Dr. Brown Takes Your Toughest Questions and Shares His Thoughts on Palestinian Statehood

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What is my response to the UN Resolution recognizing some level of Palestinian statehood? What do the Gospel authors mean by the “good news of the kingdom”? Was there multiple authors to the book of Isaiah? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God’s Word is utterly reliable, truly a lamp to our feet, a light to our path, truly a tree of life to those who take hold of it. Be assured that you are standing on a rock!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Don’t be confused, don’t be distracted by secondary and tertiary issues, put your focus where it belongs; Jesus first, Jesus central, and Jesus supreme and grow in Him!



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  1. After the show was over, I realized that I somehow failed to answer the question re: the authorship of Isaiah.

    Until the last couple of centuries, very few interpreters hinted at or suggested a multiple authorship of Isaiah, but since then, critical scholars are unanimous in claiming 2-3 Isaiahs (Isaiah 1 = chaps. 1-39; Isaiah 2 = chapters 40-66; or, Isaiah 2 = chapters 40-55; Isaiah 3 = 56-66).

    Arguments in favor of multiple authorship include: 1) prophecies re: the exile and return from Babylon, spoken as if these were contemporary events, which is a very strong argument; 2) differences in vocabulary and style; 3) no mention of the person of Isaiah after chapter 39.

    Arguments in favor of single authorship include (and these would be commonly marshaled by conservative scholars): 1) the unlikelihood that such a great prophet as the alleged Second Isaiah would be forgotten by his community and by history; 2) the apparent testimony of Jesus in the NT (see John 12:37-41, where Jesus speaks of Isaiah 6 and 53 as if it was the same prophet); 3) the power of prophecy, allowing a prophet to speak in the Spirit to different generations; 4) some similarities in style (such as referring to the Lord as “the Holy One of Israel”).

    A mediating view would be see the whole book as coming from Isaiah and his disciples (see Isa 8:16), thus continuing to pass on his prophetic message and to add new prophecies as the Lord spoke them.

    Ultimately, it is not a matter of ultimate concern, since there is no doubt that the whole book is from the Lord, that is part of the Scriptures, and that is quoted throughout the NT. Also, there is no reference to the person of Isaiah in the book after chapter 39, and so there no possible issue of a false account being written (in other words, the claim that Isaiah did something at a certain time long after he was dead and gone).

    Having studied the book for years, I have personally found that the question of authorship does not affect the overall reading and interpretation of the book.

  2. In regards to the 2 Isaiahs. I remember David Pawson talking about this. He and I don’t agree with the 2 Isaiah or 3 Isaiah thing.
    David mentioned this in one of his talks. Since Jesus says as Isaiah the prophet said, it settled it for him, And It settles it for me. Anyway, you be careful in India and China.

  3. Jake,nice to know you are familiar with Pawson. Is is one of the books of his I have yet to read,but you may enjoy this one :


    His overview book (a book so nutritious he regards it as his very legacy to the Body) includes a more broad-brush take on Isaiah :


  4. Per your request [01:30:30], I am working with/through my friend to arrange that he come on your show and discuss Preterism/Partial-Preterism, and we’ll see what happens.
    Interesting “coincidence” that you asked me to ask anyone I knew who had written a book/had a website…
    There is a certain person who a friend is studying under — this person is 80+ yrs old, reads NT in Greek, has written books, and has (runs/owns?) a university (not sure if it is only online/distance or physical, as well [accredited]).

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