Equipping the Church to Defend Marriage, Live from Italy!

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Dr. Brown spends two hours explaining the perils of redefining marriage and making it genderless helping to equip believers to stand up for natural, organic marriage as intended by God. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: When God established the very foundation of human civilization, male-female marriage, and everything flows out of that, we dare not tamper with the foundations of society.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: You do not tamper with the foundations of human life and society without dastardly dangerous consequences. Let’s recover our sanity, and recover the meaning of marriage.



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  1. I’m a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ. I have been blessed to be married to a wonderful husband for 18 years and hope for many more. I was usually stumped when people defended their homosexuality by the response that they were “born that way”. But God permitted me to consider the conversation Jesus had with Nicodemus. I realized I too was born a sinner. So now I tell those who defend their homosexuality that I too was born a sinner and now I’m reborn in Christ.
    I’m saddened that many children are being trained to push the acceptance of homosexuality. And even more saddened that some kids in Middle schools and High Schools are feel threatned if they don’t join allegiances with those who promote homosexuality.
    I invite the Holy Spirit to reign in the hearts and minds of the those who boldly stand firmly in the faith in our Lord Jesus.

  2. Excellent material with sound logical responses to the current “trendy” pro-gay, efforts to redefine marriage. I really long for the day Michael Brown is interviewed on the Sunday Morning talk shows instead of the light weights usually called upon to give account of “our” position.

  3. Spiritual revolution… What we need as followers of G-d is the blessing in our lives, a spiritual blessing in our marriages. A blessing is very distinct, and is not a blessing said or repeated and so it is. A blessing is either there or it is not. For example, why did not Esau just have his father Isaac repeat the same blessing that was already given to Jacob? This is what we do not understand in the modern age. We need to have a spiritual revolution today that takes the spiritual blessings and applies it to living in G_ds plan. We will have a real revolution when we can live under spiritual blessings already available to us. These things are only spiritual matters- we cannot apply a spiritual blessing to something that will not be blessed from above. A homosexual marriage cannot live under this blessing. An adulterous marriage will not be blessed from above. The revolution demands that we have authentic relationship with the only G_d of the universe. We can only have blessing in our lives from above when it is in harmony with truth, and that is not a fantasy. We need to live powerful spiritual lives, it is time for a revolution today.

  4. I appreciated Dr. Brown’ words today about not letting disagreement divide the church. Like him, I enjoy a good debate and it makes me look deeper in to the world.

    So, even though I disagree with him on the issue of homosexuality, I am glad that he believes, as I do, that Christian unity is more important than doctrinal differences.

  5. Ooops!

    I meant to write,

    … debate makes me look deeper into the _word_.

    (but I suppose some of you will think my typo is the accurate one!) 😉

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