Draw a Line in the Sand

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Dr. Brown strongly encourages each listener to realize that change begins when each of us draw a line in the sand and refuse to compromise or cave in, before there can be revolution in the society, there must first be revolution in the Church, starting with each of us. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.

Today’s Broadcast Will Only Be 1 Hour


Hours 1 and 2:


Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Yes, God wants to use you. Yes, God wants to use you now. No more excuses!


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  1. re the gospel enterprise – i know that it is not the intention – (RE-READ THAT SENTENCE MULTIPLE TIMES) – I KNOW IT”S NOT THE INTENTION – but the way it’s said (to me) kinda sounds like the gospel enterprise: “if you wanna encourage our ministery call 86834-truth”……………….” etc. if only it was re-worded so it don’t sound so gospel enterprise-like, or like a late night infomercial. the thought just struck me while i was listening to it 😛

  2. Hey Ben, thanks for your candor, and I understand your POV. But the fact is I was being totally forthright and consistent: I hate the hype and gospel enterprise nonsense, and I’m telling you straight out that we would really be blessed if you would stand with us, since we have many ministry expenses.

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