Jesus Is for Jews, and Answers to Your Jewish Questions

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Dr. Brown explains how Jesus-Yeshua is the one the Jewish people need and have been looking for and then answers your Jewish questions. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Yes, the Messiah will come in the clouds of Heaven in the future. First He came and walked among us, felt our pain, and died for our sins. He’s a Messiah we can relate to as the Jewish people. Let’s turn to Him today and be redeemed.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Many Jews have looked in foreign religions; they’ve looked into Buddhism, they’ve looked into Hinduism, they’ve looked into New Age Expressions, and Scientology searching for spiritual truth. They need to go back home and look at the most influential Jew of all, Jesus Yeshua the Messiah.



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  1. Dr Brown have you read anything of the Jewish scholar of the New Testament by the name of Geza Vermes? If not, I would urge to do so.

    I think he is asking a lot of valid questions concerning the development of Christianity in general and the early jewish movement which began with Jesus in particular.

    I’ve nearly done with his latest contribution: “Christian beginnings from Nazareth to Nicaea, AD 30-325.

    Some of Vermes most controversial points which comes out in his works is:
    i. Jesus was not the first human being who forgave sins (a previous incident occurs in the Dead Sea Scrolls (4Q242).
    ii. The synoptic gospels portraits Jesus as a typical jewish charismatic (just as other charismatic Jews throughout previous history)
    iii. Jesus preached the message of the Kingdom of God. For Paul on the other hand, the person of Jesus was the message (i.e. a discontinuity in the message between Jesus and Paul)
    iii. Paul did not view Jesus as divine and the only passage in the authentic pauline corpus is Philippians 2ff which is an interpolation (since it goes against the usual way Paul makes distinction between God and Jesus Christ and so forth).

    If Vermes is right, Paul and later Christian tradition has embellished some of the stories and the teaching of the original historical Jesus. The effect has been that the historical Jesus has been made into something else than he actually was when he walked the earth and teached.

    By the way, I do not agree with Vermes but I think he is worth reading, given his criticism from a Jewish perspective.

    Sincerely Magnus Nordlund, Sweden.

  2. Yes, of course, I have read Vermes’ material on Jesus for years. He often has excellent insights in terms of Jewish background but then will miss the glorious forest because of the trees.

  3. Dear Dr. Brown,

    Could you share the link to that video you spoke about on YouTube about the ultra-orthodox rabbi campaigning to get Jesus recognized as moshiach Ben Yosef?


  4. Hi Dr. Brown.

    Another great informal podcast. Thank you very much. But I just wanted to ask the same thing that Eric asked above:

    Is the video you spoke of available online for others to view?

    Thanks again for all that you do.

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