Dr. Brown Interviews Frank Viola and Dr. Norman Geisler

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Dr. Brown talks with bestselling author Frank Viola about his new book God’s Favorite Place on Earth and then speaks with the famed apologist Dr. Norman Geisler about answers to the toughest objections to the faith. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There is absolutely no contradiction between loving God with all of our heart and loving God with all of our mind. We are created in His image; this is the natural expression of our love back to Him.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God desires to have intimate friendship with you. Not just service to the Lord, but friendship with the Lord. He’s inviting you!



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  1. I heard the portion of the show regarding lessons about grief from the story of Lazarus.
    I thought the author had some good insights about the meaning of suffering. His book seems good.

    In my observation, friends and family tend to talk _too much_ during the early raw, stages of grief and then _not enough_ during the months and years later.

    When people first lose a loved-one, the best thing you can do is listen. Almost all words ring hollow and are often hurtful.

    But then, months and years later, people often go silent around the spouse or child! I suppose it seems awkward to raise a painful issue so long after. But that’s often when people need and want to talk through their feelings.

    (But they don’t need platitudes! Just give them time and freedom to find their own understanding and meaning with God.)

  2. Geisler is so simple / rugged, but out from that rugged man come these living words you never would have thought would. He IS going somewhere with his talking. LOL

  3. Hello Dr. Michael,

    Author Frank Viola talked about how Bethany was the Lord’s favorite place on Earth because of his close friends who lived there. I had some ideas about why God values friendship.

    It seems that a person’s value is defined by his achievements. That seems true in our world, although it is also sometimes very valuable to have great friends. But you are measured by your own accomplishments and achievements. However, it might be different with God. Take a look at the child prodigy who was born with a natural gift to use his or her mind in a much more advanced way then the average human being. Or the person with a natural talent for singing. Does having a lot of money make a person valuable, seeing that you can accomplish a lot with money? It seems that in God’s eyes, a person’s value is not only defined by his accomplishments. For God is able to give you the power to accomplish many things. God can make you smart, make you talented, and even make you rich by creating, for example, two thousand pounds of gold for you, so that you can accomplish many things. Maybe God is more impressed by a person’s willingness to work hard, even when that person is poor or not as rich as their neighbor. Can God make you more energetic? Considering God’s own accomplishments like the creation of all life and the entire universe, understanding all things, full of wisdom and knowledge, stretching back to the beginning and even before the beginning, traveling through time and seeing all of history and the past, stretching even to the future and beyond to infinity, never dying and living forever, diving deep into the hearts and souls of every living thing, God might not be as impressed as we are about our own accomplishments. Even having the power to move the hearts and minds, knowing the future. So what does God value highly in a person? I don’t know that answer, but it seems that in God’s eyes, a person’s value is not defined only by his accomplishments. There are probably other things that God values in a person. Money, talent, and intelligence can be easily given by God. How you use these things is probably important to God. Will you be God’s friend or will you think that you know better than God because of your intelligence? Are you better than God with all your money? Is God not as cool as you with your amazing talent and skills? God can give you the power to be the greatest person in the world, skillful, smart, rich and full of life, but will you be friends with God? Perhaps God values a person who can be humble and thanks God for his blessings, knowing that these blessings could be given to anyone. Maybe God would love for someone to just simply try and understand God and God’s values and to be a good friend.

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