The Deity of Jesus and the Trinity

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How clear is the biblical witness to the deity of Jesus and God’s triune nature? And is it essential for someone to believe in these doctrines in order to be saved? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We must exalt Jesus to His full stature as the eternal divine Son of God if we are to rightly relate to God Himself.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Never ever be afraid of the truth, because all truth is ultimately God’s truth and there is no fear in the truth of God.


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  1. …by Whom He also made ‘the worldS’ (should cause translators to not mess with John 3 to Nik ‘if YOU cannot UNDERSTAND earthly things’ how can YOU understand heavenly things, including the entire verse of 3:13 and 14 as to the ‘eternal plan’ of G-d before the foundations of ‘THIS’ tiny ‘footstool’ and one of the ‘worldS’, THIS world being the plan which worked ‘to draw all Princes of THIS world’ unto His death, AND buriel AND resurrection ‘EVEN AS MOSES LIFTED UP THE SERPENT…. IN THIS TINY FOOSTOOL of worldS without end OBVIOUSLY of the ETERNAL ‘plan’ to deal with ‘rebellion’ “BEGINNING” and the MOST ANCIENT of dragons “from THE BEGINNING”, THE ORIGINAL ‘LIAR’ before modern day Anthony Buzzard’s ‘Universalism’ nicolaitanism lies AGAINST “the Son of man WHICH IS IN HEAVEN” even at the time of dialogue of Jesus with ‘Nik’ at night

  2. …let this ‘mind’ be in YOU as in Christ Jesus
    (Who NEVER invested Himself into ANY kind of ‘false’ humility, nor ever entered into the ‘plan’ with His F-ther to walk this tiny ‘footstool’ in any other manner than as the Son of man ALREADY in heaven BEFORE

  3. In the beginning was the Word, so it seems to me that the Word was speaking to someone who was as he himself was. The Word was speaking to himself, in a sense, since Jesus was as the Father himself is.

    If we can comprehend that in the beginning was the Word of God and nothing else…

  4. In short you are follower of PAUL and not JESUS… PAUL never seen jesus, his teaching was according to himself(paul)… He broke the covenant of GOD IN HEAVEN to ABRAHAM..

  5. ‘in beginning’ WAS the Word (along with ALL, up to that time, He had been the object of their creation ‘with beginning’, WHOM for, by which ALL creation also made in ‘immage’ of angels UNTO HIM, beings first to have ‘beginning’, but no ‘ending’, in ‘eternal free-will’) therefore HE being existing BEFORE ANY ‘beginning’, was destined to ‘join’ already existing ‘beginning’ as ‘planned’ should ANY eternal free-will creation follow ANY leaving their ‘first estate’ as eternal free-will creatures with ‘beginning’, but as like F-ther, Son, Holy Spirit HAVING NO ENDING as to to the results of SOME having ‘left first estate’ bestowed upon them by TRIUNITY (of NO ‘beginning’, NO ‘ending’) in their ‘beginning’ (Torah teachings begins with no article ‘the’ as to specific ‘beginning’ except of those ‘first’ creatures of TRUINE creation with ‘no beginning’, as those ‘with beginning’, but ‘no ending’ to have left ‘their’ already in existence ‘first estate’ given them thru ‘their’ TRIUNE Creator perfect fellowship when ‘first’ created)

  6. any form of ‘false’ humility (which especially in man, angels of which man is made in ‘their’ image, takes on many, many forms) was NOT any part, nor of HIS ‘form’ voluntarily taken on in very same likeness ‘partaker’ of sinful flesh of first Adam including all his posterity after the fall, ‘last Adam’ included, TOTALLY EMPTIED Jesus Christ, as ‘FULLY’ EMPTIED eternal ‘WORD’ of the Living G-d

  7. ‘Triune nature’ of the G-dHEAD can be found (for example) in Torah (teachings of Trinity of F-ther and Source of a fully emptied younger Son, and partially emptied Person of Holy Spirit ALL 3 of Whom being ETERNAL, always with a eternal ‘plan’, BEFORE ever creating a ‘free-will’ creature with a beginning and no ending, who exercised ‘free-will’, in any form of rivalry with the F-ther, his Source, attempting to inherit all things from his F-ther with false understanding of his Source as F-ther to come to an end as Source and F-ther of all things, having created the older son to replace his and all other things Source, with no knowledge anything ETERNAL including his own Source and own F-ther of ALL things created). The ’emptying’ of both the Son AND the Person of the Holy Spirit for to isolate the rebellious of ‘free-will’ creation of the ETERNAL Source (eternal F-ther of ONE eternal Son AND ONE eternal Person of Holy Spirit in TRIUNITY, for which ALL being made by TRIUNE IN AGAPE for HIM, the eternal Son ONLY, through power of the Personage of the Holy Spirit ETERRNALLY coming forth from the F-ther, Source of ALL things both eternal and non-eternal). Since the eternal experiment of creating ETERNAL free-will creatures by A TRIUNE IN NATURE and in UNITY ETERNAL SOURCE, ALWAYS EXISTING ETERNAL SON, always existing ETERNAL SPIRIT OF A PERSON REPRESENTING THE HOLINESS OF THEIR ETERNAL SOURCE required an eternal ‘plan’ (SHOULD ‘eternal free-will’ creation, using THEIR GIVEN ETERNAL ‘free-will’, be exercised by even one, or also ‘the many’ unto a ‘rivalry’ with their ETERNAL Source in any manner ? of which TRIUNITY in AGAPE could never had authored, nor authorized) the ‘plan’ REQUIRED complete ETERNAL emptying of the ETERNAL SON, parcial ETERNAL emptying of the ETERNAL Spirit of the F-ther’s HOLINESS (any Torah student can find the teaching of the ‘mystery’ of the Person of the Holy Spirit, if continued BEING THE MAIN STUMBLING of the Universal Harlot church promised buildup as the Synagogue of Satan, in identifying the ‘older son’ in Luke 15 as with a ‘beginning’ and no ending in eternal free-will AND the Holy Spirit in verse 15 as the ONE whom the completely EMPTIED SON attached HIMSELF unto while in a far away Country, away from HIS eternal F-ther and ETERNAL SINGLE SOURCE, OF WHOM THE ‘PLAN’ OF THE ‘ETERNAL TRIUNITY’ IN ETERNAL NATURE did not require ANY ’emptying’ in either parcial or COMPLETE ‘kenosis’ in order to allow the older ‘created’ son to ‘eternally isolate himself’, & therefore the nature of the eternally TRINUE can never be accused of ever ‘paying back EVIL’ for evil)

  8. Christians are free to celebrate God in triune fashion if they want to, but nowhere in scripture are they commanded to do so. If something were so important or essential that all Christians everywhere do, would it not be commanded by scripture?

  9. “Let this mind be in YOU, same as was also in Christ Jesus…. ? (a beginning might for some to come to grips with the BIBLICAL FACT man as in Adam was ‘made lower than the angels’, was NOT made in the image of the TRUINE G-d, rather in the image of angels, clearly also not made in any TRIUNE divine image either, as was the original man ‘Lucifer’, man/son of the dawn, or morning, based upon Isa. 14 “is this the man ?). False humility can begin with a very clear ‘basic false understanding’ of who we REALLY are, even as WHO the Son really is in HIS voluntary COMPLETE submission eternally in COMPLETE kenosis UNTO HIS OWN F-THER, and Source of ALL things ?

  10. Surely we should conclude that if the Bible would require all men everywhere to worship God as triune, it would have commanded it. Who are those who go out on their own, calling some things essential, without the authority of scripture?
    Should I be surprised some day if it turns out that they were just some man of sin?

  11. Psalms 2, Hebrews 1 “let all the ‘ANGELS of G-d’ CONTINUE to worship Him (Who has been companions of Angels since BEGINNING, now sent by ADONAI AND RECEIVED back into heaven by ADONAI declaring Him to be HIS Son for to sit at HIS right hand until ALL enemies are made into HIS footstool) and let all men drawn by ADONAI sent Holy Spirit Person of Conviction, AND Promise unto mere ‘mankind’, worship ADONAI WHO sent HIM, as ‘their F-ther’ ADONAI, Who on a certain ‘day’ has said regarding mere men, all having been made ‘lower than the angels’, also on this ‘day’ to the twice born already, only UNTO TO THOSE (LIKE MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH) ‘born also FROM ABOVE’, have I BEGOTTEN thee, also (to be ‘chosen’ to BECOME His bride AS ONLY DETERMINED by ADONAI, THE G-D AND F-THER OF ISRAEL, the first of mere men to have been offered ‘birth FROM ABOVE’, after being first ‘twice born’, in this tiny ‘footstool’ of His) into a future eternal ‘instant’ call upward unto a completely ‘changed’ ETERNAL spiritual ‘BODY’, eternal only IN THE HEAVENS, which is much higher than the angels were, or ever will be, afforded in creation, for CHANGED mere human beings to henceforth become a proper, rightful judge, of never ending creation of angelic worldS, ‘without end’

  12. Stop lame reasoning… Read ISAIAH 43:11… Isaiah is a prophet and he also prophesied JESUS.. Or if you are smart read thw whole book ISAIAH.

  13. Neither ‘MLK’ leadership of elevation of G-d’s second commandment to Israel, OVER the ‘first’, in ‘mere mankind’ lower than even the angels, in efforts in ‘phileo’, mostly ‘eros’ love, while claiming to be operating in ‘true grace’ of our lord and Savior ‘iniitiator’ only, unto our true salvation, Jesus Christ (we must also address modern day revised Roman Empire last days ‘cops’, they also being ‘mere men’, made ‘lower than the angels’ both in intelligence and in anointing, as to either side truly living out their initial only LIFE ‘IN THE FLESH’, both in this life AND THE ‘NEXT’, IN TRUE GRACE of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ WHO TRUELY showed us TRUE GRACE in true humility ‘others’ MORE important then themselves at all times “letting this mind be in them”, even “as was in Christ Jesus” in true, nothing ‘feigned’ GRACE in ‘true HUMILITY’ as expected by the F-ther of all those claiming ‘twice born’ statis in this life OR ‘the NEXT’ in the FLESH.

  14. I myself find little to no benefit to read scripture in light of Trinitarian expository methods. Such a way seems to do nothing for me.
    I find it then of little practical use.

  15. The whole Torah (teachings), not just Isaiah, makes clear ADONAI the eternal Source (of our ‘eternal’ salvation)), His ‘sent’ Son the ‘initiator’, of our ‘eternal salvation’, His also ‘sent’ Holy Spirit the ‘keeper’, overseeing the ‘garden’ of the ‘heart’ within of the ‘saved’ (however I Peter makes plain, Ch. 3, as taken mostly from ‘Tree of Life’ version: immersion which NOW brings you (only those being ‘saved’) to safety .. (NOT anymore the removal of dirt from the flesh, but a pledge to ADONAI) pledging to G-d of maintaining an excellent conscience with HIM) through the resurrection of Messiah Yeshua (His Son) for He has gone into heaven and is at the right hand of ADONAI (the only true eternal Source) of one’s ETERNAL salvation (WHOM His Son ‘initiated’, His Holy Spirit ‘kept’) and making also besides us ‘mere men’ with angels, authorities, also powers now subjected unto Him, (speaking of the eternal Source ADONAI) original F-ther of all eternal ‘free-will’ creatures, of which His Son ‘JOINED’ thru ‘COMPLETE’ kenosis, His Holy Spirit continues to ‘orchestrate over’, in ‘partial’ kenosis, unto bringing all, past, present and future unto ADONAI’S final ‘eternal’ judgement (of which His Son ‘stands’ at the now eternal mercy seating to declare the ‘decree’ of ADONAI, His Source, NOW ‘brand new MAN’ eternally fully perfected from the days of His own flesh, NEVER BEFORE existed in NOW eternal ‘spiritual BODY’ form, ‘eternally’ at the right hand of ADONAI, now HIS Son to remain the ‘same’ forever, brand NEW, yesterday from His perfection, AFTER His rising from earth, back into Heaven hidden in the brightness of the ‘angelic cloud’, today, at the right hand of ADONAI, and forevermore THE SAME

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