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Dr. Brown weighs in on key moral and cultural events in America and the nations, also discussing ways the church must change and return to a New Testament mentality if we are to really impact the world. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The more crazy the world goes the more sane we will be. Stay with the Word, stay with God, its’ the path the sanity.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let’s get back to the Word; let’s get back to the word of God and the God of the word! The world needs us too!



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  1. Yesterday, this site didn’t seem to be working.

    I just want to add one comment about the church who “fired” the gay guy who was teaching Sunday School because parents had concerns.

    First of all — I think Dr. Brown was asking an important question — how does a church compassionately limit a gay persons participation in such a circumstance.

    But there is a second issue.

    he parents who were concerned about the gay Sunday School teacher are making a dangerous mistake if they are focusing on sexual orientation rather than safety policies in the church.

    The fact is, pedophiles are masters of hiding in plain sight. Yes, it could be an openly gay man but, just as easily, it could be that “upstanding” husband and father who seems so devout and kind.

    What parents should be concerned about is a church that doesn’t put safeguards throughout their whole program and facility. Profiling gays actually weakens such a system.

    In a good system, nobody should be suspect but no individual gets any extra trust, either.

    All rooms should have windows. Doors should be open. An adult should never be alone with a child in an enclosed space. Better, yet, never alone at all. Teaching teams should be mixed gender of non-related people. Volunteers should have background checks. etc. There should be a clear and strictly obeyed reporting criteria.

    From what I’ve heard, policies like that really do work.

  2. Greg,
    You will gain a other worldly perspective when you read A Queer Thing happened to America.
    You have said that you do not think your mind will be changed, and that is not the purpose of the book. The perspective that you will gain from reading this book is to put you in the historical moral decay that has now given us the perspective that what is morally unacceptable throughout human history, is the political correctness that is now the norm. The book which is not denigrating about another circle, It is however informational and looks at the moral morass behind it. Anyone with the perspective of more knowledge about the destruction of the will of God for the people of the world would appreciate the perspective of how this very strange phenomenon has happened to us without a protest to point out how our condition is. Is not the complete destruction of our institutions worth examining? Make sure you get your saved copy, just provide your e mail address and name- they will send this out to you

  3. Jon,

    Thanks for the reply and, I will say it again, I am a little touched that you seem so genuinely concerned that I believe correctly on this issue.

    The reason I doubt my mind will be changed is not because I am stubborn, it’s because I did not come to this issue casually. Literally for years, I thought about it, prayed, studied my bible, etc.

    When in bible school, decades ago now, I did my senior research project on this topic.

    I am sure it unbelievable to you, but my mind on this subject started to change _because_ I was using Evangelical hermeneutics.

    I even personally spoke with people, at length, in an ex-gay ministry.

    It was a little funny, actually. We spoke for a couple of hours before realizing that they were assuming I was gay!

    (I’m not, BTW.)

    They sent their newsletter to me for years and I read every issue.

    I do expect that I would agree with Dr. Brown on a bunch of issue. I certainly am not for infidelity and promiscuity.

    I am pro-family. I really am.

    But, I think that should include the gays!

  4. If transgenders (and gays) are really what they feel, then it is logically inescapable that what any person deeply feels about themselves, even from childhood, is what they “really are”.

    “Chloe knew at 4 she was different and wanted to live as a disabled person.She wanted to wear leg braces like her aunt, hurt in an accident. Aged 9, she caused an accident to stop her own legs from working. Chloe is a Cambridge University educated research scientist is so desperate to live the life of a wheelchair-bound person she is prepared to pay a doctor help her become disabled….In 2010 she even found a doctor overseas willing to help her become disabled by cutting her sciatic and femoral nerves, but she could not afford the £16,000 costs.” Chloe must be a “BIID” person.

    Do not her feelings tell her what she “really is”. Should we not give her our full Christian support; would we not be hate-filled bigots if we did not? Would you like to contribute to a medical fund to help her get the operation she needs to become the crippled person she really is?


    But Chloe is not alone.

    “Xenomelia is the oppressive feeling that one or more limbs of one’s body do not belong to one’s self. We present the results of a thorough examination of the characteristics of the disorder in 15 males with a strong desire for amputation of one or both legs. The feeling of estrangement had been present since early childhood and was limited to a precisely demarcated part of the leg in all individuals. Neurological status examination and neuropsychological testing were normal in all participants, and psychiatric evaluation ruled out the presence of a psychotic disorder.”


    And these Xenomelia persons even have different brain structures.

    “In 13 individuals and in 13 pair-matched control participants, magnetic resonance imaging was performed, and surface-based morphometry revealed significant group differences in cortical arhitecture. In the right hemisphere, participants with xenomelia showed reduced cortical thickness in the superior parietal lobule and reduced cortical surface area in the primary and secondary somatosensory cortices, in the inferior parietal lobule, as well as in the anterior insular cortex. A cluster of increased thickness was located in the central sulcus. In the left hemisphere, affected individuals evinced a larger cortical surface area in the inferior parietal lobule and secondary somatosensory cortex.”

    What better proof can we get that this is the way they “really are”? Who can deny the scientific evidence that they are really different? Should we want to contribute to their surgery to have their legs or arms amputated so they can be what they really are? Is it not discrimination to deny them this surgery and this amputated life? Would you discriminate by denying them a job at a Christian college, or by firing them if they are already employees, just for crippling themselves or having legs cut off simply because of who they “are”? Don’t they have the right to do what they want with their own body? Would they not be protected under title 7 of the civil rights act of 1964 and employers cannot discriminate against them any more than they could against other amputees!

    If God created these people to have BIID or Xenomelia, why didn’t He give them birth defects to achieve the same goal? And if God wanted people to be transgendered, why did He give them the wrong body and the wrong DNA?

    If God created people to be gay, why did He cause gay males to have a physical pattern of arousal which is fine-tuned to make a woman pregnant? And if God created women to be lesbians, why did He give lesbians a physical pattern of arousal which is fine-tuned to assist a male to get her pregnant?

    If you support transgenders and/or gays, you must also support BIID-persons or Xenomelia persons.

    However, if all these feelings/identity are only examples of post-modern craziness, then transgenderism and homosexuality are part of the same craziness.

  5. Greg, I think that you are open minded enough to read the book, I will read with much interest your thoughts on this. We are all doing our thesis on this subject with our text book, and professor Dr. Michael Brown. Let’s see how we feel after our class- good luck, and God’s blessing over you.

  6. Ray, you are correct- Now how do we as a whole turn from immorality to living Godly lives? That is difficult even for you and I – Now, how does the rest of the population do this? This is what this ministry is all about.

  7. AaronC,

    Who decides what you are?

    Do I? Does Dr. Brown? Or the pope? Or the government?

    Or is it between you and God?

    That really is what my comes down to.

    I trust the Holy Spirit enough that I let you and him work it out.

    This true for you and it is true for gay people.

  8. Jon,

    I have pretty-much made up my mind. I think I will read Dr. Brown’s book.

    I try to be honest and open in everything I do. This includes on the Internt.

    My plan it so read each chapter and give a response here on this blog.

    I expect that people won’t like me for it. I don’t worry too much about guys like Daniel — he has already condemned me to hell.

    But you, Jon, seem like a good guy. I certainly don’t want to be a stumbling block to you.

  9. Greg,

    Unless you repent of your false teaching, no one should consider you a Christian brother and you should be concerned about your eternal destiny. I am sure most false teachers believe they are “sincere” just like you. I really hope you do reconsider your position which practically every serious Christian (and even the major cults) disagree with.


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