Is It Time to Change Our Strategy?

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Dr. Brown addresses the question of whether we need to change our kingdom strategy in light of the recent Supreme Court rulings, also sounding an alarm about the heightened intolerance coming our way and sharing how we should respond. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Society is shifting and sliding. We are called to be the moral conscience of the society. Will we stand or will we apologize to God and our kids?

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God calls us to reach out and resist; that hasn’t changed. Reach out to the people with compassion and resist the agenda with courage!



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  1. Instead of changing your strategy, how about getting humble and admitting we have been wrong about the gays?

    We were wrong about the sun revolving around the earth.

    We were wrong about the Crusades.

    We were wrong about the age of the earth.

    We were wrong about burning witches.

    We were wrong about owning slaves and women.

    Likewise, we can admit we were wrong about the gays — the church won’t come to an end.

  2. Dear Greg, it is not as much as being wrong about the gays, as it is the layers and layers of sin that has led us here. Now we can look and point at the manifestation that is here, but we would be ignoring the western leisure and sin that created this problem.

  3. Greg Allen,

    The Bible does not say that the sun revolves around the earth. We, whoever we is, were wrong because we trusted man’s wisdom and knowledge.

    The Bible does not say to conquer and kill in the name of “Jesus.” We, whoever we is, were wrong because we followed corrupt power mongers.

    Those that were burning witches were not using the Biblical method of justice and inquiry. And it was quite an isolated phenomenon as best as I remember. So we, whoever we is, were not any kind of majority and were wrong because we didn’t pay close attention to what the Bible does say about this sort of thing.

    The Bible teaches an entirely different form of slavery than was being practiced in America. The Bible says that those that kidnapped and sold people into slavery and their accomplices were deserving of the death penalty. If we would have enacted that simple law the slave trade would have ended post haste or would have never got a foothold. We, whoever we is, were wrong because we went with a multitude to do evil.

    The Bible does not say that we own women. We, whoever we is, were wrong because we followed the customs of the nations.

    We, whoever we is, should be humble, and pay close attention to what the Bible does say about homosexuality. It says that it is wrong and that those that practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Walking humbly before our Creator includes warning such people so that they can repent and believe the real gospel that empowers us to overcome such sinful habits and thus produces works in us that prove that our faith is real. There is a false humility that thinks that it is being humble and kind by comforting and encouraging homosexuals in their sin.

    But we, whoever we are, will probably continue down the same path as always and not listen to what the Bible says and by so doing mess our world up more…to the point that YHWH has no choice but to bring catastrophic final judgement upon us. I believe that the book of Revelation covers this quite well.


  4. Greg, do read how Bo responds below

    Walking humbly before our Creator includes warning such people so that they can repent and believe the real gospel that empowers us to overcome such sinful habits and thus produces works in us that prove that our faith is real.

    That is the WE- Humble, believing, repenting, being empowered with the God of the universe, being changed through Yeshua- a revolution in our lives.

    You have bought into layers of thought that do not let you conceive of the idea of sin, so WE do not change. The pot is boiling and ready to spill over and not tolerate the man of faith. The man of sin will not tolerate the WE.

  5. The debate is over!

    This is becoming a common theme in the argument of the secularist.

    Global warming- Pelosi said the argument is over and the scientist have clearly established global warming.

    Gay marriage- The liberal side is abandoning any other view but gay marriage.

    Age of the earth- The debate is over to evolution.

    The side that say’s the debate is over has one little problem. This little problem is on the front page daily. They are running around and making alliances to solve the problem. The one little problem- ISRAEL….. Could this G_d of this small problem still be>>>> GOD??

    Stay tuned more exciting scenes on the way.

  6. Greg,

    It’s not the church that would be wrong about gay relationships it’s the Bible. If the church doesn’t hold firm to what the Bible says then the church will indeed end.

    Are you a part of a church and does your pastor know that your hobby is going out and promoting various evils?

  7. Maybe it is time to change our stratgy. Not in the context that Greg referred to where we ignore parts of the Bible regarding these matters… but maybe take a play from the playbook of the nonstr8 community.

    Using media to guide public dis-course. Preaching on Sat to the closet Christians is not working. Becasue they leave the sermon, and crawl back it their whole.

    I know Muhammed Ali is not of our theology, but an example is when he should up about not goign to war. We need Christian ppl with that conviction to turn the tide.

  8. To Ty, do we turn the tide? or is it going to take the supernatural? I think at this point it is coming to a head in where we will not be able to turn the tide, look at where we are now- that is the Christian church and the silence to leisure and corruption. In our leisure we have turned a blind eye to divorce and sexual promiscuousness- and now this vine has taken over our society.

  9. Jon

    I agree thens are spiraling out of control. I just read this article, where kids are banned from praying post football games

    But even the supernatural can be done through a person. Only God knows,… but maybe he the spirit will motivate promienent figures with a platform (mass scale celebrity type platform) to start the fire.

    Ppl are scared followers…if one promient person stands…maybe it will lead to other to stand.

  10. TY, this line of fire radio may it help start a revolution soon. Your right it starts with you, it starts with Greg above. Greg are you ready?
    it starts with a blog, a response on this page. I am ready for someone like Greg who listens and reads this comment page to accept and become a part of the change that we need. I disagree with Greg that the WE need to accept the sin as normal. WE accept every person/creed/color- Jesus accepted each of everything so that WE could be transformed. Greg, let this change happen to you, it is the most peacful change that you could ever imagine.

  11. If a martian was listening to this radio program it would probably conclude that the only things that matter re: politics (recent 2 elections) and the judiciary are: (i) abortion and (ii) gay marriage.

    i’ll wager that most of you guys had never missed a meal in your life – unless you tried to fast – in which case you would miss the first, and second, but not the third hahaha. you’re all educated. you have job opportunities. your version of “poverty” and financial struggle is earning $15,000 USD p/a. with friends and families to help too. well-to-do. aficianados and arm chair experts who pharisee like will throw yourselves in front of moving freight trains for the glory of the gospel……yet not lift a little finger when it comes to HELPING poor, uneducated, disadvantaged, drug addicted, (black) women raise a child. it’s easy to excoriate the godless for aborting a foetus and berate the supreme court for selling out, and invoke god and prayer to change the world. here: some lose change for the poor and $20 for torchbearing…for everything else including my latest ebook and my $800 i-pad/kindle/blackberry there’s mastercard. priceless!

    The POINT being: try to appreciate the struggles and difficult choices other people have which you cannot begin to fathom imagine. and perhaps think how YOU COULD CHANGE the world. how about selling your house and giving it to the poor like your God said.

    …..well how about it?

  12. Ben,

    I would like to state that Politics and religion are 2 of teh most important things in the Nation.

    In regards to your question… you would lose your bet. I am from a broken home, witness doesmtic violence up close and personal, I have never been homeless but have missed meals in order for my family to eat comfortably. I am not sure why u added “Black” in this sentence.. but what ever

    “(black) women raise a child”

    Anyhow, I agree with you on the difficult decisions ppl have to make, But God rules/laws hold firm….
    Im sorry.. but as a African American Male.. I would like to know why was “black” thrown in this sentence?

    Just an FYI: Your “sell your house line” wasn’t as cleaver as I assume you thought it was.

  13. Ben does bring a good discussion to the table- America does have so much wealth and leisure that the spiritual aspects are harder to grasp because of all the priceless items that we hang so desperately to. Although Ty clearly understands what it means to be wealthy in the spiritual sense.

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