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How does 1 Chron. 12:32 apply to believers today? Is there a connection between the pillar of fire in Exodus and the smoking firepot of Genesis 15? Are the sins of the whole world already forgiven in God’s sight because of Jesus’ death on the cross? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Yes, there’s all kinds of sin in the world. Yes, there’s even sin in the Church, but here’s what we can deal with; if there’s sin in my life, your life, let’s turn from it and turn to The Lord, heart and soul, and He’ll be quick to forgive and restore.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The world around us has gone crazy. Are we in turn devoting ourselves with equal passion to God and His purposes?



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  1. Dr Brown! I loved your book “A Queer Thing Happened to America”. As you may know a similar Queer Thing Happended to Sweden (and Europe).

    However, would you consider writing a book more specifically on the Bible and homosexual practices? The section in your book about Queer Theology is right on target; but isn’t where the debate is being carried out today. Queer Theology is often so far fetched and strained regarding interpretation and therefore is easily refuted on biblical ground.

    What bothers me today is a rising number of biblical scholars that is questioning the classical interpretation of what Paul meant in his Romans and Corinthians-passages concerning same-sex sexual practices (i.e. what did Paul really mean when he wrote his passages?)

    To get a feeling of how divided biblical scholars are about the interpretation of for instance of Romans 1 read Dr William Loaders latest contribution:

    “Sexuality in the New Testament”

    I can also recommend to you if you have not read it, Loader’s magisterial and authoritative work on New Testament sexuality:


    Sincerely Magnus Nordlund, Sweden.

  2. Polygamy came up during the program. It’s important to remember that even if somebody thinks polygamy was an acceptable practice during the Old Testament era, it doesn’t follow that it’s acceptable today. The language Jesus uses in Matthew 19:4-9 suggests that he was siding with the anti-polygamists of his day. And Paul’s instructions about marriage can only be lived out in a monogamous relationship. Irenaeus, writing in the second century, criticizes some heretics for trying to introduce polygamy into the church, thus suggesting that the practice had been rejected by Christians in general up to that time. Bardesanes, not long after Irenaeus, comments that Christians reject polygamy even when they live in parts of the world where it’s considered acceptable by the culture. In other words, the early Christian opposition to polygamy wasn’t just a matter of accommodating the surrounding culture. I would argue that polygamy is not only condemned in the New Testament and early patristic Christianity, but even in the Old Testament as well. If anybody is interested in my arguments to that effect, see here.

  3. I have a step son that was brought up in the catholic faith. He is now 24 years of age and living on his own. He says he does not believe in God because according to him, no one can prove to him that God exist. How can I respond to this?

  4. Dr. Brown my husband and I listen to your broadcast this afternoon 5/6/13 re: Prayer and I would just like to tell you did a wonderful job it was so encouraging to listen. My favorite Bible verse is Romans 8:23, it has given me strength through the many years I have been Saved and Reborn. I am a prayer warrior for my family and friends and all I can say Hallelujah Lord Jesus! I am also in the Lord’s Army. I’m on Fire for the Lord and one of my son’s, Michael is a Minister. Thank you so much for your service to the Lord, many blessings to you and your family.

    In Jesus’ Love, Janet A. Yendrick

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