Does Doctrine Really Matter? (And an interview with Billy Graham’s daughter-in-law Christina Graham)

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Should we really put such a strong emphasis on doctrine? Doesn’t this only divide us further? Or is solid doctrine essential for strong spiritual foundations? If so, what doctrines are non-negotiable? Dr. Brown will also interview Christina Graham and discuss what God is doing in China. Listen live here2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Doctrine is very important because it tells us who God is and tells us how we should live.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Jesus said that the harvest is the end of the age. Expect a harvest from every nation, people, kindred and tongue for the glory of God!


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  1. I hope Dr. Brown does not respond. Dr. James White has responded to his youtube videos already. I think the issue were laid out clearly in teh “Deity of Messiah DVD”, if he did not illustrate his opinion clearly…then that is on him.

    Issue of Doctrine

    I think that Doctrine is important and yes it does cause a lot of divide. A good example I heard was on twitter. “If any calvinist think their me zero Arminians in Heaven is sadly mistaken”
    This quote spoke to me that…although we have big doctrinal differences.. but the major ones regarding trinity, Jesus, and other majors are on same page. Did the thief on the cross that Jesus said “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”… he did not ask him about being predestine or regeneration (lutheran), etc.

    But it is of the utmost importance, because knowing solid doctrine and key doctrine pts can help you rebuke Jehovah Witness, Mormons, and other cults that claim to be Christians.

  2. *Ty wrote:
    I hope Dr. Brown does not respond. Dr. James White has responded to his youtube videos already. I think the issue were laid out clearly in teh “Deity of Messiah DVD”, if he did not illustrate his opinion clearly…then that is on him.

    **Well, I hope he does since Sir Buzzard addressed Dr Brown on this clip. It is more suitable that Dr Brown answers in light of his expertice in the Hebrew language.

    Sincerely Magnus

  3. Let’s suppose a man believes it was Jesus who appeared in Ex 24:10, and there’s another man who holds the opinion that it certainly could have been Jesus there, but the Bible doesn’t seem to clearly enough identify him there as such, so he leaves it as a matter of opinion to every Christian, while the other man is adamant about the fact that was in truth Jesus who appeared in Exodus 24:10.

    It seems to me that I should encourage people to consider whether it was Jesus who appeared in Exodus, but not teach it as a matter of fact, and that because of what I believe.

    It’s like Melchizedek to me, I think it to be worth serious consideration.
    Is this one of the doctrines that we should divide over or not?

    To me this is one of those “doubtful” things that we should be flexible about, leaving each man to decide for himself, and not necessarily group together with those who believe as we do on this point.

    By “doubtful” I mean that there seems to be a possibility, perhaps a very high possibility, not that there is little possibility of the thing being true.

  4. Magnus,

    Thanks for your posts, but first, I can’t respond to every video and comment directed to me online.

    Second, Sir Anthony brings up nothing new that has not already been refuted.

    Third, as mentioned, Dr. White provided a video rebuttal.

    That being said, if I feel it will be helpful for my radio audience to hear the video and my response to it — remembering that Sir Anthony was my guest on the air years ago and then was part of a TV debate — I’ll be sure to announce it. But at this point, I have no plans to do so.

    God bless!

    Dr. Brown

  5. I’ve been interacting with extreme hyper-grace people lately. It’s been really depressing, quite honestly.

    After a long speech about how what was written in the gospels don’t apply to us today she said:

    Jesus was a Jew and talking primarily to the Jews…it was not until after the cross that this more glorious way was introduced to the rest of us…much to Peter’s and Paul’s resistance.


  6. Yes, indeed I am equally distressed by the appalling notion that the teaching of Christ is not for us! But I am equally distressed that Bible readers shy away from the creed of Jesus in Mark 12:29 and immediately following the second lord of Ps 110:1 adoni, kurios mou is the Messiah, who is NOT GOD. Trinitarians keep telling us about two who are YHVH!
    But that is two YHVHs contradicting Jesus!
    Jesus said that the shema is the first item on the agenda of good belief. He agreed with a Jew!

  7. Two or more may be one and isn’t Jesus God by way of comparison? It certainly isn’t robbery to compare him to the Father and find them to be both the same, is it?

    What we might find distressing at times is when Christians run around like Keystone cops.

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