Prevailing Prayer, Praying Through, and Overcoming Hindrances to Prayer

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In light of the tremendous need for an outpouring of the Spirit and a fresh wave of revival here in America, Dr. Brown focuses again on the importance of prayer, this time looking at what it means to prevail in prayer and to pray through, also identifying some key hindrances to prayer. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Our infinite and eternal, all powerful God is stretching out His hands to us and saying, “Come and ask, come and seek, come and find, come and receive!”

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The Word of God urges us and encourages us to pray without ceasing. Pray without ceasing to a God who never stops listening and never stops answering.



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  1. The Lord spoke to me almost a year ago, I was waking up and I heard “it will come in waves evil and the holy spirit upon the earth. shortly after that I started hearing about waves. first the wave cloud as seen on youtube, then the waves that came over Boston and new York this last storm bloods everywhere, then just recently . the waves of ice destroying homes, those are literal waves we also have evil waves. I feel God saying the harvest is ripe.thank you God Bless

  2. I appreciated Dr. Browns words on prayer today.

    It went by me fast but I think he gave a Hebrew word that mean “I am prayer” or similar. I recently heard a Rabbi say that the Hebrew name of God can also be said as breathing in and breathing out.

    I like that.

    I spent way to many years praying _for_ things, too, often in my own self-interest. It was usually for good things… but asking, asking asking.

    It might sound silly — but I then put my self in the shoes of The Father. What if my child spent 90% of our conversations asking for thing? How selfish is that?

    Now, I mostly think of prayer as spending time with God.

  3. Oops.

    I re-read your post and see that your prophesy was “_It_ comes in waves evil.”

    What do you think it means?

  4. Hello Dr. Brown,

    I went on your website to buy the DVD Debate on predestination with dr james white and its not available. Will it be available soon again? Thanks.

  5. This show is an answer for the show you did with Mikey Weinstein last Thursday. Do continue to pray that G_d will reach Mikey- I prayed intently last week for him, and will do again tonight. If MB will pray for him i know that he will be reached.

  6. And it wasn’t me who understood it – it was all God, for I am utterly incapable (as the moon is incapable of shining on its own)!

  7. Greetings Alex,

    This is Clay with AskDrBrown Communications. Upon reading your question, we discovered that there was an error on our end when the new web site was introduced. It seems that the Predestination DVD was simply hidden instead of being made visible to the public. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention and now the resource should be available for all to see! I’ve posted the link below that will take you directly to the DVD you’re interested in:

    Thanks again Alex for all your prayers and support and we look forward to hearing back from you again soon!
    God Bless,
    Clay with AskDrBrown Communications

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