this on my kindle. As was said on this program, if all of this information could be downloaded into a person get the down load. Unfortuantely we are human, and have to read..

    Read it you must!

  7. Dr. Brown,


    Do I really need to read your books to understand your position on things? I assume you don’t say one thing on the radio and another thing in your books.

    I listen to your show nearly every day. I have listened to you talk for many many hours. Is that not enough to know what you believe?

    I believe I made some valid points in my original post.

    My points are not any less valid, just because I haven’t purchased your books.

  8. Ray,

    God loves the Palestinians.

    God hates injustice.

    This means that, sometimes, Christians of good conscience have to oppose Israel.

    This doesn’t make us anti-Israel and certainly not anti-Semitic.

    It just means that we can see that there are victims and victimizers on both sides of that conflict.

  9. the only reason people are even discussing palestine is because they are in conflict with israel, The palestinians love the worlds attention.

    who ever mentions Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan,

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