Dr. Brown Interviews David Aikman on America’s Spiritual Condition

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Is America now a nation without God? Was America ever a truly Christian nation? Dr. Brown interviews well-known Christian author David Aikam on his new book One Nation without God. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Friends we can look at what’s happening in our society and become discouraged as it seems there’s an all out war against the faith of the gospel, but be encouraged, the same God who is moving around the world has not forsaken America; and the greatest revival could still be ahead.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: You may be burdened for America as I am and you may see the many sins in our nation but let’s remember the great purposes of God for America. Let’s remember He is at work in our midst more mightily than we may know.



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  1. Outside of Holy Scripture,this is (hands down) THE book (nay,MEDICINE !) for Tom,Dick and Harriet America (TDHA). Perhaps one might say that (no surprise here),the book is as UNSUNG as it is MEDICINAL.

    It began as a talk given right after the Asian tsunami,and then was transcribed into this book ; what with Hurrican Sandy of late,it ever offers a spoon of dreaded home-truths to TDHA.

    Here is a brief video advert for the book ; lasting just over 4 mins :


    The medicine itself :


    And what about a tonic for the Body ?
    Asked,and answered (!) :


  2. Did liberty turn it’s back on God just before Sandy? When I consider how some seem to think that legalizing pot, marrying gays, and calling abortion health care is some sort of American liberty, I think maybe it has.

    There is a cross to bear on a fiscal cliff isn’t there?

    I’m one that isn’t convinced that storms and such can not be moved by the hand of God and I’d rather not have to pay for such damages.

  3. Thing is,the Mayflower brought Calvinism to America,not plumb truth ; thus it was a sandy foundation from the get-go.

    I believe it is a serious error to think you can improve the American contingent of the Body without dealing with a MAJOR cause of the problem.

    Some have given UNITY sovereignty over TRUTH ; I think they belong alongside.

    One and all,do get the Body tonic.

  4. If unity is valued over truth, isn’t the result a disaster? It’s what cults are made up of isn’t it?

    And it seems like among some people in politics, the idea of strength by diversity, got corrupted into embracing anything strange, weird, or off, the result being a pied piper going off into destruction.

    Many are the ways to destruction to a people that forsake the truth.

    How much of the Word is living among the political people who decide important issues today? There’s a mission field there isn’t there?

    May the Lord open the doors there and enter in.

  5. When I say that Ray,I mean that I think it is certainly God’s will for non-Calvinists to treat redeemed Calvinists and Catholics as brothers and sisters in Messiah ; but,and that said,to put seriously major issues aside and never try to sort them out is not (an elders job is not only to teach sound doctrine,but also to refute those who contradict – Titus 1:5-9).

    Calvinism should have been nipped in the bud centuries ago ; but it has been allowed to flourish ; indeed,among mainstream evangelicals it rules the roost in America.

    In Matthew 7,at the close of the teaching class I want to call ‘The (inconvenient) Elephants on the Mount,’ Messiah Jesus equated failure to DO what He said,with a sandy foundation ; I believe the analogy can also be readily applied to DISTORTION.

    Anything built on distortion is built on sand ; consequently,I believe that when the 42 month warfare (or STORM) of the beast comes,the sand-based Calvinist,Dispensationalist and Catholic superstructures could possibly implode. Distorted sin-friendly beliefs are not tested in mild weather ; but when the wind comes,what will become of disciples from among thorns ?

    And Cessationism has shortchanged untold millions : robbing them of a genuine,conscious relationship with the Holy Spirit ; robbing their local congregation of (9-gift) edification ; robbing unbelievers of the scriptural chance to see the message CONFIRMED by signs following. That’s quite a heist !

    Both the American and British contingent of the Bride are in no fit state to handle that storm. (Perhaps one might call ‘Revelation’ ‘Hurricane Sandy and Beyond’ ; for that book starts with an ” ‘I know your deeds’ GET WITH THE PROGRAM”,and a “HANG IN THERE GUYS” section ; then details the global wrath of the lamb,and also the 42-month Body-storm ; then the new Jerusalem beyond,for ‘storm and filth’ OVERCOMERS. I’ll stop there,for Michael can rightly say this is not an eschatological thread.)

  6. I believe a NON-Calvinist elder who does not refute Calvinism is comparable to a skilled bricklayer who (for the sake of maintaining ‘unity’ ; or,not wanting to cause offense) says nothing to his next door neighbor,when he watches his neighbor building a wall in a way that will not stand the test of time. (‘Good morning Mr Calvinist ; nice weather for wall-building’ is all he says,as he goes to work each day !)

    ‘Friendship evangelism’ is a similar phenomenon ; where the idea is that a disciple first gets to know Tom,Dick and Harriet Broadroader,before telling TDH-B that one day everyone will stand before the Judge of the living and the dead ; and that the Lamb of God calls all to permanently turn from filth and self-righteousness ; and take His (the Lamb’s) purity in exchange. (Actually mind you,the message when/if given,may well consist of a sentimental,repent-less cocktail centered on John 3:16 and Revelation 3:20).

    Problem is,the longer the friendship is built without saying what needs to be said,the more reluctant a disciple may become to actually break the news ! (By the way,the longer a disciple is able to maintain a friendship with an outsider,without the outsider being aware they are friends with a disciple,the more likely it is that the disciple is actually living little different from the outsider !)

    Whether it be the elder or the fishing disciple,not wanting to risk friendship (or cause offense),tends to override the desire to ever cut to the chase ; and/or,fix the longterm problem.

    America needs expert bricklayers (so to speak) ; bricklayers who remember Galatians 4:16 and Proverbs 28:23 whenever they see a brother or sister misusing a trowel ! (And excellent fishing too.)

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