Sex Symbols Who Speak in Tongues

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Dr. Brown talks about the contemporary American “gospel” that promises everything and requires nothing, leading to all kinds of worldly people claiming to be born-again and even Spirit-filled. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.

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Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It’s really, really, very simple, if we have been born from above we are now children of the light and as children of the light we can no longer live in darkness!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Proverbs 24 says, “If you faint in the day of trouble your strength is small.” Let’s stand strong today so that when the greater days of trouble come we will be found faithful!



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  1. Hello all

    On Tues there will be a vote in the English parliament about whether or not to legalise same-sex marriage. It is supposed to be a free vote, but MPs are very exposed.

    Please pray for marriage to be preserved as God intended it to be.

    Sorry for the off-topic post, Dr Brown, but it’s all over the news in the UK>

  2. Dear Michael Brown
    I want to applaud your timely remarks about the frequent failure of the charismatic church to confront sin or point out the cost of following Jesus. My husband and I do work in a healing ministry that comes out of America. We totally believe in the gifts of the Spirit, but we do find that leadership behaves in a way that implies that all you need is the gifts, not reason, principles or the Word. I had a startling experience last year that brought this home to me. A young man and his fiancee, born-again Christians, were coming repeatedly for emotional healing. During my session with them, something seemed to jar with their profession of seeking the right church, etc, and I asked if they were sleeping together. The answer was yes, and I explained that this was sin. They repented of this and abstained until their wedding day, and were very joyful. It was a turning point in their quest for “healing”. Imagine my surprise when I was rebuked by leadership for “judging” them. It was conceded that it was alright – on this occasion – because the “Holy Spirit” had led me to ask the question. This was but one example of how bizarre the focus of charismatics can be, when right principles and God’s Word are seen as irrelevant compared with experience. Since this episode, I have been listening to Line of Fire, and I find your emphasis to be a very necessary corrective to the lack of balance in parts of the Church.

  3. Gaby,

    Thanks for the kind words, and what an amazing — and tragic story! I will probably share it on the air one day as a cautionary tale. Sadly, though, it’s not just charismatic churches that are afraid to “judge” these days, and it is truly epidemic in the Body. God’s grace and blessing to you and your husband!

  4. Dear Dr. Brown,

    Thank you for raising this important issue. I remember myself, as a newly saved Christian 9 years ago, watching an interview with a famous American rapper, where he was telling about his career and talents, and he said something like this, “Through my performance, I preach the gospel.” And as he was saying that, a part of one of his videos was playing, featuring some model-looking scantily clad ladies dancing and moving in a very seductive manner. As a young believer, I was shocked.

    So I’m sure there needs to be the voice telling the difference between such quote gospel, and the real discipleship.

    With great appreciation of your work,

    Serdar from Moscow, Russia

  5. Maybe we should think about instead of saying “Who are you to judge me?” or “You’re judging me.”, how about if we were to say, “Did you come here to torment me before my time?”

    I remember being around so many people of faith that it seemed like a person could walk past a bible carrying homosexual and get born again.

    Looking back I am amazed at how many manifestations of God’s grace abounded with as much living in sin that there was.

    I believe times have changed.

  6. Dear Dr. Brown,
    I just stater listen to your program in 570AM. To my surprise the topic “sex symbols who speak in tongues” enlighted a lot of my concerns related to
    the doctrine of Grace. It is very disturbing to see behaviors and practices within the church that are accepted as “normal” under the umbrella of love and the Grace of God. Sometimes I feel guilty, because I don’t know if is me or is the church system that is not working according to the word of God. In any case thank you for the job that you are doing, don’t stop saying just like it is, you may be making a lot of enemies, but God will give you the victory in everyting. I would like to have a copy of the program on “sex symbols who speak in tongues”, if possible. Thank you.

    God bless you.

  7. Greetings Ana!

    This is Clay with AskDrBrown Communications. In response to your request for a copy the “Sex Symbols who Speak in Tongues” broadcast, you can actually download the broadcast for free directly on the Line of Fire website, Here is the direct link to the “Sex Symbols who Speak in Tongues” page where you can download the broadcast at your convenience 🙂 Thank for all your prayers and support!

    Clay with AskDrBrown Staff

  8. Great to steer us to Jonathan Cahn, and his clear word on truth and its source of guidance–as needed in the public square. Where good is called evil, and evil called good. His word on the first stage of judgment on the nation once founded on Christian reality, now in darkness, sobers as to how god’s blessing works. Idolatry is prevalent and compromise evermore.

    It is as in the season of Ezkl., warning his land that judgment was at the door. The leaders and people stated that his words of judgment were far off, in the future. No, stated God about the warning of Ezkl., it is at hand, your leadership will go into captivity and cancellation of blessing. The hedge of protection regarding destruction is lifted.

    It is imperative to Pray now on a family by family basis, under the fatherhood of God, household by household, fellowship by fellowship: to reestablish his Fatherhood as such. The mystery of judgment is known by His people, not for their demise, for their purification. Restoration is in Jesus Christ, or it is not restoration. And, only his people hear his voice.

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