Dr. Brown Responds to the Election Results

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On the day after the elections, Dr. Brown shares a vision of faith, hope, and national transformation — with an urgent call for the Church to be the Church. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Now is the time for the Church to arise in America. Now is the time for awakening. We cannot put our trust in the White House, that’s clearer than it’s ever been. Let us get on our knees and say, “Oh Jesus, search my heart and start the work in me.”

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: For years I’ve been on the radio daily, as a voice of moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution. Now in light of the election results, that voice will be louder and clearer than ever!



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  1. Dr. Brown, All I hear is that we should support the President. I agree we are to PRAY for him. But how in the world do we support him?

  2. Also, Dr. Brown, have you talked on a past show about the Scripture where we are to speak the truth in love? If so can you point me to it, or help me out here. I feel like this one just like the “Do Not Judge” Scripture is often taken out of context all the time.

  3. BTW You are so right, Grace. You should not have to compromise on, say abortion. Prayer is better than support, because it lets God deal with the person in the way that is best.

  4. Very good program today.I agree Dr. Brown that a christian cannot vote for someone that supports abortion.I voted but I almost did not because I was worried that a mormon as president would give credabilty to the mormon religion and cause people to go astry.You are in my prayers.

  5. As a foreign person living in the United States, and a foreign person who has my citizenship in the Kingdom of God in the Heavenlies, I feel that if I am not being like Yosef Ha Tzadik (Joseph), then I am failing to be the Light of Abraham to the world, if you add the fact that I am student and believer in the NT Scriptures, which further requires me to be a Light to the Leaders of the Lands that I sojourn through, I ask myself what is my role in being a Yosef to the United States leaders, how does the remnant accomplish its role, how do we love our leaders as ourselves, beyond intercession an hour a day, what else can be done to be like Joseph, who through God’s wisdom and revelation was able to take a desperately terrible situation arising over the Egyptian nation and restore it to supremecy – all through the leaders trusting Joseph and the wisdom that God gave him. The wisdom of Joseph even went into the practical decision making needed on behalf of the Egytian nation, may there arise in me and in the children of Abraham, new Josephs to help this current country the U.S. I fully endorse Rav Shmuley Boteach for Senator and President, be’ezrat Hashem, he might be a Joseph. But there may be other ways to be a Joseph like person, a light to the darkness of political arenas. Prayer, intercession and if the churches and synagogues be who God desires them to be, then maybe our wisdom would be more heeded, desired.

  6. Roman 3:4 …let God be true, but every man a liar..
    As one of your “African American” listener, I use the term loosely. I chose to identify myself as wheat of this world. It saddens me to hear people that profess a love for Christ; but, with spews out hatred and double-time out the side of their mouths. There is no revolution. It is written, prophecy will be fulfilled.

    Thank God for His grace of discernment. As a registered black republican in the great state of Florida, my generation (born between 1967 -1995), we are future. We represent love, unity and non-bigotry behavior. I’ve voted for President Obama; and no I am not going to hell. Judgment is for the Lord. Man may kill or destroy me in the natural, but to God be the glory, I am alive in Christ.

    Fools believe most everything, especially if it confirms their foolish suppositions. They are looking for anything to support their ignorant opinions; they trust it as truth, and they repeat it to others. They do not truly want understanding; they only want to reveal what is in their hearts. If it sounds plausible, they believe it. If it sounds sensational and likely to cause a stir, they really get excited about it. They answer matters before they even hear them. Feelings are as good as facts to them.

  7. In Seattle they were dancing in the streets all night in some neighborhoods, smoking pot because
    making it legal for recreational use was being passed by the vote of the people. People of the same sex were kissing each other, rejoicing because by the vote of the people, same sex marriage was being accepted, and in the morning there was trash left behind, the bags, bottles, and whatever else.

    “Moving forward” they said. And they want Washington to be used to “move forward” the rest of the nation.

    Some state laws are in conflict with some federal law. (concerning possession and use of pot)

    Forward to where? There are only two places to go, heaven or hell. I wonder if they will turn back.

    I couldn’t help but think, “If Peter, James, and John were to vote, how would they vote?”

  8. I vote Republican because presently it is the party that will not try to wipe out religious freedom and replace it with a superficial freedom to worship. And most in it know that human evil is real and not merely the figment of a judgmental mind.

  9. If you value victories over deep, inner false beliefs and misunderstandings, I can say that I’ve gone a long way from where I was in the beginning. Correcting misconceptions is important for a person’s understanding of reality and the truth. We all make conclusions in our own minds based upon information which we have accepted as true. I thank God for Dr. Brown because I believe he is a trustworthy servant of Jesus Christ.

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