An Interview with Messianic Jewish Rabbi Itzhak Shapira on His New Book “The Return of the Kosher Pig”

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Dr. Brown speaks with a Messianic Jewish rabbi, born and raised in Israel, who claims that Jewish tradition actually supports the idea of a divine Messiah – a highly controversial claim. Itzhak Shapira is author of the important new book “The Return of the Kosher Pig,” and Dr. Brown and Rabbi Shapira will be taking your calls and questions as well. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The Divine Messiah has been present throughout Israel’s history, throughout our Scriptures and even hinted at in our tradition. It’s time for Jewish people worldwide to rediscover Him.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: For many years I have expected more and more traditional Jews to be turning to Jesus-Yeshua the Messiah. I believe that that number is going to grow exponentially in the day ahead.



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  1. Entertaining the Idea of a Kosher Pig
    It is interesting that the pig is the only animal that has these unique traits – the pig with its split hooves is outwardly acceptable, but the inner analysis of the digestive system reveals the deficiency of not being able to chew the cud. The pig in Jewish thought therefore became synonymous with hypocrisy. The image of the swine presenting its split hooves as evidence of its purity was a powerful image. Various personalities in the Bible who were deemed by the rabbis as hypocritical were thus described:

    And Cain went out… Whence did he go out? Rabbi Aibu said: “It means that he threw the words behind him and went out, like one who would deceive the Almighty.” Rabbi Berekiah said in Rabbi Eleazar’s name: “He went forth like one who shows the cloven hoof, like one who deceives his Creator.” (Midrash Rabbah Genesis 22:13)

    However, the major personality who was associated with the pig was Esau in particular, and, eventually, the Romans (his descendants) in general.

    Rabbi Isaac said: “[God declared]: ‘You have given a name to your swine [Esau]; then I too will name My firstborn, as it says, Thus says the Lord: Israel is My son, My firstborn – (Midrash Rabbah – Genesis 63:8)

    Esav, Yaakov’s twin, claimed to follow the same tradition as Yaakov. When Yaakov left to Padan Aram to marry a girl from the family , Esav followed suit and also married a girl “from the family,” but did not divorce his non-Jewish wives. This act of marrying a “girl from the family” was solely in order appear as though he was following in the footstep of Jewish tradition.

    The so called “Judeo-Christian” tradition and now messianic judaism invented by Christians is merely a facade. Despite the fact that the two brothers were twins, and had a lot in common biologically, they had very little in common in terms of lifestyle. There is an often-quoted medrash to support the facade which states, “Why is the pig called a ‘chazir’? Because some day in the future God will give it back (“lehachziro”) to the Jewish people.” The Rishonim ask how this can be. The Rambam postulates, as one of the thirteen principles of our faith, that the laws of the Torah will never change. Can it be that some day it will be permissible for us to eat Pork? Some of the Rishonim explained that “the return of the pig does not refer to eating pork, but rather to the restoration of the Jewish government in place of the Christian one.” The “pig” is the faker who makes believe that he is kosher by showing his split hooves, just as Christians and messianics claim that theirs is a twin-religion with ours, and just as Esav was a twin brother of Yaakov.

    What has the above got to do with the kosher pig being Jesus/ Yeshua and Jews having to accept Jesus as a divine messiah? The answer is that there is no connection between a messiah let alone a divine messiah and the return of the pig or that the pig is the messiah. In fact if the midrashim are anything to go by, Esav is the pig which represents in a historical time line: pagan Rome, Christian Rome and present day worldwide Christianity at large which includes messianic Judaism, which in the end undergo a transformation which renders them Kosher. The transformation expressed most appropriately by Jeremiah 16:

    19 O LORD, my strength, and my stronghold, and my refuge, in the day of affliction, unto Thee shall the nations come from the ends of the earth, and shall say: ‘Our fathers have inherited nought but lies, vanity and things wherein there is no profit.’ 20 Shall a man make unto himself gods, and they are no gods? 21 Therefore, behold, I will cause them to know, this once will I cause them to know My hand and My might; and they shall know that My name is the LORD.

  2. On Rambam’s standards possibly condemning rabbis before him (and after him).. I’ve heard an Israeli professor who teaches Jewish Thought at Haifa University, named Menachem Kellner say something similar.. In effect it was something like, “Rambam said that we are to pray to God and God alone, so singing the 3rd line of shalom aleichem would forbid someone from entering haba olam because it asks/implores angels to bless us.”

    Referring to the 3rd line of shalom aleichem: Bless me with peace, angels of peace (malachei hashalom), angels of the Most High (malachei elyon), of the Supreme King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He.

    And the 5th principle of Rambam’s 13 principles of faith: “I believe with complete faith that the Creator, blessed be His Name, is the only One to whom we should pray, and it is not proper to pray to any other.”

    So the professor said that anyone who prays shalom aleichem is violating this principle.

  3. He is not an orthodox believer. Tzahi Shapira said in a sermon : ” We are all in essence “mini-gods” walking around with unlimited potential, isnt it good to know you have unlimited potential?”

    Does that sounds orthodox to you?

  4. Blasater- I’m actually familiar with that message. Wow; you’ve really taken that quote out of context! Do you understand the origins and reasoning behind that thought? Maybe you should have listened to all of the “sermon”. Btw, “Tzahi” is not a Christian. He is an observant Israeli Jew who has identified Yeshua as the Messiah. Did you enjoy the show? 😉

  5. In regards to the question below:

    Chassidic thought is that we actually indeed are “Elohim” (Not to be confused with YHVH), I believe that the statements above by Mr. Brian Lasater about my Midrash are taken out of context. When Yeshua quotes in the John 10 the Psalms he identifies with perfect Harmony with the views of Rashi, the Malbim that by receiving the Torah we become “as Elohim” with ability to choose good and not evil, right and not wrong. Judaism teach that by choosing the Torah we are to becoming “Elohim”, this is a principle in Chassidic Judaism. I believe that Mr. Lasater is taking my statement way out of context. Yeshua in Essence Rebuked the P’erushim in Yochanan 10 by questioning their Judgement. Shabbat Shalom.

  6. Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira,

    Chazak v’amatz.

    The last Shapira I talked to was Rav Shapira, former Chief Rabbi of Israel for the Ashkenazim and rosh yeshiva of Yeshivat Merkaz haRav.

    Your book is a must read for myself.

    Dr Brown,

    This guest messianic rabbi spoke my language. One of my favorite interviews. Sh’koach.

  7. really great interview! If people can watch a movie for 120 minutes they can listen to this less then 100 minute interview. It could change the world 1 soul at a time. Then get the book. see

  8. Isn’t the title just a bit sacrilegious, if this book is about Christ? I mean, come on. I know that the “pig” in question does not refer to Jesus directly, but the author is nevertheless drawing a comparison. The theology concerning the Lord’s return should not be associated with the arbitrary musings of misguided rabbis speculating about the future of the Jewish diet. Truly despicable.

  9. Nicholas, what is truly despicable is that you would write something like without understanding what the book was speaking about in detail. By doing so, you dishonor the one you want to glorify.

  10. There are some truly remarkable stories coming from the work G_d is doing with this ministry. Bernard Star, and now Itzhak. I can not wait for the critical mass to be reached, which is now coming into view!

  11. A few comments here: First ‘Rabbi’ Shapira was NOT raised Orthodox as he admits in his book in ‘To the reader’.

    Second, he has no right to call himself a rabbi as no organ of Rabbinic Judaism has bestowed that title upon him, nor is he recognized as that within any Rabbinic Jewish Community.

    Third: As to his claim that ‘Chassidic thought’ says that we are all ‘elohim’, is just absurd. His reference is NOT to Toras HaBaal Shem, but to his misunderstandings of Chabad Chassidus and the concept of the soul being a chelek elokei mema’al. It is an insult to true Torah Judaism when ignorant outsiders like him distort what our Rabbis teach. You may not agree with them, but at least try to understand and relate what they really believe and teach.

  12. His name isnt Isaac. If his name were Itzach, it would be Isaac, but it’s Tzahi, which is Zach. He is Rabbi Zach, not Rabbi Isaac.

  13. Dear Rabbi Shapira,

    Have you ever heard of Andrew Gabriel Roth and his Aramaic-English N.T?

    I believe that the Divinity of the Moshiach is a Kosher teaching but I don’t believe in 3 Divine beings.

    I don’t belong to the United Pentecostal church and its Jesus Only Doctrine. But I see that sometime during prehistory God cloned and photographed Himself. The Letter called Hebrews tells us that Yeshua is tselem atzmoto. A physical photograph of Elohim. Hebrews 1:-3 calle Yeshua a tselem atzmoto. The word atzmoto comes from the word etzem for bone.

    Sha’ul/Pesach(Paul)said that Yeshua is the image of the invisible God. Also He is the FULLNESS OF ELOHIM BODILY. In his Letter to Timothy He is invisible.

    Rav Yeshua said in Yochanan’s biography to a woman of Shomeron that Elohim is Spirit.

    So the Yigdal prayer of the Rambam should be revisited, it says that Elohim doesn’t have a body yet Moshe saw His image or temunato. He is talking about the aspect that can become physical.

    This aspect that the Rambam calls temunato became our Master Yeshua in the fulness of time. So thus I believe in the Divinity of Yeshua, but not the Triune God as Elohim in 3 persons.

    Are you in Fort Worth, TX.? If so one Shapiro whose father changed the name to Shapp when his shul burned down in 1938 in Chicago.

    In the 1980s Donald Shapp came here and you being Shapira went to near Dallas! Two Shapira or Shapiros traded places.

    Andrew Gabriel Roth in the Aramaic-English N.T said that the name Shapira or Shapiro which is the same name in one of his footnotes means in Aramaic beautiful.

    I believe that the Brith Chadasha was in Aramaic BEFORE IT CAME INTO GREEK. I’d like to give you a copy of the Aramaic-English N.T. What is your snail mail address? HAPPY PESACH!

    Love in Yeshua

    Daniel Levine


  14. Dear Rabbi Shapira,

    Have you ever read the Aramaic-English NT?

    I do believe in Yeshua as a Divine Moshiach, but not in the God in 3 persons doctrine. Paul says that He is the image of the INVISIBLE GOD. He is the image of Elohim bodily. Paul said in Timothy that God is invisible.

    There is a lot of commonality between Rambam and Paul.

    What is your snail mail address so I can send you the Aramaic-English NT. in which the Greek is a translation of?

    Love in Yeshua

    Daniel Levine


  15. Dear Rabbi Shapira,

    Have you ever heard of the Aramaic-English NT? Translated by Andrew Gabriel Roth.

    I’d like to send you a copy. What is your snail mail address?

    Love in Yeshua

    Daniel Levine


  16. Dear Rabbi,

    I am going to tell you certain things in short. Maybe you will think I am crazy and that I have really lost it. I will tell you in brief about the constant dreams and visions I have about me and the Almighty Father who is waiting for me. These dreams and visions which I have thus far caused that my friends and my family rejected me and most of them I am not permitted not to see them or even go to their houses. So, if I don’t hear from you I will understand.

    I grew up as a Christian and my father was a Pentecostal preacher. From that I was a small child I will have dreams and visions that I will ascend into heaven to the Almighty Father. In my dreams I will see HIM speaking to me and He will say unto me: “Be prepared, for I AM coming on the fourth day”! Then I will ascend from heaven with the clouds of heaven and with great power. I do not have to say anything because of this majesty I have.

    One morning I had the strangest dream, Moses and Elijah appeared unto me in a cloud while the sun was setting and they told that “the Almighty Father has chosen me and that they (Moses and Elijah) cannot return for I am to be the fourth day of the creation. I, Helgard will give Moses and Elijah the order to return. While I had this conversation with Moses and Elijah I was standing at the house of Obed-Edom.

    I still did not get it, as I said that I was a Christian on that particular time. I will always dream about the fourth day that the Almighty Father will come on the fourth day in flesh, and I will see me as the Almighty Father. I will understand that you as the reader Rabbi will probably take an offence of me for saying these things, but I have to speak to someone.

    Then one day I had a dream but so real. These dreams of mine are so real. I saw the Almighty Father was passing me by and I wanted to see his face, although HE did not want me to see his face. I went after the Almighty Father, and then He turned unto me, and I fell backwards and I yelled with a great fear. When I looked up into the Almighty’s Father’s face, I saw my own face and that I am the Almighty Father in flesh!!!

    I will dream that I will ascend into heaven either by a chariot and a horse into heaven or by just my body and I will spend time with the Almighty Father in heaven for forty days. After a while I will descend from heaven and before my face and body will a burning consuming fire be that no man can stand before me.

    These dreams and vision got much intensified the older I got, and still I did not have a clue what was going on. Then one morning on the 1st of January 2005 I was woken up by a voice. The voice said unto me if you want to know what is the fourth day all about and what I have in store for my people Israel make study of the Torah. At that stage I did not know the difference between Christians and Israelites. I thought everyone was the same. I have read the five books whenever we went to church, but I have never made a study of the Torah.

    Then six months followed after that I got another dream/vision in my sleep I ascended into heaven and the Almighty Father appeared unto me and He has said that He has chosen me to lead his people Israel. I did not understand this at all. I did not know on that stage anything about Judaism. I saw again I was waiting at the house of Obed-Edom looking to the west where the sun is setting. I was waiting there to ascend into heaven for the Almighty Father had an appointment with me.

    I got another dream I was waiting in the clearest water and I was waiting to ascend into heaven to see the Almighty Father for HE has an appointment with me. He is going to change my name and He is going to write on me words in Hebrew with fire. It looks like a tablet of stone or something my body. After I ascended into heaven I descended and as I walked on earth I gathered Israel. I saw heaven torn apart and horses came from heaven. I had a key where I opened and close heaven. I had a star, an only star which people wanted, but could not get, for it belonged to me. This star fell from heaven and belonged unto me and was covered with a huge big rock and I saw people in envy of me.

    I had numerous dreams about the house of Obed-Edom and me waiting in the house of Obed-Edom for the right particular moment. I was waiting at the house of Obed Edom and the Almighty Father was teaching me from the five books of Moses and the prophets. He showed me how to eat bread and drink the wine cup. I told Him that I was taught different according to my religion. He has said that I have been taught wrong my entire life, and that He ONLY is going to teach me. So He did.

    I flew for the first time to Israel for these dreams got really intense and I did not had any understanding of the fourth day when the Almighty Father will come. I will always dream that I am chosen to gather Israel. As I said I really did not understand this, and this was quite controversial from my Christian being up brought.

    I arrived in Tel Aviv and I took the train to Jerusalem where I spent the night. The following day I took a bus to the Mount Sinai in Egypt. When I got there I had no luggage, except my Bible. I started to fast in prayer where I dreamt more and more intense dreams where I will ascend into heaven and come back to earth with clouds surrounding me. During that time I still was reading my Bible vigorously, but I still had no answer what the fourth day and all these dreams meant. I did not have any food coming over my lips for 63 days. Then on my 40th day of fasting I remember the voice which spoke to me which said that I have to study the writings of Moses. So I did. And when I started, I started at Exodus 1 and when I got to Exodus 19 to Exodus 34 I saw all my dreams what the meaning meant. It was thou I see a code encrypted within scriptures and dialogues. It was so extreme that I was stunned, I was speechless for days. I phoned my parents, friends and family back in South Africa, they thought I was crazy. My friends, the people from my church rejected me. One church thrown me out literally, I was even on the front page of the newspaper that I was crazy.

    It has been nearly 9 years that the more I read, the more I see when, how the King Moschiach will appear from heaven. As I said I have never been taught any teaching from a Jew, a Rabbi, but the things I know is so extreme – none of friends or family understands me when I speak about the books of Moses and the hidden message. It is thou I see myself in the scriptures of the prophets and the Torah. These people wrote about me. I say to friends and family that every time when I start to study and reading the Torah I see more things which are hidden. My wife and parents began to listen to me more over the years. They say I have to go to a Jew or a Rabbi for they have never heard such things. I said unto them that I totally agree. These secrets which I get within the writings of Moses are so huge and for surely the Christians do not even preach it. No man has ever made these things known unto me.

    I have started to write the book of the coming of King Moschiac on the fourth day and with hundreds of scriptures which is encoded in the Torah as the proof to it.

    I honestly do not know where to turn to for help. I am currently in the United States.

    Hope to hear from you. If I don’t hear from you, I fully understand.

    Take care,

    Helgard Muller

  17. Dr. Brown,

    I apologize for my comments, which were totally irrational and ridiculous. I misunderstood and prejudged in utter ignorance. I also wish to extend my apology to Rabbi Shapira. (I sent you a Facebook message but I’m not sure it went through.)

    Thank you very much,

  18. I’m surprised no one has responded to Helgard. So I feel compelled to respond because I know how a Super Natural Experience can be hard to relate to someone who has never experienced such a thing. In the Torah, G-d gave His Prophets some pretty big tasks, but He never gave anyone more than they could handle. He prepared people for the work He had for them.
    In your message, you seem to be overwhelmed by these visions Helgard, and your asking physical men for help. Ask G-d the Father in the name of His Son Yeshua for help and understanding.
    When I got to a point in my life where I was ready to die, I surrendered to Him for the first time in my life of 44 years, and that very night He revealed Himself to me in a way that I really can not do justice in describing. Two things that were absolutely clear was that He never intended anything but good for me, and the He loved me so much that He would die for me. G-d will not overwhelm those that are seeking Him with a sincere and contrite heart.
    I will not pretend to know the identity and nature of G-d; my mind is not even capable of comprehending Him in all the aspects of His Glory. I do know that He is Just and Loving, and He prepares us for every good work, as He has done for many of the men who have written here. Helgard take all this to Yeshua and let Him sort it out!

  19. regarding Helgard. my first thought is, if you dream that _you_ _are_ G_d, then it is a supernatural dream, albeit coming from the opposite direction – it came from the one who tells lies and deceives. we are not Him, and we are not Jesus either. i agree with what Michael Cuber said. i am sure, however, that we cannot know the time or date of Adonai’s return – because He said so. and i am sure that we are not Him. like i said, if you dream that you _are_ Jesus or something like that (that you are the Father) , then that is a deception – a supernatural deception – coming from the opposite of the good side – coming from the author of confusion and the father of lies. there are good dreams and supernatural visions to be had, but that needs to be seen in the light and by the acute and accurate perception and discernment of the true Holy Spirit. honor Him as Lord; seek and find the truth. i agree with Michael Cuber.

  20. well, i guess Helgard might have been what they call a “troll”, i didn’t think of that until now.

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