Stirring Kingdom Testimonies and Faith for Kingdom Finances

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On day three of this special Radiothon, Dr. Brown interviews Gary and Cindy Panepinto, longtime friends and fellow-FIRE leaders, as they bring dynamic insights on using finances to advance the gospel. Dr. Brown will also talk with FIRE missionaries in Ukraine and Holland. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Joshua was told to go and take the land, but he did it with an army, he did it with the people of Israel. Together friends we can shake this nation and the nations of the world!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Nothing is too difficult for the Lord! Don’t let your circumstances, your past, and your history, hinder you from believing God to work the impossible through you.



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  1. How could this man go to school, work as VP of Chase AND … how does one occupy oneself that much and still pay attention to the Lord? I would like to know, because I have so many interests.

  2. When the show started and Dr. Brown came on saying… “…pot of gold in your future… we have a lesson in faith for Finance”

    I thought the prosperity Gospel people kidnapped Dr. Brown. lol

    This week it is great to hear about Chrisitains actually impacting the world. At Local churches all we ever here about typically is local problems of the church community not the real fight of in the trenches for souls. We all have problems, but this level of sharing the Gospel is remarkable.

    Thank you for doing the Lords work!

  3. I know you don’t have endless amounts of time to talk with me on this, but …

    I didn’t mean “energy”-wise… I meant how could he be focused on God with his mind being divided in so many very different directions? Perhaps he put Jesus first in everything so that it was one “thread”? But how do you do that? Maybe he just has a grace I don’t? I don’t quite understand. I feel a loss of the presence of God when I get too focused on even things I’m interested in. How can that loss be diminished?

  4. I guess he was just obeying God in everything he was doing and God was telling him to do a lot of stuff… if you do what God says to do you stay with Him… if you just do what you are interested in you do not necessarily stay with Him? I don’t want to be a 1-talent guy [Mt 25].


  5. Dan1el, yes, I wish I had more time to interact with everyone, but time is limited.

    Two thoughts: Gary might multitask better than others, hence keep his focus on the Lord while doing all these other things — or, bring God into everything he does. Others are much more one-track and find if they concentrate on one thing, they lose sight of another.

    So, if the latter is more like you, I’d encourage you to talk to the Lord at night and in the morning about your day and everything you’re doing, committing it all to Him in advance and then in retrospect, and if you find your attention has drifted from Him while focusing on other things, don’t feel condemned. You’ve already given this to Him and He is still with you.

    You can also look for little ways to keep reminding yourself about spiritual truths over the course of the day.

  6. I was sorry, but not surprised, to hear the term “the homosexual agenda” on today’s show.

    It’s a classic propoganda phrase.

    It’s unspecified fear-mongering with a little “sexual!” menace.

    The “homosexual agenda” is equal rights for gay Americans. It’s also about freedom, safety and respect.

    But, I’m sure you guys will defend the term.

    So, can we fairly say that Dr. Brown is “pushing the heterosexual agenda” ? You know, denying fellow Americans their equal rights?

  7. Greg, sadly, tragically, you could not be more wrong. Please, please before you post on this again, take the time to read my book A Queer Thing Happened to America with an open and heart and mind and a love for the truth. If you’re not willing to do that, it is unfair for you to challenge me (and others) repeatedly here — and we all have better things to do than argue with someone who is not open to learn and grow. So, the book is readily available; if you’re not willing to read it or if you think I should post 700 pages of detailed material here in Comments boxes, then please do refrain from challenging us on these very clear realities. Fair enough? (This will be my only post on the subject given the history of your other posts here.)

  8. Dan1el… Lol. That happens a lot. ppl type TY, and I am not sure if they are refering to me or not. When i saw TY, I thought you had forget to type your message, or was just speechless by my brillant comment. J/K

    In regards to Greg.
    It is an agenda.. it might not be a playbook that ppl keep in there back pocket, but its an agenda to push their views to be accepted as the norm.

    “The “homosexual agenda” is equal rights for gay Americans. It’s also about freedom, safety and respect.”

    I would dis-agree… its about changing the status quo and making there viewpoint the norm. They are Free, they are jus as safe as anybody else, and they get more respect than a lot of other groups.

    Just my opinion. Maybe Im bias, I grew up in the San Francisco area and now live in Vegas… and honestly I see this lifestyle as being more celebrated on a regular basis than most.
    Its almost promoted for a lady to be bi-sexual (a cool way of saying gay), or having great fashion is correlated with being gay, etc. Only good thing assocaite with my minority group is “you are probably good at playing basketball”

  9. Greg, those who practice homosexuality do have all equal rights as are afforded any other citizens or non-citizens (as applies) in this country. Nobody can (legally) deny a self-avowed homosexual these rights.

    Yes, even the right to marry. That is, to marry a person of the opposite sex.

    So really it comes down to wanting to change the definition of marriage. The ‘homosexual agenda’, in regards to rights, is about allowing anyone to enter into a state-recognized marriage contract with anyone else. Defining ‘marriage’ that way is very clearly contrary to what God has revealed in the scriptures, and in His creation.

    BTW, the ‘homosexual agenda’ as it can be delineated goes far beyond securing personal rights. Its about having the homosexual lifestyle embraced and ensconced within society, in every corner, absolutely no room for dissenting views such as mine. I whole-heartedly resist such efforts.

  10. BTW, Greg, you are undoubtedly already aprised of the things I’ve written above. So the post is for the edification of any less-informed that may have read your posted objection.

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