From Atheism and Evolution to a Replacement for the Boy Scouts

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Dr. Brown welcomes Ray Comfort to the Line of Fire to talk about his latest viral video “Evolution vs. God“, then talks about some Toys R Us and their move to become “gender neutral,” then speaks with Christian attorney Matt Barber about the godly new replacement for the Boy Scouts, Trail Life USA. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: With Paul I echo these words, “Jesus came to save sinners and He loves to save the worst of them.”

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Yes, it is very dark and confusion is all around us; all the more reason to let our light shine without compromise or shame.


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  1. Dr Brown,

    You do understand, don’t you, that playing with Barbies doesn’t turn a boy gay? That’s not how it works!


    Seriously, I couldn’t quite figure out what gender-neutral toys is such a bee in your bonnet. (I did miss some of the show.)

    I did hear you acknowledge that there are “tom boy” girls and more “sensitive” boys. (as that a PC term?)

    Well, that’s why. I’ve heard lots stories about children who didn’t fit typical gender roles and it could be painful for them. Not forcing a “sensitive” boy to go into a designated girl’s section just makes his life a little less complicated.

    And, you might appreciate, he is less likely to be called “gay” if he’s not hanging around just girls.

  2. The problem, Greg, is not for boys who *don’t* want to play with guns and climb trees, but for those who *do*. Most of the “gender neutral” advocates are thinking only of the noble desire to expand the opportunities for girls, and they are often quite repressive and dictatorial bout squashing the boys who want to yell and run around and climb trees. I have seen it with the schools, full of especially drippy women who don’t let the boys do ANYTHING. No guns, no stick-gathering, no trees, no jumping. Sit still, do your work, tick the box … and when he wriggles, give him Ritalin so that he’ll be quiet.

    Fortunately, my husband showed me how to be a fearless and flexible mother to a boy. *I’m* the one who bought him a second Nerf pistol — “so that you can have fights with a friend, if you like.” And a set of spare bullets to go with. Rock’n’roll!

  3. Anthea,

    I think you make a good point. I think, far too often, we “pathologize” normal boy activity. Lots of normal boys could probably be diagnosed as A.D.D.

    But, I can’t imagine how gender-neutral toy marketing does that.

    What is does is allow a “Tom Boy” girl to have access to the Nerf pistol without having to leave the girl aisle and go to the boy aisle.

    By segregating the toys, according to gender stereotypes, it sends a pretty clear message to children who don’t naturally fit those stereotypes.

    As I see it, desegregating the toys doesn’t hurt the majority of kids (like your boys) but it does help the minority who don’t fit the typical mold. (other people’s kids, I guess)

    As I see it, helping other people’s kids is obedience to the “Do unto others…” commandment.

  4. Anthea,

    I just re-read your post and want to add something.

    I am an educator and I just delight in the “boy’s boys” They are so joyful and fearless. I encourage that behavior. (as long as it is non-injurious!)

    But, not all boys are like that.

    Some boys like to play girl-style.

    Of course, there are girls who want to be climbing the trees and playing dodge ball.

    I have an obligation to protect all these children and create a safe learning environment for them even when they don’t fit the gender stereotypes.

    What I don’t do is force them in any direction.

    And, I don’t have any fear that I am “turning them gay.”

    That’s just not how it works.

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