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Dr. Brown catches up on the latest news from Israel, shares some jewels of Jewish wisdom, and answers your Jewish-related emails and calls. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Yes, I know there are divine promises to keep and preserve Israel, but our prayers make a difference, our lives make a difference, and your life may lead to the salvation of a Jewish person you know!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Jewish wisdom says, “Whoever saves one human life it’s as if he saved the whole human world.” It’s with that perspective and mind that God sends His son to die for each of us.



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  1. I appreciated Dr. Brown’s support for the persecuted church in Egypt. I have met with a number of Coptic Christians and their story broke my heart.

    I doubt that calling US politicians for an end to foreign aid will be an effective strategy in stopping persecution. Most of the aid goes to US weapons manufacturers. Sadly, weapons sales almost always trumps human rights.

    As Dr. Brown encouraged, US Christians can pray for our Coptic brothers and sisters. And for peace!

    Also, I would strongly encourage donating to Christian aid and charity organizations working in Egypt.

  2. One MAN to die for the entire NATION was in God’s PLAN of salvation FROM THIS ENTIRE FOOTSTOOL, for ALL it’s soul and spiritual BODIES (for HE was crucified OUTSIDE the gates of the City of Jerusalem). But this “salvation” includes “new birth” UNTO A BETTER RESURRECTION, but it does NOT give us ETERNAL LIFE (WITH GOD, which comes only by THIS life in sinful flesh and blood, SAME ‘DNA’, including our own individual order of RESURRECTION also in sinful flesh and blood, SAME ‘DNA’, different DUST, AND ONLY THEN, “in this NEXT LIFE” can we then include “life eternal”). “These things are written SO THAT WE MAY PERCEIVE OF HOW TO HAVE ETERNAL LIFE” (same as Jesus answer to the Jew who came ASKING “what must I do….TO have…?”

  3. For the counter-missionaries to object to Jesus, “We have always had a direct relationship with God – no ‘intermediary'”, is it not a denial that the Mishkan, Kohanim, sacrifices, consecrated items were the apparatus formulated and appointed for that very purpose (the “in-between” – e.g.: as electricity flows through copper, but not rubber)?

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