Dr. Brown’s Final Thoughts on the Zimmerman Verdict and Then an Interview with Prof. Doug Groothius on“Ultimate Reconciliation,” Heaven, Hell, and Rob Bell: A Biblical Analysis. Morality

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Dr. Brown puts forth several provocative scenarios to spur further understanding in the death of Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of George Zimmerman; in the second hour, Dr. Brown interviews Denver Theological Seminary Professor Douglas Groothious on how to derive moral thinking and moral values from the Bible. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us move past the rhetoric, let us move past the emotions, let us move past the media provocations on both sides and let us be Jesus people, loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves.


Hour 2:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Jesus is arguably the greatest thinker of all time because his mind was perfectly given over to God, what does that say to us.



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  1. “America is the most race-conscious society in the world…”

    I can attest to this.

    I went to a church called “Casa Sobre La Roca”.
    The church is Columbian in origin – full of people who grew up in Columbia.

    These Columbians would make “race jokes” (!) about their black or darker Columbian friends! They did not say those things with hatred in their hearts – it was just a joke – and both sides laughed. It was a light-hearted matter.

    I have to ask myself why these people can literally crack race jokes about one another, but why the issue is so charged/stigmatized that we have to fearfully tip-toe around the issue for us Americans.

    Obviously, they were raised with a certain mindset, and we with another.
    We have been racially divided and set against one another here in America. It is not something innate – if it was innate, the things I said about the Columbians couldn’t be true.
    The devil will use any opportunity he can; and, in our case, he used racism.
    Perhaps he wasn’t able to get racism off the ground in Columbia.

    We have to look at the end-result of all of these things: we are being divided – by a calculated satanic attack – where division is (demonstrably) unnecessary. We could accomplish so much more TOGETHER if the racism and division didn’t exist.

  2. It did not enter into their minds that they were being mean.

    I, an American, was offended.
    I was flabbergasted that they would DARE to say these things – at all, much less in front of the people they were saying the joke about!

    I tried to defend someone once, but the person said they didn’t need me because they were not hurt.

  3. Brother Mike,

    I appreciate your show in addressing the blind spots that we all have in one form or another, and this leads me to openly appeal to you regarding things you have said that had no redemptive value as we well.

    On your 9 July program, Cessationist Call-In Day, you said something that made me wonder why you unconsciensiouly spoke in such a manner. At the 58:30 point of your show, you discussed your ministering at a church in Washington, DC., and how the Spirit spoke to you about a pick pocket in the congregaton. What I did not understand was why you had to note that the pastor was African-American as you began to tell the story. I thought, what does his Ethnicity have to do with the story? Of which it didn’t.

    This is something that I find common among many white pastors, in that when they tell a story,and it happens to involve a black/African-American pastor, you seem to have to make a note of it, and in many cases it bears no redemptive value to the subject at all. This is not to say that African-American pastors are not guilty of the same thing, I am just pointing out that we Spirit-Filled men of G-d must look deep into our own hearts because we are more race driven then we care to admit.

    Many years ago, I recall telling a friend of a story that happened involving two individuals and I said, “One guy was black and the other was white.” After I finished the story he said to me, “what was the purpose of noting their race, as it added nothing to the context of the story?” I thought about what he said, and from that day forward have sought to keep race out of a conversation if it bore no purpose. I hope that this makse sense.


  4. Brian R.,
    It may have been to show solidarity with the black community: “I am welcomed at, and feel welcome ministering among my black brothers in Christ – you will at times find me doing so.”

  5. Bill,

    The show was on Cessationalism, of which I specifically laid out the context. I think that you are missing my whole point. It wasn’t about solidarity, hence who cares what race they were, as in only points out how race driven we are.

    I feel welcome ministering among my white brothers in Christ as well. A couple of weeks ago in ministered in Las Vegas to a predominantly white congregation – a blessing indeed. It was special because I was the first black pastor to minister in that pastor’s pulpit.

    However, if race plays on bearing on a subject matter then we would do better leaving it out, because G-d does not see as man sees. For you it may not matter, but if it offends your brother, then you would be better in taking note of that, and this is why I mentioned it.

  6. (However, if race “does not” play a bearing on a subject matter then we would do better leaving it out)

  7. Brian R.,
    I think what you might be forgetting is that Dr. Brown can deal with several pertinent topics all at once – and does. It’s called killing two birds with one stone.
    In nature, we have fruit. The fruit ministers on the level of fiber, on the level of flavor, and on the level of vitamins and nutrients. If we eat them raw, they also minister their living energy to our frames. But this is all done with one action – eating it.

    If a person can address many issues all at once, I would commend them and recognize the grace on their life. I know there are times I’ve gone to church and it sounded like the person was speaking directly to me – yet, I’m sure others felt he was speaking directly at them as well!

    Killing two birds with one stone.

    But again, I’m just speculating and you’ll have to wait for Dr. Brown’s answer if he has time (he’s mentioned several times he doesn’t always get to check his pages, and has to decline hundreds and thousands of challenges to debate as his schedule is tight).

    Wish you the best brother.

  8. If i recall that show, i think Dr. Brown was relating back to a prev comment where he said “i like preaching at black pentecostal churches because if the energy”…i could b wrong

    Brian im a vegas resident, what church do you preach at?

  9. Bill,

    Once again, the subject matter was related to the gifts of the Spirit. I think that you’ve missed the spirit of my initial post. I can appreciate your speculations, however, it is not always necessary to note race at all, anymore than noting if the pastor was tall or fat. Thank you for your comments.


  10. Ty,

    No, that particular show was not the one in relation to your comments. I noted the show and the point within the program where the comment was stated, unrelated to the subject matter.

    This is a common thing that I’ve heard throughout the years. I’ve heard these sided notes given by men that I respect in great measure and those heard throughout radio, from Leonard Ravenhill, to J. Vernon Magee, and so on. When I hear a note that an individual was black, and bears no purpose to the story, it makes one to realize that we are more race driven than we care to admit.

    I take everything in its context, just as I have a respect for Jonathan Edwards and his contributions to the church; however, I cannot ignore the fact that the same man who preached “Sinner in the Hands of an Angry God,” was also the same man who went home to his company of slaves that he owned. A paradox indeed!

    I ministered at Desert Hills Baptist Church, off of Nellis.


  11. Brian

    Thanks for the church information.

    I dont recall that show but I know what you mean. I find myself in some converstaions and i hear “So we are interviewing a couple of candidates. And this one black candidate ….” I always wonder…”huh, what was the purpose of that”


  12. Just wanted to correct the record of fact surrounding the shooting. George Zimmerman was not in his car when he was told he did not have to follow Trayvon Martin. He was not ordered to not follow as the dispatchers are trained not to issue commands as it could lead to liability problems. One caller on the show repeated this false meme. I just felt the need to support the truth vs what the media and demagogues have spread. Seems like people allow themselves or want to be deceived as long as it promotes their ideology. Read outside the box of media. LegalInsurrection.com blog had extensive coverage of the trial.

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