Dr. Brown Interviews One of the “Preachers from L.A.” and a Gay Activist from Charlotte

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In the first hour, Dr. Brown speaks with Pastor Jay Haizlip, one of the pastors featured on the controversial new reality TV show “Preachers from L.A” and then speaks in the second hour with Matt Comer, a gay activist and journalist now based in Charlotte. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 2:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: In the midst of profound differences you’ve heard illustrated in my conversation with Matt Comer, the fact is we are fellow citizens. Let’s learn to live as neighbors in the midst of differences.


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  1. The gift of discernment that flows through me calls it a lie, ,שקר, “if you are poor in money, you are sinning”.

    Peter, James and John, all sinners then.

    Paul and Barnabas, sinners then.

    At one point, the Jerusalem congregation was SO poor that Paul collected money from the Gentiles so that they could get their simplest needs met.

    So I do not judge you for driving a 40,000 dollar car, why do you judge me as a sinner for being poor.

    The rabbis taught me that poverty is not being satisfied with your lot in life.

    How many rich people would be poor by that standard, always unsatisfied, needing more.

    I do not judge these pastor millionares for getting rich off the tithes, but to accuse me, and the first followers of Yeshua as sinners because we were not given a lot if money in life is cruelty.

    Good luck with that, needing more, bigger building, better this, more that, I do not judge, but please do not take all our tithes and offerings, then call us poor sinners afterwards.

    Do you really need to spend 40,000 a night on hotels only the richest of the rich can afford?

    How many poor got poorer so that you can be so rich, I do not judge your church business, but please do not call us sinners for having so little ourselves, when we are satisfied with our portion that the Creator made available to us.

  2. It’s becoming almost impossible to live peacefully with homosexuals. Our religious freedom will be lost of the homosexual agenda survives. That is what they WANT.

    This interview showed that clearly.

  3. The first half of this broadcast with Pastor Jay Haizlip was informative and encouraging, but the second half with Matt Comer was repetitive and combative. By 3:45, I didn’t want to listen anymore and said to myself, “This is arguing, not debating.” Agonistic is a good word to describe the exchange. What was said should have been settled in 10-15 minutes, tops; then the rest of the show could have been spent preaching the gospel to the homosexual community that was listening.

    However, I do love your show, and 99% of the church could never do what you do. You are one of the most patient and fair interviewers on the air, always giving the person with an opposing view the opportunity to share his or her beliefs.

  4. Mr. Brown I listened to your show today only because I wanted to support my friend Matt Comer. All I can say is A) I am tired of listening to Evangelical Christians whining about how their rights are being taken away from the LGBT community. It is a blatant LIE and in fact it is just the opposite. Our rights are the ones that have been infringed on and are now justly being given to us. B) I am tired of people like you who pretend they care about the LGBT community but LIE about us every day. Your ignorance and fake compassion sickens me. PRAISE GOD your sick, twisted and demented idea of the gospel is a dying one and that many Christians are realizing how wrong they have been. Thank God for people like my friend Matt who are willing to stand up for what is true, just and Biblicaly moral.


    Ryan Kingston

    Homosexual gay activist Christian

  5. It’s horrible that our educational system has taken basic logic out of the curriculum many years ago so that now young people cannot use basic reason. Also, they lack the integrity and maturity to say that they are wrong. No class whatsoever.

  6. The most dangerous aspect of Dr. Brown’s teaching is when he claims that homosexuality is a danger to society.

    Of course, Dr. Brown would never hurt a gay person, but a less stable person, provoked by Dr. Brown, might.

  7. Dorrie,

    >>It’s becoming almost impossible to live peacefully with homosexuals.

    Have you tried?

    Most Christians, like me, have no problem with the gays and they give us no problem back.

    Heck, we’ve learned that many gays are good Christians who love the Lord.

  8. Greg,

    Please be kind enough not to misrepresent me on my own website, OK? The danger to society is gay activism (not homosexuality).

    With that being said, are you still determined to shoot in the dark here and make erroneous comments while you decline to read A Queer Thing Happened to America? It’s waiting for you, Greg!

  9. Ryan Kingston,

    Thanks so much for listening to the show, and I pray you will come to the know Jesus as Lord. He will transform your life and replace all that hatred with love! He has a better way for you! And feel free to call in one day and share your views. I assure you I will speak the truth to you in love and without compromise.

  10. Re Greg, I would be happy to donate an extra 25.00 to fund the book A Queer thing happened to America. I will give an extra 25.00 $ if Greg reads it. Do you have a kindle Greg? I am serious.

    Speaking of queer things, Oboma is in Russia today and is going to have a meeting with a gay activist. Here we are at this important juncture of our history and Oboma has been wasting his time in Sweden talking about global warming, and meetings in Russia with the wrong list of things for a leader. I have the sense that Putin is going to take advantage of this leaderless country. This president is an empty suit, it is absolutely stunning what is happening right now. At least Greg we are able to download and to listen to things that are actually important, and you must read the book offer that you have now been given.

  11. I wonder if I could believe that a boat is the same as a car. If I did, I suppose I could think that my right to license it as a car would be violated because the licensing agency refused to process my attempt to obtain an automobile license plate for a boat.

    But just as men have their place and women have theirs, cars have their place and boats have theirs also. They are not the same. It’s a matter of nature, of natural order.

    God created order when the made the world. He created order in every new thing he did. God recognized marriage between one man and one woman in the beginning and gave it his blessing. It’s a matter of righteousness.

    A man who is right with God is blessed not only with God but also with all that is right around him.

    Only the power of the gospel can take what is wrong out of a man, and put him in a place that is truly right.

    For that reason God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that the world might be saved by him. (John 3:16)

    Nothing at all that is wrong will be allowed to be in heaven. For some that might sound like a frightful and terrible thing but for others it is their sincere hope and desire, something they know to be worth more than any worldly thing.

  12. We live in times where we are told good is bad.
    The media tells us black is white, and white is black. The new normal is put on the red carpet for the society to copy. Junk science replaces common sense. The biblical seasons are now replaced with the opening of the NFL season. Marriage is replaced with live and let live concepts, if you love doing something, do it. Now is a good time to invest in the God of our fathers, the one true God of Israel.
    The world is his, and our ideas straight folly.

  13. Hey Dr Brown, I live in the UK so I have not seen this TV programme. Is this the Jay Hazlip who is a skateboarder? My hubby is totally into that, and there are lots of skaters and surfers who are Christianas.

  14. Dr Brown.

    If I misrepresent you – it comes from a true misunderstanding of what you believe.

    >>Please be kind enough not to misrepresent me on my own website, OK? The danger to society is gay activism (not homosexuality).

    This misunderstanding may come from a difference in what you call “activism.”

    I don’t consider a gay person being “out of the closet” and demanding/voting for equal rights as activism. I consider this just being gay and American.

    Do you consider such people “activists”? And a threat to society?

    If so, then I don’t think I misrepresented your position, unless one splits hairs.

  15. Jon,

    That is a generous offer. Let me think about it.

    I don’t mean to sound like a weasel — but I’m more of an auditory learner. I have heard Dr. Brown talk for hours and hours on the issue of homosexuality. Is there something in the book that he is not saying on his radio show?

    As for Obama (Not Oboma!) he is most certainly not an “empty suit.” He rescued capitalism after Bush crashed it. He got us out of Iraq. He got (more) equal rights for millions of citizens. He got healthcare for millions of Americans who were dying without it. History wills shine very nicely on him.

    And, IMHO, he is the best Christian president since Jimmy Carter.

  16. Greg,

    In candor, yes, that’s a total misrepresentation of what I believe about activism — and I’m not sure how you could come to that erroneous conclusion while listening to me for hours with an open mind (rather than with preconceived ideas).

    I’ll not respond to the other comments (especially re: Obama, who cannot be a true and loyal Christian because he denies God by his deeds), but if you learn better by listening, ask someone to read the Queer Thing book to you out loud.

  17. The more I think about it — the more I reject the distinction between attacking “gay activists” and homosexuals in general.

    It’s like saying — “I’m not against Christians. But, evangelism should be illegal. If Christians would just shut-up, I’d have no problem with them.”

    (You’ve heard this, right? Did you think this was a fair distinction?)

  18. We are overlapping each other in our posts — but I think my last post addresses your post.

    Ad for Obama’s deeds — I think he is one of the most Christian presidents we’ve had in a long time!

    He feeds the hungry. (Food stamps) He heals the sick.(Obamacare) He cares for widows. (Medicare, Social Security) He protects the stranger. (Immigration reform.)

    Those are the deeds of Jesus, alive in public policy.

  19. Greg Allen,
    I don’t know what you think you’re doing here, but you’re not fooling anyone.
    Wear all the sheep clothing you want; but the question becomes as to what sheep you killed to get the clothing – not as to whether or not you are a sheep (that you are a wolf is already plain to see and needs no thought – you have already been “judged by [your] fruit”).
    Again, you are not fooling anyone.

  20. Daniel,

    Who am I trying to fool? In what possible way?

    After one of my very first posts, you condemned me to hell!

    I have been nothing but honest.

    Clearly, many here think I’m wrong. I will certainly admit to that, myself. I’m a fallible human.

    But I’m also a born-again, bible believing, Jesus loving Christian.

    In obedience to Jesus’ and Paul’s commands for the unity of the body, I would encourage you make peace with the fact that we can disagree while both loving the Lord.

  21. I’ve been thinking about Jon’s generous and, I believe, sincere offer to buy me Dr. Browns book on the gay issue.

    I’m resistant to read it – I have to admit.

    I spent years studying my bible, listening to the debate, learning about the biblical family, reading studies on sexuality and praying about it.

    I came to humble conclusion that I had been wrong about the gays.

    It is really hard for me to imagine that Dr. Brown’s book would change my mind.

    Doesn’t it come down to this:

    * Dr. Brown believes that the biblical condemnation of homosexuality is timeless. (like murder or stealing)

    * I think it is culturally-tied to the ancient family system. (like head scarves or silencing women)

    I could read Dr. Brown’s book and then debate it, point by point but I doubt I’d change your minds, either. And Daniel would condemn me to an even hotter hell!

  22. OK, one more point and I’ll go to bed.

    Daniel wonders what I am doing here.

    I really am an Evangelical Christian. I graduated from one of the finest Evangelical Bible colleges in the nation and have served for many years in the (Evangelical) ministry. I still pray, attend church, study the Bible and witness my faith but now in a secular workplace. I still consider it a ministry.

    I appreciate and agree with a lot of what Dr. Brown teaches. I like his warm radio style.

    I’m not a charismatic, myself, but I believe that movement has had a positive revitalizing role in the church. So, I like to hear from that perspective as well.

    And, I even enjoy debating you guys. It keeps me sharp. Even as we disagree, I never doubt your honesty or your faith.

    I wish you would accept me as a sincere brother in the Lord but I don’t believe there is any sin in passionate disagreement.

    While my view on abortion and homosexuality surely makes me a minority in the Evangelical community, there are literally millions of sincere and dedicated Christians just like me. Including more than a few Evangelicals.

  23. Greg,

    My book is about gay activism, not about Scripture and homosexuality (that book is due out in May, 2014). So, you really do need to read it, but yes, without a doubt, the scriptural prohibition against homosexual practice is timeless, and I do hope you’ll have the humility to go back to God about this again and dig deeper into His Word, since you’ve surely gotten this one wrong.

    Re: abortion, it pains me to read anyone who claims Jesus as Lord wants to be party to the slaughter of the unborn in the womb (and I say that with care and love for you, not anger).

  24. Greg, i have the book and it is quite a large book. i will be looking at amazon to get this on my kindle. As to my offer which is a serious offer, i will donate the 25.00 tonight to gift you the book. If you would send your address to the website noting book offer, i will see if this can be sent to you soon. I would like to get your opinion on this in a couple of months. Thank you

  25. ok done, i donated 25.00 tonight, and purchased this book for my kindle. Greg, you will find this book has no hatred or bigotry. you have a rare opportunity to be reading one of the best resources on this topic. You can pick any section and start reading. You will be one of the most informed people after reading this book.

  26. If anyone in ministry who received donations to spread the gospel could reply. I’m curious your take on this. I don’t receive donations of any kind, and I understand that it’s needed. I also believe that the righteous man is blessed and has God’s favor, but how could you take those donations and buy a $100,000 car with it? I would feel so guilty spending money on this kind of luxury item, especially knowing how hard people work for their money. Wouldn’t you think the money could be spent on more important parts of your ministry? We all need cars to get us from point A to point B … but a Bentley, a $300, 000 car.

  27. I don’t like my picture to be circulated on the web without my permission, even by family! I am just super-private that way. When my daughter-in-law takes my picture, we have an understanding that it’s not to appear online anywhere. So if I were being interviewed by someone with a recording device, I would definitely be wanting a form to sign (and a copy given to me) which stipulates that they MUST have my permission before my voice or picture is used in any form. That’s just me.

    So, while I can understand someone getting upset for suddenly finding their voices or images online without that permission, I also have to reason that they saw the camera, or the microphone — or am I wrong about that? — so wouldn’t that have been the time to ask, “Is that thing on?” or ask for some sort of clarity about that whole issue. I know I would make certain of that myself.

    The only other thing I wanted to add was in response to Matt Comer’s characterization of the LGBTQ community as “such a small minority”. The reason this “small” community has gotten my full attention is because people who have gotten our (“our” meaning non-gays) sympathy because of hateful bullying are now acting the part of the bully toward us. For example, a photographer whose conscience tells her that Jesus’ definition of marriage is sacred and so therefore, she can’t participate in something which she sees as contrary to that — is then being sued by gay activists for being “discriminatory”…my reaction is “Whoa…. It’s one thing to side with gays on clear cases of discrimination, and another to stand by and see them act without understanding toward the rights of Christians on matters of conscience!”

    I’m sure there is “a pathway,” as Hazelmary Bull spoke of, for our being able to live side by side in a civil society. But it’s not going to come about by an “oppressed minority” becoming the oppressor.

    I want to see gay leaders in their community showing that they can see “the other side’s” point of view and standing publicly against that tide of anti-Christian discrimination. I want them to acknowledge that we have a right to interpret our holy texts traditionally, even if it doesn’t line up with recent “Queer Theology”. Equal rights has to mean that Christian viewpoints receive equal protection, or else we will be cutting off our own feet to save our face.

    I’m just so glad we have a vocal advocate in Dr. Brown. I don’t know of very many pastors today who haven’t already shown themselves eager to sacrifice words and meanings from the holy Bible in order to assuage the consciences of those disturbed by them. I find that “compromise” antithetical to the Gospel message of redemption through repentance and God’s mercy.

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