Is Restoration Possible for All Sins? And a Listener Survey on Hot Button Topics

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Dr. Brown addresses the question of whether it is possible to restore people to ministry in all cases and then takes your calls on key biblical and doctrinal issues you would like him to address or debate in 2013. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I revel in the mercy of God, I love the mercy of God, and I’m so thankful 24-7 for the grace of God. I also recognize there are consequences to sin and restoration may take time.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I love the grace of God and I do not demean the grace of God by saying it brings forgiveness only. God’s grace also brings transformation.



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  1. A 2013 ‘Wishlist’ (!) :

    Michael,could you please consider talking to these guys in 2013 :

    David Pawson ; regarding trinitarian evangelism,remarriage and leadership GENDER.

    Frank Viola ; regarding leadership STRUCTURE.

    Roger Forster ; regarding scriptural (vs Augustinian) predestination.

    Andrew Strom ; regarding weird manifestations in Charismatic meetings.

    Paul Hattaway ; regarding what Messiah Jesus is doing in China.

    Kim Tan ; on Body history (he is a trustee of the David Pawson Teaching Trust).

    Patrick Sookhdeo ; regarding Muslim countries.

    Zac Poonen ; on India.

    Well Michael,you did ask !

    (These guys have particular areas of concern or expertise ; as mentioned above.)

  2. I believe in the restoration of God. I believe God is a restoring God. Have you ever seen an old automobile after it’s been restored? But have you ever seen the process and all the time involved?

    If anyone is reading this and feels the need for God to restore their faith in his restoration or wants to know more about their salvation in Christ, or is concerned with such things as concern their life…I’ll tell you what, I believe in deliverance.

    But many people haven’t prayed the right prayers.
    They haven’t prayed according to the will of God that they might know that he heard them.

    I’m sure there’s a lot going on in heaven, but just maybe God takes a pause once in a while to hear somebody who has prayed something according to his will.

    Maybe somebody asked God to judge them, deliver them out of something, or to chasten them as a father does to his children that they might be turned to the right with his help.

    Maybe somebody asked him to teach them about the meaning of the cross, or the power of the blood of Christ over sin.

    Maybe somebody dared to pray things he saw in the Bible…and people may wonder why such a one is having so much trouble, or why spiritually things are going on with him.

    One way or another God may be delivering something to somebody, for instruction or for correction because they asked for things that few have ever dared to ask for.

    I believe in restoration. All it takes is the Word and somebody with a broken spirit.

    Do you need to be broken? You can have that too.

    There’s so much we can have. It’s all in the Bible. Sometimes all we have to do to get started is ask.

    Do you want to be sure you make it to heaven? I suppose there are souls in hell because they didn’t ask, and everything they ever needed for salvation was in a Bible that was so close to them.

  3. ‘The Reformers and their Stephildren,’ by Leonard Verduin.

    They [the leaders of the ‘Magisterial Reformation’ – the men behind POTS] constantly urged the magistrate to draw the blood of the opposition’ (Chapter 1).

    ‘The burning of Servetus….was a deed for which Calvin must be held largely responsible….He [Calvin] maneuvered it from start to finish’ (Chapter 1).

    Zwingli’s successor,Henry Bullinger,said this : ‘It is wrong,say they [opponents of the Magisterial Reformation],to compel anyone by force or coercion to embrace the faith,or,to put anyone to death because of erring faith’. (Chapter 2).

    If the Magisterial Reformers (MRs) PERSISTED in coercion,and even having people PUT TO DEATH,are we seriously to expect Paul or Peter to sit on the same stage as such ?!

    You would think the answer would be an emphatic ‘No.’ And yet,those MRs are actually considered evangelical ‘hall of famers.’ How preposterous is that ?

    Or is having people put to death just a minor indiscretion ? Just a little fox playing among the vines ?

  4. Good Morming,

    In repsponse to the topic of restoration it is my belief that although GOD forgives us of our sins we must reap what we sow. There are some sins that diqualify for certain things. It is not a matter of forgivness it is just the consequence of the action. God called David to be a “man of war”, and there is no sin in that. However, David shed Uriah’s blood when he murdered this honorable man, and took his wife Bathsheba to be his own. God told David in 2 Samuel 12:10, “Now, therefore, the sword will never depart from your house, because you despised me and took the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be your own (NIV)”. Guilty and murderous hands could never build God’s Temple, thus the Lord set Solomon on the throne to do what David was forbidden to do. When we sin against God we despise Him, and He may stop using us because of that.

    In the natural if a person committs a crime, after he or she pay their debt to society the fact that they committed the crime disqualifies them from any job in law enforcment. This is why we must realize that sin has consequences even though we have been forgiven as believers.

  5. Yes, Dr. Brown I’m wondering if you could do a show focusing on the topic of Tony Campolo’s Red Letter Christianity. I have recently been looking @ some of the out of context views of this movement & the displacement & misapplication of the Word of G-D for the sake of tolerance. I think most of this would fall under the Hyper-Grace teaching that you’ve been doing on your shows. Thank you.

  6. So in fact are you saying that if a man has committed adultery, he should never teach in any capacity again. Not even if this had been repented of and is many years in the past. Not even in a small group setting?

    Thank you.

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