Myths and Facts about Israel, the Jewish People, and the Hebrew Language

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Dr. Brown discusses some widely and not-so-widely held beliefs about Israel, the Jewish people, the Hebrew language, and more, sharing some fascinating truths and refuting some popular myths, also taking your Jewish-related calls. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It’s a good thing to understand history. It’s a good thing to look in the past and understand how we got where we are, but it’s critically important that we take the insights from history and apply them to today; otherwise the worst parts of history will repeat themselves.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It’s possible to get caught up in all types of trivial issues, but some things really do matter. Rightly understanding the people of Israel, the history of Israel, and God’s purposes for Israel is one of those things that matters.



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  1. Hmm. OnePlace does not seem to be broadcasting today’s broadcast. May be my browser though.

  2. Here is an interesting video of an Arab, Muslim, Israeli and Zionist, all in one!

    “I’m Muslim and Israeli

    My name is Abdol and I’m a Muslim, Zionist Arab.

    Israel is my home. Israel is where my friends – Arabs & Jews – live. Israel is where I have rights and Israel is where my family lives. I joined the IDF to give back to a country that keeps giving to me. I had a tough time in the army because in my village it was difficult for others to understand why I joined the IDF and on the other hand my unit in the IDF didn’t know how to accept an Arab. But I love my country and I overcome any difficulties. I also learned to understand the Jewish nation. I went to Poland as a student in high school and learned about the Holocaust. One of my main projects was a movie I made about the Holocaust. Its purpose was to ensure this never happens again anywhere in the world. We must not go the way of terror. We must find a way to peace and pluralism. I’m proud to be Arab & Israeli.” (

  3. I didn’t hear the whole show. Did Dr. Brown mention mistreatment of Palestianians as a main reason Muslims don’t like Jews?

    Too often, Muslims get painted as irrational racists and bigots (similar to the Christian supremacists).

    But, when you speak with Muslims, personally, a different picture emerges.

    That’s not to say here isn’t naked anti-Jewish bigotry among Muslims. There certainly is. But there are also many legitimate objections to the actions of Israel as well.

    Unfortunately, these legitimate concerns often get ignored by the Christian supporters of Israel and are dismissed as simple bigotry.

  4. Dr. Brown,
    Yes, my step-father was a Muslim Imam and tried to teach me to hate Jews but I always thought, “How can I hate the Jews? I don’t even know any Jews to make a decision for or against them.”

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