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Does the Holy Spirit convict believers of sin or only unbelievers? Why does it seem that healings and miracles take place more in places like Africa and India than in America? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us be serious students of the Word, dig into the Word, and let us understand, but let us be confident that God has preserved His Word for us in an intelligible and accurate form. Rest assured He has!



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  1. As for the notion of more Holy Spirit gifted miracles happening per-capita in lands or areas with village based or educationally challenged cultures than in more developed nations,or areas, perhaps, perhaps not. The priesthood of believers “seems” to be in a position of self assertive placement for personal empowerment and related authority among the faithful in the developed nations, rather than being linked to a codependency model based on some median ‘miracle minister’ ministering to achieve such healing miracle reports in gatherings from village culture or educationally challenged areas or nations. One has to look at the populations, develop indices for measuring such comparative results among them, and correlate areas and nations meeting populations gathering styles and types with reported miracles in big meetings gathering from village culture or educationally challenged populations: with the frequency and verifiable attendance of such events as such. It is prudent in drawing conclusions to compare different assembly means and methods to glean such reports from developed nations populations as to how, where, and when such healing may occur compared to the other identified areas or nations populations assembly gathering reports (where salvation responses, or healing responses, for example, may or may not be exactly alike those reported in big assembly meetings or other meetings gathering participants from village based culture nations. In the developed nations membership seems an established and reported pattern over the underdeveloped areas or nations).

    What if the same people over and over, with each ministry sweep into a given area are reporting such personal results gained from meetings modalities administrations, as are only achieved initially on hearing the first ministerial offer of supernatural change–where, perhaps, in part, the same people, for example, converted on the last ministerial visit, are the same supposed converted as appearing in the next ministerial gathering visit.)?

    How to verify who is healed, who has nothing else to do than go to mass meetings, or who is suggestible is a difficult assignment on accurate reporting from recurrent mass gatherings, or in more populations scattered local assembly contexts among both the developed and village culture based nations or areas. In other words, there is a substantial burden of proof not undertaken by questions on forms given to one population type over the other.

    And, we have the situation of the Gospel being available in western nations by religious affillations and established and emerging meeting places: where the dissemination of need varies by resources available compared to village based cultures. Modern medicine has taken up much too in the earn and pay as you go west, where an acute lack may be present for such in many village based cultures due to its own income, resource, and societal structuring.

    With the accurate reporting challenges, only God the Father really sees us, our hearts, needs before they occur, and ultimately provides–no matter what the way of that provision might be, he being God.

    This means that the so-called miraculous may happen all the time without the immediate reporting mechanism of the big meeting stage and the village culture’s own go to meeting isolation, as differing from taken for granted diffused means of connected communication by personal communication tools for everyman present in the west (cell phones, ipods, tablets, laptops, PCs and Macs, networks for this or that, on and on).

    How many clinics or specialists are there within say a fifty mile radius of the village based cultures, and how many within that radius of the non-village based cultures? As a phenomena then, for example, healings follow a pattern of application which must differ culture to culture.
    Consider the matter of visual media attention given in village culture lands, and how it becomes mass attention for group gathering attention, compared to the diversification by individual choices of more developed lands (with many choices for Gospel related church assemblies and events with attention). There seem to be fewer area population capturing mass meetings, and with fewer childlike hearts coming into play for such in the west. The need for healing though may be the same per-capita, or greater or lesser. The means of approach for healings, for example, is available provider by provider all the time. There is the selection process for where to gather, where to heed a ‘minister’, in place of a ‘message’ process, or self educational process in the west, and the selectablity of many avenues for healing, including in church gatherings, as such (which forms the usual western culture pattern of choice as well as where to give and receive attention by local assembly).

    All said, when resources are less personally available anyone anywhere will go where the credible source of healings, for example, can meet with them to achieve a result. Miracles as signs following are often associated with the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and will continue to be. Miracles and provisions needed by His People are in developed lands often achieved by planning, sharing, purchasing, and organizing more than by spontaneous events in meeting placements seemingly founded in less developed lands and areas.

    Whatever the need God can meet us in diversified ways and means, including by His gifts ‘given to men’.

  2. I know by experience he convicts believers of sin.

    Without the holy Spirit I would have no hope, no connection with Christ at all. I received the holy Spirit when I connected with the gospel by the Word of God.

  3. I wonder if God is healing more in other nations than in the United States. If so, I wonder if they are quick to give him the glory for the work, while in America it seems there are so many that want to see medical records before they would give God a praise if someone says they were healed.

  4. read a queer thing jan.2012 thurs. night 10 jan.2013 guests on cnn discuss giglio controversy one said giglio needed to be rehabilitated from his beliefs. whats next? rehabilitation camps for christians


  6. Had a question:

    My mom’s boss is a Jew. He practices Judaism. His name is Dr. Kranzler and he’s from Chicago. Was wondering if I could get some type of material/book or something to give him through you?

    He donated toward my internship towards Cambodia and I wanted to bless him in return. First thing I thought about was a thank you card where I could share the gospel with him. But, perhaps hearing another Jew speak about belief in Jesus would help him even the more than just me?

    Prompt response is welcomed! Seeing as I am leaving Jan 22nd, 2013. Thank you!

  7. Dear Dr. Brown, I have a friend who is a former Xtian. He was a Xtian pastor who converted to Judiasm. Are you interested in engaging in a dialogue/debate with him?

  8. Levi, what sort of dialogue/debate do you have in mind? It’s not possible to get into a written dialogue/debate, but if he is articulate and wanted to discuss the relevant issues on my radio show, I’d be very open. Can you tell me his name? Perhaps I already heard his story.

  9. The Holy Spirit can convict unbelievers of course, AND give the person a choice to accept Jesus or reject him. Take the case of Felix when speaking to Paul in the Book of Acts. When I say give a choice, I mean once they are convicted they can then make the decision to choose life or death.

  10. Levi, it would be better if you didn’t use the word Xtian, the way I have seen it used is in a derogatory matter, I am not saying you are being derogatory, but it is better not to use the term.

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