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What are my views on the Brownsville Revival? Was David part of the priestly line? Why do so many Christians think that they can live in sexual immorality and still go to heaven? Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I want to be an effective witness for Jesus. I want to touch the world for Him and make Him Known. Therefore, I ask God for everything He has for me, for the fullness of the Spirit, so I can more fully glorify Jesus.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Rather than pointing a finger at what’s wrong in the Church here or what’s wrong with leaders there and what they’re not doing right, let’s look in the mirror and say God, “What needs to change in me?”



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  1. As to why many think sexual immorality is not a barrier to living in the new Jerusalem,the reason in a nutshell (and as ever),is OSAS (and yes Michael,POTS too).

    Many male believers have kissed Anne T. Nomian(many female belivers have kissed Man T. Nomian !) ; her lips drip with honey.

    In Michael’s most important book (see Chapter 3 Note 7)’Go And Sin No More,’ Michael recommends David’s book on and against OSAS. Take Michael’s advice :



  2. I recommend reading Mark — where it says “he who loses his life shall save it” : the human being who loses his life in the pursuit of Christ will HIMSELF SAVE HIS LIFE; according to Jesus, God does not do all the saving but the one who loses his life for Jesus will be his own co-savior.

  3. I note that yet again,baptism in the Holy Spirit was brought up on this show ; as ever,’the gadfly five’ offer the inconvenient medicine.

    Just to say that some nice news has recently come into the global headquarters of the ‘Get MLB to read 5 Pawson books’ campaign’ (so to figuratively speak !!!) : in regard to one of ‘the gadfly five’ (!),a new witness has turned up (!!) :


    As J M says on taking the stand (so to speak),’There are still too many shallow conversions, for example LACKING repentance or the POWER of the Spirit – or BOTH. Until these things change, THIS REMAINS one of the most IMPORTANT books of the last 50 years.’

    (Capitalized emphasis well and truly added !)

    I couldn’t agree more ; though I’d add another 1,850 years !

    (A.k.a. ‘The 5BC'(!!!) ; To MAKE,EQUIP and VACCINATE fearless,selfless disciples – agape-soldiers – of Messiah Jesus.)

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