How Much Authority Does the Devil Have?

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Dr. Brown tackles the issue of Satanic activity and authority in the world today, also looking at what the Word says about God’s rule as well as the authority of the believer. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We are in a battle, there is serious attack, the devil is prowling around, but we can overcome him one hundred times out of a hundred in Jesus and through Him.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Even more than Satan is evil, and ugly, and destructive; even more than that our God is good, and wonderful, and kind, and loving, and we put our trust in Him!



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  1. Did not get to make my point while on the air.

    I cited 1 Kings 22:19-23

    Point is important. Satan and deceiving spirits MUST ask for, and receive, permission for ANYTHING they undertake.

    Likewise in Job 2:1-2 heaven opened and ALL spirits, including Lucifer/Satan appear before Adonai AND give an account of themselves.

    Supported in NT in Matt 8:30-32 when demons said, “If you’re going to cast us out (Yeshua) LET us enter herd of swine” Yeshua then agreed to their request and they entered the swine.

    The point—Demons, evil spirits AND Lucifer himself ARE NOT FREE AGENTS. They MUST ask, and receive, permission (from Adonai) for ANYTHING.

    Note the strict LIMITS put on Lucifer in regards Job. “You CAN do this, but no more!”

  2. The Lord might seek a man to do something and a man might say, “Here I am. Send me.”

    In such a case, would the man be a free agent or not?

    It seems to me that the Devil may do a lot of things by his own decision, whatever it may be at the time, if he isn’t stopped or hindered by either an angel of God or the Lord himself.

    Does the Devil ever over step his authority?

  3. Yes! With frightful consequences (for the fallen angel, devil etc.

    In Jude verse 6, there is reference to angels (fallen) who “left there first (proper) estate.” The consequences were that they are CONFINED in “eternal bonds” and “darkness” until the judgment day!

    The reference I used to Matt 8 also includes the cry out of the demons that Yeshua MIGHT be there to “torment us before OUR TIME.” They KNOW judgment is coming and fear it could come early, as for the fallen angels, who step over the limits that have been constructed for them.

    I am CONVINCED and believe it is scriptural, Satan is on a leash and can go not one step beyond what he is permitted, by Adonai.His LIE is that he HAS the authority to do whatever he wants!

    Think about it; if he REALLY had that kind of power, the power suggested by countless Hollywood movies, NONE of us would be here because he would kill everyone of us BEFORE we could come to faith! And he’d destroy us NOW to keep us from communicating our faith! If he had the power he suggests, there would be NO MICHAEL BROWN! For sure he’d be taken out before sunset!

    The devil is on a leash! He lies that he has unlimited power, but he lies about everything!

  4. Those who don’t find salvation in Christ will one day find out that Satan has all power and authority over them, something like a cat has over a mouse in a room with no hiding place.

    Jesus has all power in heaven and earth. I thank God I am kept by the same power because of him.

  5. Actually, satan does NOT eventually, have all power. In fact, he is reduced to the condition of just one more judged being. Those who end up in the Lake of Fire are judged for their own sin, just as is the fallen angels and Lucifer. There will be no one “in charge” in that Lake, certainly not Lucifer.

    His greatest “power” is obstruct—keeping those who would receive salvation from coming to the knowledge of the truth.

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