Debate on Israel and the Palestinians, and Helping Orphans with Kevin McCullough

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Dr. Brown debates author James-Michael Smith on the questions of Israel today as fulfillment of prophecy and Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and then is joined by radio host and author Kevin McCullough with a special focus on our calling to care for orphaned children. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I recognize that God has scattered my Jewish people, I recognize that God has kept my Jewish people, and I recognize that He has also re-gathered us. I’m confident that He will turn our hearts to embrace Jesus the Messiah.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Jesus said, “If you’ve done it unto the least of these, my brothers, you’ve done it unto me.” Let’s do this as unto the Lord and give new life and new hope.



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  1. The Passover keeping Christians in Turkey who were discipled by the Apostle John (or by his own disciples) were premillennial and believed in the 1000 year earthly reign of Yeshua in Israel.

    That’s the Apostolic position, that’s the Jewish position, and the correct position.

  2. “Give me clear proof of God”

    Blaise pascal who in the early 17th century and developed a machine to be the first calculator or computer- building a truth upon a truth. pascal could take a geometrical line and build a clear proof upon it. the king of france louis 14th new that the one man he could ask “give me clear proof of God” and get an answer built upon a clear line.
    pascal answered ” the Jews your highness the Jews”

    if pascal could answer that 350 years ago seeing a clear line of the survival of the Jewish people- how much more can we see today this clear line?
    michael brown answered this in this debate the one question what has been cursed or blessed by God can defy the blessing or curse? clear line pascal himself used hundreds of years ago.
    we do not see sodom and gomorrah being rebuilt into the new las vegas…. it is still what God has done… and we do not see the Jews being replaced – it does not take a genius to see what God has blessed, or what he has cursed- follow the clear line pascal used.

  3. My thoughts on the first hour debate were emotional. But I had to calm my heart and tell myself that this same debate is the debate between us Jews, the debate of a religious Zionist rabbi, Rav Abraham Kook and the Nazir with the Notorei Kartrite Jews that united with all of Israel’s enemies in praying daily for the anniation of the Jewish state. In the Talmud it speaks of the three oaths, one is to not make Israel the land governed by Jewish sovereignty until the the Gentile countries give permission. The three oaths are located in Ketubot 110b-111a. By the way the Notorei Kartrite Jews have been excommunicated by Rav Avadiah Yosef, former Sephardi Chief Rabbi, because they went to Iran to join forces in the anniliation of the modern Jewish country, even if it means the deaths of millions of Jews, hence they were excomunicated as a crazy lunatic group/cult.

    I was bothered by another Christian leader of influenced, theologian, with the same perspective towards Jews and Israel as I personally experienced among American Seminaries and Bible Colleges. Yes, this grieves my spirit. But the same kind of mercy abd compassion the Rabbis taught me to have towards the Muslims and Palestineans, I will have on all Christian theologians in America’s seminaries and Bible institutes, and thats the principle of giving mercy “to one captured as an infant by the pagans”. Even the Talmud’s three oaths do not negate the Jewish Israeli state, since the oath was to not have Jewish sovereignty over the promised Land until the Gentiles give permission for Jews to have sovereignty in the promise Land again which took place with the United Nations giving permission to us to rule over ourselves again in the Land. The third oath is between G-d and gentiles, that they would not seek to kill and oppress Jews, Gentiles have not been faithful, 6,000,000 Jews murdered and oppressed in the holocaust. Put yourself in our shoes for one second, we have faithfully not ruled over Israel, we have sought to be good abiding citizens in every Gentile country we have been exiled to, we are almost made extict in the holicaust, the Gentiles, the United Nations gives us permission to finally have Jewish Sovereignty again in the Promise Land, we are trapped from all sides by Muslim countries trying endlessly to murder us all for the last 65 years, and all I hear in America is from the academians, seminarians and theologians is that Israel should refuse to protect itself, give up and subsequently be annihilated. It was very hard all these 1,000s of years for us not to return to Israel, the land we love, to obey G-d in the Talmud to not do that in mass until the Gentiles permit us to. And now that we are going back, turning the land of Israel from desert to beauty, we are hated, lied about, falsely accused. It hurts more when it comes from believers and disciples of Jesus. But I have to do what my rabbis say and continue to give mercy to even our enemies under the principle of “captured and brainwashed as babies”. Even have mercy on the Muslim children who aspire to be and do great murders of the Jews and the american theologians who confuse the truth thus being false testifiers of the reality hence promoting and fighting political warfare in unity with those that seek Jewish extinction, hence bringing me to a hurting, aching heart in response to the lies and dilusions of false and erroneous mind sets and worse, professors teaching and propaganding erroneosly, but all agree I hope, both Jew and Christian, may Mashiach come speedily in our days.

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