Turning the Hearts of the Younger Generation and Updates on the Latest Cultural News

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Dr. Brown shares insights on the attitudes of the younger generation towards God and morality with thoughts on how to capture their hearts for the Lord and then gives updates on some recent, shocking developments in America. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Truth is truth, truth always triumphs, we never back down from the truth or apologize for the truth but let the Truth be preached in the power and life of the Spirit!

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I have no interest in old fashion religion or old fashion tradition but I have a great interest in the God of old and the Word of old that transformed lives then; it will transform lives today!



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  1. When I read ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’ some years back,I stumbled on the ‘Juicy Bone Principle’ (!).

    Somewhere in the book,David Wilkerson talks about his grandfather. His grandfather believed that you cannot get a dog to let go of a dry bonem,unless you put a nice juicy one in front of him.

    Likewise,how can you get the youth of today to forego the Western hedonist rollercoaster,until they see disciples of all ages agapeying each other ; agapeying their enemies ; and healing the sick and raising the dead.

    At the moment,they juicy bone is not in front of them.

  2. Am I a young person generation or an older person generation. Neither, I stand for the generation of apostles and prophets in the heavenlies whom stand united with the Creator of all, whom is in intercession for both the older and younger generation. My words to the older generation, has not the younger generation been abused by you, molested by your pastors and priests and rabbis. Has not our younger generation sought to be like your miracle workers in large sports stadiums only to find out that money was your real love that was horded. Did the younger generation want to follow Jesus and went off to Bible Colleges, only to have the older generation from Harvards and Princetons, rob their faith, convincing them that the Bible is not God’s words. Show me where among the older generation is Apostle Paul, demonstrating the power of God for Free, not just words and if the younger generation dare find someone to learn from, they must take 20,000 dollars out in loans a year because the older generation charges SO MUCH to be discipled by them at Bible Colleges and Seminaries. Why do I feel like I have to be a pioneer and go where I do not see the older generation willing to go in faith? And to the younger generation, why do you not honor your parents, teachers, elders? Honor is not earned, or its not conditional, it pleases the Lord to honor our parents, teachers and elders (55 +) unconditionally.

  3. What we have too much of now days is religion for money, position, fame, and fortune, small ruling class that runs everything and the only way one might be allowed to be heard is if one is willing to be used by them for their carnal purposes which would destroy any real ministry opportunity.

    So how can another generations hearts be captured for the Lord?

    Suppose there were a brotherhood of older men willing to mentor a younger generation, but not simply willing to mentor them, rather, a brotherhood of men who have a vision of justice, judgment, mercy, truth, meekness, temperance, in ministry work of reconciliation.

    Job 29 type of work is what I’m talking about.
    Jer 22: 3,4 kind of work.
    Jer 22:15,16 type of living in the New Testament.

    If any young man would say about that sort of thing, “Well that just doesn’t interest me. I don’t think I would want to have anyone to go to to resolve matters in justice, righteousness and truth in the mercy and goodness of God according to the gospel of Christ. I don’t think I would ever want to have anyone who might interceed for me that way if ever I should have any matter against anyone, if ever we could not work out anything that came between us. I think I would rather suffer mistreatment than to …”, well if any young man would have that attitude, I don’t think he really has a heart, or if he does, it’s not beating as it should. He might need to be revived.

  4. Say, Job 29:13 speaks of a widow’s heart that sang for joy. Would that qualify as capturing a heart for the Lord?

    It worked back then. People haven’t changed that much since then have they?

  5. Ray I like your comments. When I was a child I dreamed of preaching in sports stadiums. I dreamed of doing miracles and resurrecting dead people, when I became a Nazirite as a teen ager, I chose the Sampson type of Nazirite because this type could touch dead people and I wanted to resurrect dead people. Smith Wigglesworth’s life teachings were my devotions that I read daily, a collection of his sermons. I was in Toronto for a week, sent out by my mother to discern if the Toronto blessings church was for real. I saw many people there barking like dogs but I kept my focus and worship on God and had wonderful blessed time there in my own worship of God. I was at many Promise Keepers conferences and was one of the youngest councelors for the Billy Graham crusade when it was in Minnesota. As a youth, I could not imagine myself not preaching the rest of my life. Benny Hinn was icon of who I wanted to be. My mother from before I was born prayed and still does that I would be a John Wesley like to this world. But none of these things have taken place. I went to Bible College and was kicked out, they never told me why, it turns out they accused me of being a homosexual, I was forced out of another ministry, a famous ministry, they told me that what I did was terrible but never told me what I did wrong, I still dont know. Recently I was told that I am not welcome and forbidden to step foot at another seminary which Is also a famous seminary. Their reasoning was that I brushed my teeth in the bathroom once and that a security officer thought he saw me ask someone for money, which is not true. All these places, Bible schools and seminaries are charismatic and famous. I have help equip Messianic Jewish ministries in other countries but by these same ministries tell me that unless I have an Masters degree in any subject I can not be a preacher for them. It has got to the point that I can no longer play the older generation games, I have to go to my Judge one day and give an account for every minute of my life, its got to the point that I have to just do what I can, without the help or covering of any church or ministry, and preach and teach if I have to on the streets and bus stops, in the homes, through music, and the internet and record it, write a commentary on the all the Scriptures and self publish it, seek out the sick at the hospital and pray healing on them, maybe even create my own minstry under a non profit status. If God forbid I pass away, maybe then they will read my commentary or listen to my self recorded preachings. Meanwhile, the churches by the masses are closing down because they have no pastor, it doesn’t make sense. I even turned down professional soccer and professional basketball teams to be a preacher and focus my life on the study of Scripture. I will never get it, why there is such a resistance towards me preaching from the churches, but openly homosexual and lesbian pastors are accepted, preachers that molest children are accepted, preachers that are caught having sexual intercouse with prostitutes and mistresses behind their wives back our accepted, and scam artist preachers are grealy loved by the massess. Due to financial need, I have forsaken this dream of being a preacher and am joining the military to be a liguist God willing. Yea, my frustrations are not with the young people its with the baby boomers who own and run the church religious establishment in America. Everyone is out for their own selves.Thank God Smith Wigglesworth with no degrees who could not read that well and did not begin really his dynamic ministry until his fourties, encouages me to keep doing my best to make disciples and preach to all creation in the best I can with the resources I have, after all, my Judge desires this.

  6. Ray,
    I don’t know how bad the lack of male bonding is in America(in congregations),but in the UK the situation is so female-orientated that David Pawson coined a phrase ‘Lifeboat Churches’ (i.e. women and children first !).

    Personally,I think congregations need MORE practical teaching on the daily pilgrimage toward the new Jerusalem,in a world littered with snares.(and LESS intellectual,distorted,counterproductive teaching).

    I think older women should be teaching home-making to younger women (as Paul calls for in Titus). Why is it that home-making is regarded as a put down to women ? Shame. Does God does see it as a put down ?

    And older men should be teaching young men.

    Ray (and all),watch this 4-parter on men (and women) by Pawson ; watch it online,or download it and hear it while driving (carefully!),or while walking the dog,or while travelling on a plane or whatever (it is one of his most practical,nitty-gritty talks) :


  7. Did Peter and John reach for a Budweiser ; or their sandals ?! :

    Had a quick look for my copy of the Wilkerson book – didn’t find it ; but,using Amazon’s LOOK INSIDE and word search facility,’The Juicy Bone Principle’ appears to be around page 49 (I searched under the word ‘dog’ and up came three locations in the book).

    Michael,I’d be surprised if you do not have a copy in your office (given your high regard for Wilkerson). Do have a quick look around page 49,for I believe it is a telling snapshot analogy of the situation in America and Britain : youngsters (indeed people of all ages) do not turn to God,in no small part because they do not see anything superior to their dry bone hedonism.
    This ‘call a spade a spade’ disinterest could even be heightened if they actually read Scripture and saw what those who follow Jesus are SUPPOSED TO BE doing !

    Fact is,OUTSIDERS are true to their calling (so to speak) : they are hedonistic,materialistis,antagonistic and idolatrous ; but,disciples are not true to theirs (they do not agape each other in a deep meaningful brother and sister way – let’s keep it real ; they do not heap burning coals on their enemy’s head – they hold grudges ; they do not heal the sick and raise the dead).

    Please do keep that unsung principle from Wilkerson’s book at the front of your mind.

    I respect Wilkerson ; he strikes me as a man who was very serious in representing Messiah Jesus. That said,I could not go hook line and sinker on the ‘Jesus love you’ dragnet he and many use today (indeed,that kind of dragnet is actually a personal BURDEN Pawson has written against !) ; or the ‘subsequence Pentecostalism’. Baptism in the Holy Spirit is scriptural ; subsequence on the other hand,is not.

    To those who would CORRECTLY point out that they themselves (or some friend) were baptised in the Holy Spirit years after they turned to the Lord,is neither here nor there. The fact is,their own story does not ‘prove’ subsequence,it was just a case of the person then having what should have been received at the beginning.

    When Peter and John heard they had not recieved the HOLY Spirit at the preaching of Philip,they did not go to the fridge for another Budweiser and say ‘chill out man,they’ll get that SUBSEQUENTLY,’ ; oh no,on news of that deficiency it was a call for sandals on and lets go sort that out pronto ! (Acts 8:14-16 ; admittedly,I ASSUME Peter and John were told of the discrepancy before they left Jerusalem ; but whether they did or did not,they sorted it out,they did not preach ‘subsequence.’)

  8. Daniel, I can not believe that Germany has zoos for animal sexual intercourse, this is very disturbing. I hope that none of those that practice this are self proclaimed Christians.

  9. Eliyahu,you are the first teo tell me you have sat at David Pawson’s wonderful edification banquet ; it is a superb ‘2K7’ website (see 2 Kings 7 especially verse 9 ; also see John 6:12).

    Thankyou Eliyahu for letting me know ; do feed on this one about the five covenents of the LIVING God : Noahic,Abrahamic,Mosaic,Davidic and Messianic : click on ‘Watch Video ‘ ; don a napkin first,its quite a meal !


  10. Isn’t it that so many injustices happen when men act as if they themeselves are the right standard and everyone should be conformed to their image and likeness?

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