Jews Persecuting Jews?

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Dr. Brown talks about Orthodox Jewish opposition to Messianic Jews in Israel and other parts of the world and shares his perspective on what he can expect in the coming years. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Are you courageous, are you a bold witness, and are you willing to stand and proclaim your faith in Yeshua at any cost or consequence?



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  1. I haven’t read Dr. Brown’s book about Christian persecution of the Jews but as he described it, I think I would appreciate it.

    Unless we learn lessons from our history, we are doomed to repeat it.

    We Christians have a history of justifying persecution and oppression with the Bible.

    We persecuted the Jews, of course, but also the Muslims during the Crusades, “heretics” during the Inquisition, blacks during slavery/segregation and women during the rise of feminism.

    In every case, Christians believed the Bible was telling them these groups of people were morally inferior, a threat to society, and deserved their second class status.

    (You probably guessed where I am going with this.)

    Today, many Christians believe the Bible says that gays don’t deserve the same rights as the rest of us because of their moral failure.

    Would you at least consider the possibility that we Christians are repeating history?

  2. Greg,

    Thanks for your comments.

    First, where there was actually violent persecution of Jews by the Church, it was a totally apostate Church with virtually no connection to Scripture. True Christians have often been Israel’s best friends.

    Second, how can you compare an apostate Church telling Jews to choose between baptism and death with Christians telling gay activists that we’re not willing to redefine marriage based on someone sexual and romantic desires. Have you really thought the comparison through? I mean no insult, but your question actually surprises me.

    Grace to you!

  3. Dr.brown sent me a free copy of “our hands are stained with blood” after I called in once.I let my Mom read it and she loved it. she’s never heard of you (until I told her about you)now she’s changed her out look on some things! God bless you Dr.Brown!

  4. @Greg Allen,

    How about you “at least consider the possibility that” the Bible means what it says about homosexuality?

  5. The videos in Arad showing the harassing of
    the Messianic Congregation was quite distributing,
    to say the least. First the Messiancs were not
    bothering anyone. Second they had a Chess Club
    for senior citizens who loved the game. If
    the G-er Hasidism desired to do outreach for
    unaffiliated Jews,why don’t they offer the
    same venu as this Messianic Congregation had done.
    More unsettleing is how one group persecutes
    another group for a different interpretation of
    the Bible. One memeber of another Messianic Congregation called Hasadei Yeshua,told me
    how the Ger Hasidim in Arad tried setting on
    fire a small conservative shul in that city.
    There was even a fist fight between members of
    Chabad and Ger in Arad in the shul of the Ger
    Hasidism on a Shabbat. I’m sure they were not
    debating Talmud.
    Of course the majority of Orthodox Jews do
    not condon any viloent action aganist anyone
    with different beliefs. They certainly disagree
    with the Messianics,but are no violent.
    After watching those videos and one of the
    Ger chaps said that Jesus was for the Jews
    not wanted,rejected,etc this caught my attention
    to delve further into the New Testament. I’m
    always for the under dog(not the cool cartoon
    of the 1960’s) As a Jewish chap, I certainly
    view Jesus as Rebbe Yeshua. I haven’t reached
    the point of Messiah yet,but wonders are
    being revealed to me.

  6. Theodore Jessa,

    I am wondering if you have considered the time frame that the book of Daniel tells us that Messiah would come ended, and therefore must have been fulfilled, before the first half of the first century of the Common Era. Is there any teacher of righteousness, other than the one described in the gospels, that can be a candidate for the promised Messiah that came at the correct time? This question must be answered one way or the other and cannot be brushed off or marginalized.


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